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Liverpool 4

Anfield Kop 1953
Flagpole Corner

Anfield rd - 1908

Arkles Lane December 1969

Arkles Lane December 1969

Arnot Street 1960s

Arundel st front room on 6.09.57

Barlow Lane and the Leigh Arms 1980

Barlow Lane from Chirkdale st showing the Leigh Arms in 1980

Barlow Lane St Lawrences demolition in 1980

Barlow Square 1959

Barlow Street from No11 on 9.8.65

Barlow Street scotch house rears - 28.9.59

Blessington Road with Sleepers Hill on the left - 13.1.69

Bradewell street on 28.9.59

Brewster street towards the Princess Cinema

Brunswick Square off Wewsminster Road8.3.72

Brunswick Square on 8.03.72, this was off Westminster Road.

Brunswick Square on 8.3.72

Churney st 3.7.72

Churney street 1972

Churney street showing Sharon Hall on 3.7.72

City Road at Church road west on 22.5.67

Country Road towards Rice Lane at the Breeze Hill
junction from St Marys church tower.

County rd near Bedford rd on 22.5.67

County Road 8.11.49

County Road at Euston street 22.5.67

County Road at its start showing Nos 1-23
from Carisbrook Road on 5.3.73

County Road at Neston Street 5.3.73

County Road at Nimrod st on 5.3.73

County Road at Oxton st 5.3.73

County road from Eaton st on 5.3.73

County road near Lenthall st showing 218-226 on 16.4.73

Croxton street 18.4.72

Croxton street on 18.4.72

Delamore street at Hale road 1980

Dryburgh street - 6.10.59

Easby road 

Easby road - 16.6.70

Easby road - 16.6

Everton Valley and Walton road with the Derby pub

Everton Valley with Walton Lane fork to the left,
Walton Breck rd to the right on 13.1.69

Fountains Road

Goodison Park during the World Cup in 1966

Goodison Road - 1970

Kirkdale Homes from Rumney Road.

Lake street 1969

Langtry rd 24.2.72

Langtry rd 24.2.72-

Lester Gardens in 1958 from near the rear of the Astoria Cinema

Lester Gardens in 1958 looking towards the rear of Westminster road baths

Melrose Road 24.02.72

Melrose Road - 1960

Oakfield rd from Walton Breck rd in 1969 showing the
Methodist church where now stands a petrol station.

Priory road between Breck rd and Manningham rd on 06.11.72

Priory Road between Feltwell Road and Clapham road on 1972

Queens Drive 1968 near Walton Lane

Rumney Road 18.03.72

Rumney Road 1972

Selwyn street 1980

Sessions Road 18.4.72

Sessions Road 18.4.72

Sessions road 18.4.72_

Stour st 18.4.72

Stour st 18.4.72__

Stour st corner 18.4.72

Suffield rd 24.2.72

Tetlow street interior 1956

The Astoria, Walton road night view

The Astoria, Walton road

The Co-op on Walton Road at its junction
with Christopher st 1953

The Grapes on the corner of Sellar street and Summer Gardens off
Westminster Road with the baths in the background

Thomas Frosts, Walton Road 05.02.73

Tintern st 31.3.70

Tintern st 31.3.70_

Walton Breck rd

Walton Breck road

Walton Lane 1954

Walton Lane 1959. The Police station now stands to the right.

Walton Lane at Cherry Lane 22nd May 67

Walton Lane at Priory rd in Sept 1937

Walton Lane Cemetary Gates 1954

Walton Lane towards the valley on 13.1.69

Walton rd 1966

Westminster rd at Tintern st 31.3.70

Westminster road 1980

Westminster road - 31.3.70

Woodhouse street 1969

Ye olde brown cow in 1962 on the corner of
Rice Lane with Church Lane.
Liverpool 5

