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Liverpool 2

22-26 North John Street which is Harrington Chambers on 26.4.48

44-50 Lord street construction 1948

1920s Water street

A 1908 scene of North John street at Lord st cross roads.

Bomb damage to the rear of Oriel chambers in 1942

Brunswick st 1902

Brunswick st 1923

Brunswick st bomb site - 29th May 1946

Castle st at Cook st after the May 3rd 1941 air raid

Castle st in 1953

Castle Street

Cook st arcade - used as an emergency reservoir

Cook st in May 41

Cook street arcade blitzed

Customs House 1919

Dale st 1966

Dale st at Castle st

Dale st looking East

Dale st repairs 1930

Dale st repairs 1930

Dale st repairs 1930

Dale street 1966

Dale street at Byrom Street

Dale Street, L2

Dale Street, L2

Derby Square 1938

Derby Square bus terminus 1950s

Derby Square toilets interior

Derby Square toilets

Derby Square toilets

Drury buildings Water st in 1930

Drury lane towards the damaged White Star building.

Exchange Flag underground car park under construction on 21.6.56

Exchange flags underground car park under construction. 
The Nelson memorial would act as an air vent to this rarely seen underground world.

Hackins Hey 1966

Hockenhall Alley 1933

Hockenhall Alley 1933_

James st station bomb damage in May 41

James street in 1941

James street station

James Street Station 1948

Dale Street Liverpool 2 

Liverpool Daily post and echo building
which was on the corner of Crosshall st and Victoria st

Liverpool GPO (General Post Office) Victoria Street

Lord st 1947

Lord st looking West - May 1941

Lord street Christmas 1962

Lord street from the Holy Corner.

Lord street post war reconstruction 1955

Martins bank building newly completed.

Mathew st Cavern queue c1960

Mathew st Cavern Queue

Mathew Street Caven crowd c1966

Mathew Street Cavern queue in the 60s

May 1941 and the mangled overhead railway near the bottom of James street

Moorfields - 1955

Moorfields Mellors pub

North John st 1948

North John street at Lord street 1948

North John Street Central building 1925

North John street Dale street junction in 1942

North John street from Cook street 1966

North John street from Dale st 1966

North John Street Harrington st corner on 26.4.48

North John street towards Dale st 1950

North John street towards Dale st on 22.7.59

Oriel Chambers in 1942

The doorway is all that remains of the corn exchange
after blitz damage in 1941

The end of Dale street which was demolished for the
Queensway tunne 15.05.29

The Iron Door, a Beatles venue in Temple Court

The Justice at 113-115 Dale st and 2 Hatton Garden
was on the opposite corner to the Magistrates Court

The Liverpool Tram at Tempest Hey in 1979.

This is  Government  building to the rear of the
Municipal building fronting onto Victoria st. Considered so
badly damaged after trhe blitz it was demolished and
has remained as a car park ever since

Tithebarn st 24.9.73

Sheep being driven along Tithebarn st in 1915

Tithebarn st from Bixteth st - Dec 1950

Tithebarn st showing Ma Dalys pet shop and the United Powers pub.

Tithebarn street coal tipping at MacFies sugar refinery on 3.5.1918

Towards Dale st and old Haymarket from William Brown street in 1952

Tower Buildings 1846-1906 when it was
demolished to be replaced by the current Tower Buildings.

Trueman st 1950

Trueman st 1966

Vernon st in 1930

Vernon st No5 court

Victoria st 1936

Victoria st 1936_

Victoria st tunnel rush c1970s

Victoria Street underground toilets

Water st in Sept 39 with sandbags around the Town Hall after war was declared.

Water st outside Cunard buildings

Water street 1966

Water street in the 1920s

Water street

Whitechaple Church St Lord St

Yates Wine Lodge in Cross Keys House 1959

Liverpool 3

39-45 Salisbury st at Langsdale st on 28.5.54

43-53 Brownlow Hill in 1977

72 Bond street at No 28 Court.

Alexander Pope st in 1966

Alexander Pope Street in 1958

Alexander Pope street in 1966

Arden St from Bevington Bush on 29.3.70 showing
the connecting bridge belonging to
Arden House salvation army hostel.

Back Burlington Street at Bevington Hill on 27.1.67

Back Clare st in 1952

Barton St showing Bibbys.

Barton St showing Bibbys.

Birkett street - Christian st to St Anne street stretch in 1966

Birkett street top stretch from St Anne street to Soho street - 1966

Bixteth st on 22.4.68 showing Exchange Chambers on the
right and the then new Littlewoods building
straight ahead, now renamed Plaza.

