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Alfred Place 11.8.69.

Alfred Place 11.8.69

Alfred Place at Leonora St on 3.9.69

Alfred Place No 8at Leonora St on 3.9.69

Alfred St in 1974

Alt st - No 50 - 23.1.69

Alt street 4-6 on 23.1.69

Alt street 8-10

Alt street 12-18 on 23.1.69

Alt street 61-63 on 20-02-67

Alt street No39 on 20th Feb 67

Anglican Cathedral from Berry St in 1982.

Anglican Cathedral from Nelson st in 1982.

Anglican Cathedral from Toxteth docklands in 1981.

Arthur St off South Hill Road in 1969.

Beaumont st  4-6 23.1.69

Beaumont st 8-10  13.2.69

Beaumont st 12-14  23.1.69

Beaumont st 22.1.73

Beaumont st 22.1.73_

Beaumont st 27.11.67,..

Beaumont st 27.11.67,.

Beaumont st 27.11.67

Beaumont st - 22.1.73.

Beaumont st - 22.1.73

Beaumont st - 27.11.67

Beaumont st area - 27.11.67

Beaumont st No18 at 2 Alt St on 23.1.69

Bedford Road in 1969

Bedford Street South

Beloe St 1951

Belvedere Road 1974..

Belvedere Road 1974

Blackburne Terrace Nos 1-7 and 2-8 taken on 17-4-69

Berkley st cellar living room in 1962

Berkley st W side and the Rialto ruins.

Berkley Street 1962

Blackburne Terrace Nos 1-7 and 2-8 taken on 17-4-69

Bouverie st off High Park st on 19.5.69

Brunswick Dock

Brunswick Dock 1972

Brunswick Dock Grain Silo 1972

Brunswick Dock Grain Silo 1972

Brunswick Dock grain silo demolition 1989.

Brunswick Dock grain silo demolition 1989.

Brunswick Dock

Brunswick Dock_

Cam street No45 on 20-02-67

Catharine st on 13.1.69

Catharine st on 13.1.69

Catharine street No 5 was skyners gym on 17.10.59

Catharine street on 13.1.69

Cawdor street on 4.1.68

Chester Street in 1955

Denton street 1960

Devonport street 1960

Dingle station Park Road

Dingle tram sheds and the Gaumont cinema in the 1950s

Dove street 22.1.73

Dove street 1970

Dove street No 22 on 22.1.73

Drysdale street 14.4.69 looking towards Ebenezer Hall

Egerton Street on 16.5.66

Embledon street at Maynard street in 1955

Ernest street 3.9.69

Ernest street No 7 on 3.9.69

Exe street 20.2.67

Falkner street showing a bathroom in 1965

Falkner street showing a kitchen in 1965

Gambier Terrace Nov 71

Grafton street 323-325 including No.25 court

Grafton street 1959

Granby st at Cawdor street in 1968

Granby st from Jermyn st 1968

Granby st from near Eversley st 1968

Granby st from Northbrook st 1968

Granby st towards Jermyn st 1968

Granby st.

Granby street 1968

Granby street at Eversley street

Granby street from Beaconsfield street in 1968

Hartington Road

Great George Bell being transported to the Anglican Cathedral up St. James Road in 1951.

Herculaneum dock in 1969

High Park st 1969

High park st in 1982

Hill street at Mill street and the Weathercock Hotel 2.9.68

Hope st on 16th June 56.

Kingsley Road 81-91 13.2.69

Kingsley road No 41 on 23.1.69 showing damp

Kingsley Road No 57 on 13.2.69

Lavrock chimneys aerial view

Laxey st 1979 by Ste Burns

Laxey st towards Park Rd in 1979 by Ste Burns

Leonora Street 11.8.69

Letitia street from North Hill street 2.9.68

Liffey Street 46-50  in 1967

Liverpool overhead railway dismantling at the grain silo

Lodge Lane 1973

Lodge Lane 1981

Lodge Lane at Handel street in 1949

Lodge Lane damage between Lime Grove and Moss Grove.

Lodge Lane from Selbourne street showing the Boundary pub gable end

Lodge Lane looking North from Fern Grove
showing the Croxteth Hotel pub. Pic by Paul Bolger

Lodge Lane near Tiber street showing riot damage in July 81

Lodge Lane

Anglican Cathedral Patrol

The Anglican Cathedral official opening in Oct 1978.

The Criterion - South st

The North side of Hill street and the Little woodman pub - 2.9.68

The Somali Club in 1983.

Upper Hill Street - 4th April 1968...
131 Princes Road on 26-07-81

Peel Street - 11.8.69

The Elms - No 42 11.08.69

Maitland st 1968

Maitland st

Mather Street entry to houses 2-36 on 17-4-69

Menzies Street Dingle 3-3-69

Menzies Street Dingle 3.3.69

Menzies Street Dingle - 3.3.69

Menzies Street Dingle .3-3-69.