Afghan Street,Everton on 12th January 1968

Albion street 67-69 24.10.66

Albion Street - No65 on 24th Oct 66

Albion Street Nos 67-69 on 24th Oct 66

Alexander pub on Breckfield Road North in 1967

Amos Street 1-25  17.05.65

Amos Street 34-40 17.05.65

Amos Street from No2 on 17th May 1965

Amos Street Nos 22-24 17.05.65

Amos Street, rear of No2 17.05.65

Anderson Street 8-4-59

Anderson Street 23.9.58

Anderson Street no14 showing congestion - 23.9.58

Anderson street No 30-42showing supports

Anderson Street Nos 1-17 taken on 6.8.59

Anderson Street on 2-12 23.09.58

Anderson street Rear 23.09.58

Anthony st 21.7.48

Anthony St clearance area 21.07.48

Anthony st from Beatrice street in 1948

Anthony st top end at Netherfiled Road North

Arkwright st in 1948

Arkwright st in 1967 from Great Homer st

Ashfield Cottage in 1955

Ashfield Cottages 1955

Ashfield Cottages in 1956

Ashfield Cottages scullery and toilet in 1955

Ashfield Cottages

Ashfield Street

Athol st area 4.11.57

Athol st area 4.11.57_

Athol st area demolition 1982

Athol st area flattened

Athol st gasworks in 1963

Athol st gasworks

Athol St in 1972

Athol Street on 4th Nov 1957

Athol street

Aughton street Nos 1-33 on 23rd Sept 1953

Back Prince Edwin street slum clearance

Back Roscommon street 15-45 on 24.8.65

Back Roscommon street entry showing bowing walls between nos 29-31 on 24.08.65

Back Roscommon street showing No.23, taken from the
middle bedroom of No24 Sackville street on 24.8.65

Beacon Lane 5.12.67-

Beacon Lane 5.12.67

Beacon Lane 13.7.67

Beacon Lane 72-74 on 5.12.67

Beacon Lane 168-170 on 5.12.67

Beacon Lane 180-198 in 1968

Beacon Lane 193-197  5.12.67

Beacon Lane 1967

Beacon Lane - 5.12.67 The Brighton Pub

Beacon Lane at Lune st in 1967

Beacon lane former orphanage in 1967

Beacon Lane from Everton Library on 13.7.67

Beacon Lane from Gibb st on 13.1.69

Beacon Lane from Robson st 13.1.69

Beacon Lane from Robson St

Beacon Lane in 1968 136-138

Beacon Lane mission in 1967

Beacon Lane orphanage fire late 50s - thanks to K.Rose

Beacon Lane orphanage, later Rosenblatts furniture stores.
Taken in 1967

Beacon Lane showing the rears of Leadenhall street
houses on 13.7.67

Beacon Lane with Ribble st on the right - 13.1.69

Beacon Light pub on Beacon Lane and Wye st.

Beacon Street, not to be confused with Beacon Lane.
Beacon Lane was in the
Great Howard Street area L5, taken here on 9.8.65

Benledi Street 23.1.67

Bentinck Street from Gt Howard st 1968

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Blenheim street 37-53  1971

Blenheim street 116-124 in June 1970

Blenheim Street 126-132 in 1970

Blenheim Street 134-142  1970

Blenheim street 144-152 June 1970

Blenheim street Grapes pub in 1971

Blenheim street.

Blundell Grove near Everton Terrace on 20.11.68

Bostock St 29-35 on 7-3-72

Bostock St 33-39 on 7-3-72

Bostock St 55-57 on 7-3-72

Bostock St 63-65on 7-3-72

Bostock St and Kew st rears on 3.10.66

Bostock st from 39a on 7-3-72

Bostock st rears from 69a on 7.3.72

Bostock st rears to 69a - 7.3.72

Boundary st 3.6.58

Boundary st 1972. Crosfields animal feeds.

Boundary st East in 1955 towards Gt Homer st

Boundary st East in 1955

Boundary st warehouse demolition in 1972

Boundary street 3.6.58

Boundary street 3.6.59

Boundary street - 1972

Boundary street at the canal bridge

Boundary street East in 1955 from Gt Homer st

Boundary street in 1972 looking towards Vauxhall Road and Crosfields

Bramley Moore dock bridge across the dock road.

