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In A City Living 2

In a city living 2 As my first book was nearing completion and was earmarked for its launch, I was coming into possession of much more material from interested parties. To delay the book, together with the interest that had been drummed up in previews with the local media wasn't viable and an increase of pages at this stage would in turn add cost. It was decided to see how the first book went and to take it from there.

Six months later and with sales going so well as to make it the local best seller over the Christmas period, I put together my memories of secondary school which was a natural progression on the first book and was a perfect suppliment to the 126 newly acquired and previously unpublished photographs. In this book, I takes you back to what existed in the Little Italy area pre Gerard Gardens and how the new municipal corporation flats of the 1930s were unrivalled luxury to the courts and cellar dwellings that had gone before, noting that many people were still using outside toilets as recently as the 1970s.

Learn about the first municipal housing in Europe at Silvester Street, the flats that won an award for their architectural design on Scotland Road and the first prefabricated housing ever built that were on Eldon Street. See well known city centre streets and buildings as they were in the 1960s with recollections of icons, household products, t.v. shows and motor cars of the period which are now no more than fond distant memories. There are poems and song lyrics that sum up the way it was in a nostalgic look of a bygone Liverpool.

This book was completed in time for its official launch at the premier of Paul Sudbury's film documentary, Gardens of Stone which chronicles City centre living in the 20th century, which took place at FACT on Friday 7th October 2005.  

You can order it directly from the publishers on line at www.countyvise.co.uk or purchase the book from most good book shops such as W.H. Smiths, Waterstones, Borders and Pritchards or alternatively contact me on ged.fagan@rosewoodtrucking.co.uk and i'll be happy to deliver answer any of your questions. A busy Scottie, devoid of road markings creating a bit of a free for all. Scotland Place where Richmond Row joined Byrom Street and Scotland Road 

So....What photographs can be seen in book 2.

Holly Street(3), St. John's Gardens, Steble Fountain, Islington, Christian Street(5), Bishop Goss School, St. Gregory's School(2), Bishop Goss 3 years school photo 1968, Gerard Crescent outing photo, Wellington Column, Commutation Row(2), William Brown Street(2), London Road(2),St George's Hall, St. John's Church, St. George's Plateau, St. George's Place, Lime Street, Bold Street, Church Street, Dale Street, Cases Street, The Tower, Circus Street, Hunter Street courts, Byrom Street, Hunter Street(4), Byrom Hall, Cartwright Place, Baptist Street, Gerard Street(5), Myrtle View, Byrom Terrace, Eldon Street, Whale Street, Lionel Street, Hunter Grove, Bennett Street, Gerard Gardens(8), Old Friends meeting house, New friends meeting house, Gerard Crescent(3), Lionel House(3), Cartwright House(2), Downe House, Islington Place, Gerard Close(3), Thurlow House, Springfield Street, St. Annes School, Cathedral opening street party, LFC cup win celebrations,Holly Street tenements(3), Berry's pawnshop, Central area aerial photo(2), Holy Trinity Church(2), Springfield Street, Friary Church, Four Squares tenements(3), Scotland Place, Chaucer House, Cazneau Street(2),Paddy's Market, Juvenal Street, Scotland Road(2), Woodstock Gardens, Hopwood Street, Victoria Square(2), Vauxhall Road(2), Vauxhall Vaults pub, Highfield Street, Blackstock Gardens(5), Eldon Street flats construction(12) Cobb's Quarry traction engine, Silvester Street(3), Burlington Street tenements, St. Martin's Cottages(2), St. George's Heights, Netherfield Road pubs & high rise, Cresswell Mount, Everton Terrace, Sir Thomas White Gardens, St. Andrews Gardens(The Bullring), Caryl Gardens, Myrtle Gardens, Highfield Gardens, Violent Playground film stills(2), Gerard Gardens womens charity football match teams photo, Warwick Gardens(2) St. Joseph's Church and Presbytery. Available from Waterstones, W.H. Smiths, Borders, Pritchards, the Cathedral shops and the Museum shops. Alternatively, you can order online direct from the publisher by visiting www.countyvise.co.uk