Merseybeat pub on Park Street in 1968

Mill Street 181-187  1950s

Mill Street area- Dingle and the stone boat playground jusff Mill St

Mill street Domestic Mission Hall 1969

Mill Street Flat Iron pub 1965

Mill Street Health Centre 1969

Mill Street Mission Hall 1969

Monkswell Street 1969

Morton st -2.9..68

Mulgrave st 1969

North Hill st and Princes Avenue - 1969

North Hill st at Admiral st 1989.

North Hill st from Morton st in 1969

North Hill street

Northumberland street

Park Hill Terrace Nos 1-7 and 2-8 on 17.4.69

Park Place 2.9.68

Park Place from No. 44 on 2-9-68

Park Place from Upper Warwick street on 7.9.49

Park Place opposite No24 on 7-9-49

Park Road 11.8.69.

Park Road 1968

Park road 1982

Park street 1969.

Parliament Place 16.5.66

Peel Street - Toxteth.

Priest street 1973

Prince William street 72-74 on 8.4.60

Prince William street 1968

Prince William street rears 8.4.60

Princes Avenue 1981

Princes Avenue 1981_

Princes Avenue 1986

Princes View Toxteth 1969

Rialto aerial shot of the fire - July 81

Rialto Buildings 1955

Rosebery st Coronation day 02.06.53

Rutter st showing back entry and yard congestion

Sandon street 1965

Sefton st at Northumberland st

St Bride street - 16th May 66

Tamworth Street taken on 25.09.04 by J. Campbell and submitted to the LRO

Tay street.

The Great Eastern pub, Mill street in 1969

The Phoenix Inn Upper Hill street after a fire in the 1950s

The Phoenix Inn, Upper Hill street after a fire in the 1950s

The Rialto - July 81

The Rialto on 26.07.81 after the riots of the 4th and 5th July.

The Rialto ruins from Berkley street 1981

The Somali club demolition - 10.3.83

The works of J. Bore at North Hill st in 1954

Toxteth July 81

Toxteth riots - July 81 - Percy street

Toxteth riots - July 81 on Upper Parliament st

Toxteth riots - July 81,.

Toxteth riots - July 81_

Toxteth riots - July 1981

Toxteth Riots -July 81

Toxteth riots -using the hose July 81

Toxteth Riots aftermath 1981

Toxteth riots aftermath July 81

Toxteth Riots aftermath Lodge Lane July 81

Toxteth Riots July 81

Toxteth Riots July 1981

Toxteth Riots Lodge Lane - July 81

Toxteth Riots Lodge Lane - July 81_

Toxteth Riots Upper Parliament st and milk float - July 81

Toxteth Riots Upper Parly July 81

Toxteth riots, car fire July 81

Upper Parliament at Lorton street in 1968

Upper Parliament in 1990

Upper Parliament st 26.07.1981

Upper Parliament st 1950 near the Rialto

Upper Parliament st 1967

Upper Parliament st 1968

Upper Parliament st at Bloom st in 1968

Upper Parliament st at Grove St - Montpellier Terrace in 1968

Upper Parliament st Community Centre in 1981

Upper Parliament st Cumberland Terrace from Park Way.

Upper Parliament st Rialto Buidlings riot damaged - 1981

Upper Parliament street All Nations Lucky Bar.

Upper Stanhope st near Princes Road junction on 13.1.69

Upper Stanhope st near Princes Road junction on 26.7.81

Upper Stanhope street

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Upper Stanhope street 1968

Upper Stanhope st south side from near St James church on 28.8.68

Upper Warwick st at Arnold st on 19.5.69

Upper Warwick st past Claribel st on 19.5.69

Upper Warwick st with Berkley st on the right - 19.5.69

Upper Warwick street at Maud street on 18.12.48

Upper Warwick street on 18.12.48

Upper Warwick street on 24.09.49

More Liverpool 8
Aigburth House elderly residence in Sefton Park

Alt street from Lodge Lane

Back Chester st 1912

Back Chester st court 1911

Back Chester st court entrance 1911

Back Chester street 1911

Beaumont Street

Belem House construction, Sefton Park

Belem Tower 1959 completed

Belem Tower refuse collection

Belem Tower 1959 completed

Belem Towers 1959

Beresford rd at Bessemer st and St Cleopas c1890.

Bowood St 190

Catharine st Ritz roller rink and Daimler showrooms on 17.06.37

Catharine street church with thanks to Colin Wilkinson

Clive street 1933

Coltart Road off Lodge Lane

Crawford House Upper Warwick street. This was home
to the 208 medics division of the T.A. in the 1980s and 90s.

Dingle Mount 1928

Dingle Picturedrome was on Park Road. Built in 1912, it lasted
as a cinema until 1930 before being demolished 5 years later.

Dingle Station - 1900

Dingle Station in 1951

Dingle Station looking south.

Dingle station platform.

Dingle Station, Park road.

Entwhistle Heights on 04.03.68

Entwistle Heights and Milner house. The milner safeworks
used to be close to this, was originally the
Phoenix safe works. This is 1970

Entwistle heights and Milner house

Entwistle Heights April 1964 Topping out ceremony

Entwistle Heights entrance 8.06.70.

Entwistle Heights entrance 8.06.70.

Entwistle Heights.

