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Liverpool 18

Allerton library

Allerton library

Allerton Raod Nos 101-117 between Henley rd and Wembley rd.

Allerton Rd 22nd March 1971

Allerton Road 3rd May 1971

Allerton Road 11.1.71...

Allerton Road 11.1.71...

Allerton Road 11.1.71..

Allerton Road 11.1.71.

Allerton Road 11.1.71

Allerton road  16.07.1910

Allerton Road 17.9.80

Allerton Road 22.3.71..

Allerton Road 27.9.80

Allerton Road 57-63 between Wyndcote rd and Hillside rd in 1980

Allerton Road 67-69 near Hillside road.

Allerton Road 87-91 at Addington Road

Allerton Road 87-93 at Addingham rd

Allerton Road 96-97 from Henley Road in 1980

Allerton Road 102-106 at Limedale road in 1980

Allerton Road 104-108 near Limedale rd on 27.7.80

Allerton Road 110-114 near Mapledale road in 1980.

Allerton Road 116-124  near Mapledale rd in 1980

Allerton Road 187-195 between Harthill Road and
Calderstones road on 21st Sept 1980

Allerton Road - 11.1.71

Allerton Road - 22.3.71-

Allerton road at Garthdale road on 17.9.80

Allerton Road at Green Lane and from L to R 140-133

Allerton Road at Plattaville road in the 1950s

Allerton Road at Plattsville Road 1948

Allerton Road east side 14.09.80

Allerton Road fire station 5-5-1971

Allerton road fire station 24-10-1930

Allerton Road from Rosedale rd

Allerton Road in 1958

Allerton Road in February 1964

Allerton Road near Rosedale Road

Allerton Road No 88 at Queens Drive in 1980

Allerton Road Nos 51-55 near Wyndcote road in 1980

Allerton Road on 4.2.64

Allerton Road on 24th July 1980 between Limedale rd and Queens Drive.

Allerton road police station 3.5.71

Allerton Road resurfacing on 3rd July 1971

Allerton Road school 1937

Allerton Road terraced villas 1905

Allerton road U.S. Mustang planes.

Allerton Road west side at Garthdale road in 1980

Allerton road, 164-166 the block from Bleasedale rd to Garthdale Rd on 5-9-80

Allerton station 1928

Ballantrae Road off Mather Avenue on 21.6.71

Booker Ave CP - 1971

Booker Ave infants school

Booker Avenue construction - July 1933

Booker Avenue CP 1976

Booker Avenue CP - 1976.

Bridge House Stores, No40 Penny Lane in April 1912 showing the Titanic disaster headlines on its front pages.

Brookfield Cottages on 18.6.64

Broughton Hall Convent of Mercy - 1975

Calderstones road 1913

Dovedale road 1908

Green Lane Allerton on 11.1.71..

Green Lane Allerton on 11.1.71.

Green Lane Allerton on 11.1.71

Green Lane Allerton on  -11.1.71

Mather Avenue Police Training School in 1971 (1)

Mather Avenue Police Training School in 1971 (2)

Mather Avenue Police Training School in 1971 (3)

Menlove Avenue 3-5-71

Menlove avenue 16-07-1910.

Menlove Avenue 16-07-1910

Menlove Avenue 1936

Menlove Avenue - 3.5.71

Menlove avenue bungalows 1929

Menlove Avenue on 03.05.1924

Menlove Avenue opening on 21st March 1910

Mossley Hill Road

Penny Lane 22-3-71

Penny Lane 22.3.71.

Penny Lane 22.3.71

Penny Lane - 22.3.71.

Penny Lane - 22.3.71

Penny Lane at Dovedale Towers on 22.3.71

Penny Lane house conversion into a shop - April 1936.

Penny Lane house rears 22.3.71

Princes Park school, Greenbank.

Queens Drive at Menlove Avenue - 1911

Queens Drive at the Elm Hall estate on 9-03-1908

Queens Drive cutting under the railway at Mossley Hill

Queens Drive subway 1915

Rose Lane at Mossley Hill station on 13.3.35

Rose Lane from the bridge. Pic thanks to Paul Bolger.

The Penny Lane tram-bus roundabout which is actually on
Smithdown Place. Taken on 5th October 1926,
Liverpool 19

Aigburth Hall Avenue in 1970.

Aigburth Hall Farm - Stanlawe Grange in 1875

Banks Road recreation ground Garston in the 1970s

Banks Road school - 1999

Beechwood day school from Otterspool prom.

Beechwood Green, Grassendale.

Cooking conditions at 20 Thomas st on 8.5.64

Dale st, Garston 3-5 towards Thomas st on 8.5.64

Dale st, Garston on 8.5.64

Dale st, N0 5 Garston on 6.5.64

Dale st, No1 Garston on 8.5.64

Dale street, 3-5 Garston on 8.5.64

Dale View, Garston on 8.5.64

Dingle recreational ground on 26.8.64

Dingle Vale 8.5.64

Dingle Vale at King st on 8.5.64

Dingle Vale at King street on 8.5.64

Dingle Vale, 1-21  Garston on 6.5.64

Garston CofE Kettle Nook

Garston CofE school.

Garston cross in 1910

Garston gas works in the 1950s

Garston old mill 1988

Groes rd 1911

Heath Road flatlets

Horrocks Avenue estate.

Hughes street 2-26 on 6.5.64

King st 20-46 on 8.5.64

King street 10-28 on 8.5.64

King street Vaults on the corner of King st
and Hughes st on 8.5.64

La Sagesse, complete with cows on the field.

Mather Avenue and All Souls church - Oct 1925

Mather Avenue Police houses in 1930

Mossley Hill church 1940

Mossley Hill church bomb damage inspection in August 1941

Mossley Hill Church re-opens after bomb damage. 30.11.41

New Heys comp - 1976

New Heys comp lower school - 1976

New Heys girls high school.

New Heys girls high school

Priory street showing numbers 85-3 and 96-4 on 5th July 1968

Rears of 50-60 King st on 8.5.64

Rears of 62-72 King st on 8.5.64

Riversdale Technical College Engineering workshop

Riversdale Technical College Navigation and
Engineering block, Riversdale rd.

Riverview heights at Beechwood gardens.

Shand St-Sinclair st rears - 1959

Speke Road Gardens..

Speke Road Gardens.

Speke Road Gardens

Speke Road, Garston 6.9.21

Speke Road, Garston - 1928

Springwood Avenue construction - Sept 1921

St Marys rd 77-85 near Mersey View in 1969

St Marys rd 1952

St Marys rd at Clifton street

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St Marys rd at Dock rd-Seddon rd in 1961 by Paul Bolger.

St Marys rd at Whitehedge rd 1981

St Marys rd from Whitehedge road towards St Marys church

St Marys Rd towards Dock Rd in 1969 and the Garston Hotel.

St Marys road 191-201 in 1981

St Marys road 193-213

St Marys road in 1969 between Bowden rd and Darby Grove

The rear of 8a King st on 8.5.64

Thomas st 2-12  6.5.64

Thomas st - N02- 6.5.64

Thomas st at King st - 8.5.64.

Thomas st at King st - 8.5.64

Whitley st 1969

Window Lane 1912

Window Lane c1908 with thanks to Paul Bolger

Woolton Road - Garston Home Guard.