Brandon st 5.12.67

Breckfield Road North 7.1.69

Breckfield Road North 226-228 in 1968

Breckfield Road North 226-228 in 1968

Breckfield Road North at Verona st.

Breckfield Road North from No.200 taken in 1967

Breckfield Road North Nos 166-176 taken in 1967

Breckfield Road North rears of Nos 3-15 taken on 18.9.68

Breckfield Road North with Beacon Lane pit on the left.

Breckside Ambulance depot

Browside 1951. Corpy worker removing the cobbles glaze.

Browside Orange Lodge Parade


Buckingham street 72-80 05.11.62

Burleigh Road South on 12.12.67

Burleigh Road South towards St Cuthberts at Robson st

Candia street Nos 40 to 64 804.59
Carmel st on 12.1.68

Carmel street Nos 3-23 on 12.1.68

Chambers st No28 on 12.12.67

Chambers street 12.12.67

Chambers street nos 1-3 on 12.1.68

Church Place from Heyworth Street on 13.7.67

Church Place No22 on 24.06.68

Cicero Terrace

Clarence Grove 05.07.68

Clarence Grove bedroom in 1968

Clifton St off Prince Edwin st, demolished to make way for St Gregorys
school. Here we see the rears of Nos 3-17 in 1955

Cochrane st - 17.5.65

Cochrane st from No 39 on 17.5.65

Cochrane st methodist Hill O'Zion church on 17.5.65

Cochrane st - 17.5.65

Commercial Road 17.10.66

Commercial Road 17.10.66_

Commercial road and the B.A.T. 1972

Commercial Road by the Sandhills bridge pub on 17.10.66

Commercial road Evelyn Road 17.10.66

Commercial road in 1951

Commercial Road Lathom pub

Commercial Road looking towards Melrose rd in 1951

Commercial road Midland Hotel 17.10.66

Commercial road on 17.10.66

Commercial Road prefabs at the bottom of Gt Mersey street in 1972

Commercial Road Reading pub at the bottom of Swindon st in 1972

Commercial Road Sandhills bridge inn - 17.10.66

Commercial road Sandhills junction

Commodore, Stanley Road, Kirkdale

Conway street in 1958

Conway street scullery

Conway street with the site of the child welfare clinic on 5.11.63

Conway street

Conyers st 8.4.59

Conyers st - No 54  8.4.59

Conyers st  Rear of 52-54 on 8.4.59

Conyers st No74  8.4.59

Conyers st north side at Kirkdale rd 13.7.67

Conyers st  Rear of 52-54 on 8.4.59

Conyers street 4-12 on 15.5.59

Conyers street 38-74 on 8.4.59

Cornwall st from Netherfield Road South ion 13.7.67

Cowl Street 16-20 on 15.7.68

Cowl Street 16-20 on 15.7.68

Cranmer st 23.1.67

Crete st  43-67  8.4.59

Crete st  62-74   8.4.59

Crete st in 1970

Crete st No 55 on 15.4.59

Crete st  staircase at No 43 on 15.4.59

Crete street 3-5  15.5.59

Cubbin Street bedroom 1957

Cubbin street scullery 1957

Dalrymple st 3.10.66

Dalrymple st 1965

Dalrymple street 1960

Danby street 14-24 18.9.68

Danby street No37  18.9.68

Danby street No48 - 7.1.69

Daniel street in 1967

Derby cinema at Wilbraham street Scotland Rd

Desmond st on 18.9.68

Desmond street 13.7.67

Desmond street 18.9.68

Desmond street No22

Desmond street No22

Desmond street on 7.1.69 showing a damp scullery

Desmond street on 18.9.68

Desmond street towards St Benedicts

Donaldson street wash-house in 1957

Dorrington street at Portland place. Pic thanks to Sam Perry

Downing street 46-42 on 5.7.68

Downing street showing a missing yard wall on 5.7.68

Drayton street on 12.1.68

Dryden street

Eastlake St 34-36 on 07.01.69