Bixteth street showing demolition of the building
that was on the corner of Tithebarn st - 22.4.68

Bixteth street towards St. Paul's Square on 22.4.68

Blackstock Street in 1976

Bolton st 23.11.61 looking past the
Ribble bus station towards the Adelphi Hotel

Bolton street as Ribbles make their way into Skelhorne st depot.

Brownlow Hill along Shannon street

Brownlow Hill from the Adelphi roof in 1969

Brownlow Hill from Trowbridge street in 1966

Burlington street in 1982

Byrom st in 1966

Byrom st widening in the late 60s

Byrom Street from Old Haymarket

Byrom street in 1966

Byrom street. Out with the old and in with the new as rows of
shops are replaced with Fontenoy Gardens tenements

Byrom street

Camden st junction at Islington and Newsham Motors.

Camden st on 19 April 1961

Canterbury st at Carver st on 28.5.54

Canterbury street at Langsdale street on 20.6.55

Canterbury street football pitches

Canterbury street from Islington - 29.3.67

Canterbury street on 20.06.55

Canterbury street on 20.06.55

Cazneau Street at the top end showing Clarksons

Chapel street at New Quay

Chisenhale st from Pall Mall

Chisenhale st showing the Bridge pub known locally as the Flyhouse

Christian street 1966 looking towards the
 landing side of Holly Street tenements

Christian Street 1966

Christian Street at the top of Hunter Street 1958

Christian Street in 1958 showing the former
All Saints school, by then renamed St Annes.

Christian Street. 6th June 1958

Christian Street. 19th April 1961

Churchill way flyovers Feb 75

Clare st from Islington looking towards
the tenements on Holly St in the distance

Clarence Dock power station in 1950

Clarksons from Scotland Road

Clayton street down the back of the Museum on 14.11.66

Commutation row and Islington from William Brown street on 11.5.59

Commutation Row in 1959

Concourse House Lime st in 1971

Copperas Hill 1961

Eldon Grove 1969

Eldon Grove 1969

Fraser Street in 1966

Fraser Street in April 61

Galton street 1968

Great Crosshall st 17.8.58 looking towards Tithebarn st at Vauxhall rd

Great Crosshall st 1966

Great Crosshall street

Great Crosshall street 1967

Great Howard Street 1968

Great Howard Street 1968

Haigh Street

Hawke street 1966

Highfield st from Leeds street in 1968

Holly Street - 1966

Holy Trinity church St Anne street in 1955

Hotham street towards London Road on 18.7.66

Hunter street in 1966, just pre demolition of the Manchester Slate Company
and breweries for the building of the Churchill Way flyovers.

Hunter street in 1966

Islington - 19.4.61

Islington at Fraser st in 1961

King Edward street at the Northern Hospital in 1972

Langsdale st 29.3.67

Langsdale st from Shaw st - 29.3.67

London Road 1949 from William Brown st.

London Road 1966

London road 1967

London road at Fraser st in 1966

London Road Eros Cinema

London road in 1955.

London Road in 1956.

London Road in 1967

London Road in the 1950s

London Road near Moss Street on 2.06.1952

Marybone 1958

Marybone at Banastre st 1958

Mount Pleasant - 16.05.66

Mount Pleasant aerial in 1959

Blind school Philharmonic Hall

Norton street 1966

Pembroke Place - 1967

Pembroke Place - 1967

Pier Head Bust Terminus

Richmond Row 1958

Richmond Row 1958_

Richmond Row 1967

Richmond Row - Berry's pawn shop.

Salisbury street towards Canterbury heights.

Scotland Place 1952. The Morning Star pub to the left, once ran by
Dandy Pat Byrne whose monument stood in front
of this pub and is now in St Anthony's churchyard.

Scotland Place 1958

Shakespeare Theatre fire, Fraser Street 1976

Skelhorne street 1983

Soho Sq 1954. Bessie Braddock makes a visit.

Soho Street 1967

St Pauls Square - 24.9.68

Standish street north side on 4.11.66

Standish street north side on 4.11.66

The Gaiety picture house and pine pub
at the bottom of Edgar street on Scotland road

The overhead railway yhrough its L3 stretch - 1940s
before the 3rd Clarence dock power station chimney was added in 1950.

The Royal Oak pub on the corner of Islington and Norton street.

The TGWU - HQ on the corner of Christian st and Islington,
replaced by the one that stands on
the opposite side of the road today. Photo by Joe Devine.

Upper Milk street 6.02.75

Vauxhall road 1950

Vauxhall Road 1967 from the Eagle Vaults pub Blackstock street

Vauxhall Road 1967

Vauxhall Road near Leeds street junction in 1950

Victoria Square - 1954

William Brown st - 1968

William Brown street

William Henry st towards Soho st 22.5.67
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