Falkner street 6.3.34

Formerly Princes Park secondary modern
on Lodge Lane by Eddie Cadman

Gore street

Grafton St Park st air raid shelter damage on 02.05.41

Grafton Street bunting on 18th June 1957.

Greenleaf st 1924

Hartington road 1909

Hill st 38-56 at Grafton st on 11-06-34

Hill st and Grafton st in 1934

Joliffe Street in 1962.

Kingsley Road.

Knotts Hole, Dingle Shore in 1905. This was swallowed up
as part of the International Garden Festival site and now
Riverside Drive runs across it.

Lavrock Bank destructor on Wellington road in 1902

Liverpool overhead railway enters the tunnel at it's Dingle terminus.

Lodge lane 118-120 showing a house collapse in 1907

Lodge Lane 

Lodge Lane 

Lodge Lane 

Lodge Lane 

Lodge Lane 

Lodge Lane 

Lodge Lane 

Lodge Lane 

Lodge Lane 

Lodge Lane 

Lodge Lane 

Lodge Lane 

Lodge Lane 

Lodge Lane 

Lodge Lane 

Lodge Lane 

Lodge Lane 

Lodge Lane 

Lodge Lane 

Lodge Lane 

Lodge Lane at Aspen Grove

Lodge Lane at River Avon street

Lodge Lane at Solway street

Lodge Lane 

Lodge Lane 

Looking up Warwick street towards Sandside heights.

Maitland street world cup party in 1966

Mill st and Laxey st.

Mill St at Northumberland st showing Bees warehouse

Morpeth st towards Percy st

Nelson street with the wall of the Nook pub on the right.

New flats in the park Road area 1961

Northumberland st near Mill street

Northumberland st-Beaufort st corner

Northumberland street in 1912

Northumberland Street.

Northumberland street

Off Beaumont street 27.11.67

Off Park Road with Colemans depoistory off to the top right.

P51 Mustang planes on Upper Parliament st on D Day in 1944.
Only the large warehouse block in the distance near the river still exists.

Park hill road No 64 in 1910

Park Place - 1920s

Park rd-Upper Warwick st - tram line laying in 1900

Park Road 18-24 in 1960

Park Road court rear 1931

Park Road in 1961

Park Road in the 1950s

Park road No 365 in 1925 - the TB Institute

Park road tram laying in 1898

Park Road Welsh Congregational church

Park st 1925

Park st at Mill st in 1925 showing the old billiard hall.

Princes Avenue roadworks 1905. Look at the maid in the entrance to the big house.

Princes Park mansions by Eddie Cadman

Princes road 29.06.27

Princes road 1921

Princes road in 1928

Providence Buildings, Industrious Terrace, Miles Street, Dingle.

Rankin st 1927

Samuel Smiths Obelisk - Sefton Park entrance at Lodge Lane 1921

Sefton Park gates.

Sefton Park with Buckingham, York and Rutland house

Sefton Park's heights.

Sefton Park.

Sefton st - 1911

St Johns Wesleyan church, Devonshire road 02.09.21

St Nathanials, Upper Parliament st.

St Philomons, Windsor st.

St Silas bomb damage inspection, Aug 41

St Silas, High Park st Toxteth

Stanhope House

Steble st baths interior

The Alexandra on the corner of Upper Parly and Oliver st.

The Chesterfield and its adjoining housing was
demolished then Stanhope house tenements built.

The Clevedon Arms, Upper Parliament street. Taken in June 1954

The Criterion on South street, Dingle

The Falkner at 148 Falkner st on 3.1.66

The grain silo from Hill st in 1986

The Grecian on Berkley st, aka the Snake pit.

The Parliament at 33-35 Alt street and Thames st.

The Rialto in 1974

The Rialto on 29.06.27

The Rialto

The Rob Roy and its neighbouring Bingo, Beaumont st on 27.11.67

The Royal Southern Hospital. Boundered
by Caryl st-Grafton st-Stanhope st and Hill st.

The Somali club demolition

The Top Rank bingo underway in the former Gaumont cinema.

The view from Sandside view tower block on Warwick st

The Windsor on the corner of Beaumont st and Kingsley road on 04.11.68

The Womens hospital Catharine st in 1937

Thornton Place 31-33 on 11.7.62

Toxteth Heights, Berkley st -26.07.1981

Upper Mann st 1907

Upper Mann st 1907_

Upper Mann st in 1934

Upper Mann st rears in 1934. The Southern Hospital is
on the skyline to the left and Higsons brewery to the right.

Upper Parliament St in 1900

Upper Parly and the Rialto buildings damage - July 81

Upper Parly in 1928

Upper Stanhope st 8.08.68

Voelas st in 1911

Warwick street area in 1975

Welfield Place 11.8.69

Weller st - 1969

Weller st 

Wellington buildings, Wellington road.

Wilson st in 1910

Wilsons-scotts mill in Toxteth in 1962

Windsor st 13-06.67

Windsor st 1965

Windsor st - 13.06.67

Windsor st bathroom 1959

Windsor street 1969

Windsor street co-op in 1900

Windsor Street on 13.6.67

Wolfe st 1909