Eastlake street on 18.9.68 showing the vacant site of Nos 48-50

Eccles st No1 court houses 2-4 rears on 9.4.56

Eccles street No1 Court - houses No2-4 on 9.4.56

Edinburgh Street 3.10.66

Edinburgh street 5.11.63

Edinburgh street with Howe st rears on 3.10.66

Ellison street 1-3

Ellison street at Great Homer st 1307.67

Ellison street stables and yard - 15.7.64

Ellison street_

Ermine st 20-18 on 5.07.68

Ermine street at Mere Lane - 10.3.69

Everton area 1951

Everton area 1951_

Everton area 1959

Everton area - overlooking Netherfield road

Everton area on 11.5.48

Everton district in 1949 from the tower of
St Georges church aka the iron church

Everton Terrace 67-75 in 1956

Everton Terrace garage collapse - complete
with Morris Minor on 27.4.56

Everton terrace N0 67 collapse

Everton Terrace N067 intrior following collapse

Everton Terrace No 67

Everton Terrace on 20.11.63 Beacon Bedding Co

Everton Terrace towards Cresswell Mount showing the
old police station, itself a former Industrial school.

Everton wastelands on 3.2.70

Eyes street - off Breckfield rd North

Eyes street No 4 on 5.7.68

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Fairy street looking down towards the Braddocks in 1967

Fitzclarence street on 20.5.66

Flinders street football pitches opposite the BAT in 1973

Friar street at Nun st on 10.3.69

Friar street from Heyworth street on 13.7.67

Friar street in 1968 towards St Georges Heights

Gordon street - 16.10.63

Gordon street on 4.11.63

Great Homer st  64-72 on 25.11.54

Great Homer st 140a &b on 7.11.56

Great Homer St at Buckingham street on 16.10.63

Friar street from Heyworth street on 13.7.67_

Great Homer st at Robsart street on 15.4.59

Great Homer st at Virgil Street

Great Homer st between Conway st and Robsart street on 7.11.56

Great Homer st by Bernard Fallon

Great Homer St Greaty shopping arcade opens on 14.7.82

Great Homer st towards Netherfield Road

Great Homer street 112a-114at Rose Vale in 1955

Great Homer street 140a-b on 15.4.59

Great Homer street 220-224

Great Homer street 226-228 into 2-4 Seacombe st

Great Homer street 244-246 on 27.8.59

Great Homer street 254-258 on 27.8.59

Great Homer Street at Arkwright Street on 29.3.55

Great Homer street at Beatrice street on 7.11.56

Great Homer street at Dryden st in 1958

Great Homer street at Elias street on 16.10.63

Great Homer street at Elias Street showing the
Foresters Arms on 16.10.63

Great Homer street at Luther Street on 13.7.67

Great Homer street at No14 Court - Mona Terrace on 7.11.56

Great Homer street at Robsart street on 15.4.59

Great Homer street at Roscommon street

Great Homer Street at Sheridan Street on 28.2.58

Great Homer street from Back Roscommon Street on 25.11.54

Great Homer Street in 1966

Great Homer street in 1967

Great Homer street rear of 218

Great Homer street Twist's Fishmongers

Great Homer street. 248-250 The church above was accessed
around the corner at No1 Potter street. 27.8.59

Great Homer Street_

Great Mersey street towards St Alphonsus on 8.5.72

Grecian Terrace - 13.7.67

Harrogate st - Pic by Paul Oulton

Havelock st 1960

Havelock st

Havelock Street

Heriot street in 1972. The Alexandra pub and St Catherines school.

Heyworth st 12-18 at Desmond st on 18.9.68

Heyworth st 28-20 on 18.9.68

Heyworth st 30-36 on 18.9.68

Heyworth st 38-48 at Eastlake st - 18.9.68

Heyworth st 48-40 at Eastlake st - 18.9.68

Heyworth st 50-64 on 18.9.68

Heyworth st 66-72 on 18.9.68

Heyworth st 72-70 on 18.9.68

Heyworth st 74-80 on 18.9.68

Heyworth st 82-96 between Hamilton rd and Danby st on 18.9.68

Heyworth st 93 The Raven on 18.9.68

Heyworth st 96-90 at Hamilton rd 18.9.68

Heyworth st 97 on 3.6.65

Heyworth st 101-105 on 3.6.65

Heyworth st 105-111 at Minera st on 3.6.65

Heyworth st 113-119on 3.6.65

Heyworth st 116-112 at Friar st on 3.6.65

Heyworth st 153  on 17.5.65

Heyworth st 157 on 17.5.65

Heyworth st 165 on 17.5.65

Heyworth st 171 on 3.6.65

Heyworth st 183-185 on 3.6.65

Heyworth st - 159-161 The Priory pub on 3.6.65

Heyworth st -N064 rear 18.9.68

Heyworth st at Cochrane st.The Raven

Heyworth st at Minerva street and the arl rag n' bone man

Heyworth st in 1951

Heyworth st No80 at Danby st on 18.9.68

Heyworth st No 64 at Lance - The Garrick pub on 18.9.68

Heyworth St No 129 3.6.65

Heyworth st Priory Pub

Heyworth st, the London Stores pub on 18.9.68

Heyworth street 10-6 on 18.9.68

Heyworth street 13.7.67

Heyworth street 36-30 at Eastlake street - 18.9.68

Heyworth street area demolition

Heyworth street CPO area 10.04.70

Heyworth street in the mid 60s

Heyworth street No90 on 18.9.68

Heyworth street on 20.11.63

Heyworth street. St. Benedicts and the Thistle pub, now May Duncans

Heyworth Street

Hodder street 6-24 8.1.68

Hodder street entry - Carmel street were the
even numbers on the other side 8.1.68

Howe st 40-50 Scotch houses - 5.11.63

Howe st 71-77 rears  on 5.11.63

Howe st 79-85 on 4.11.63

Howe street 3-21 Scotch houses - 5.11.63

Howe street furniture factory - 4.11.63

Howe street No70 on 4.11.63

Joshua street 1967

Kepler st 20.11.63

Kerferd st 13.7.67

Kerferd st No7 off Village st on 7.7.66

Kerferd st Welsh baptist chapel - 20.5.66

Kerford st - 20.5.66

Kew street rooftops towards Greaty in 1969

Kew street tenements in 1969

Kew Street

Kirkdale goods warehouses (1880-1968)

Kirkdale rd 13.7.67

Kirkdale rd 1964

Kirkdale rd at the Goats Head pub 13.7.67

Kirkdale Road 13.7.67

Kirkdale road 143-145 on 13.7.67

Kirkdale Road from the Goats Head

Kirkdale sidings showing the BAT (British American Tobacco) factory.

Lambeth rd 99-83 in 1970

Lambeth rd 145-135

Lambeth rd from Stanley rd towards Commercial rd

Lambeth rd showing the vacant site of 77-81
 near Harcourt st on 16.6.70

Latham street at Stanley rd

Latimer street

Leadenhall st 60-64 towards Wye st on 22.1.68

Leadenhall street 6-20 on 12.1.68

Leadenhall street 102-106 on 12.12.67

Leadenhall street 116 on 12.12.67

Lightbody street in 1968

Lightbody street in 1982

Limekiln Lane 148-146 at Wright st in October 1971

Limekiln Lane at Hornby street towards Scotland Road in 1964

Limekiln Lane at St. Martin street

Limekiln Lane prefabs in 1970

Logan Towers 1972

Logan Towers 1972

Logan Towers 1972

Louisa Street near Mere Lane 10.3.69

Lune street 9-27 on 08.01.68

Mark st 47-49 and 149-151 St Domingo Rd

Mark street 27-31 was a furniture factory, taken on 2.02.68

Mark street and Rock View heights on 02.02.68 
Mark street former Mitchell Bros site on 02-02-68

Mark street which was Mitcell Bros 02.02.68

Mark street

Mark street_

Mere Lane 7-17 rears  on 12-01-68

Mere Lane 33-37 12-12-67

Mere Lane 37-43 12-12-67

Mere Lane 39-45 12-12-67

Mere Lane 49-55 12-12-67

Mere Lane. Rear of 35-55 on 12-12-67

Mile End - 1969

Milford st at Gt Howard street 9.8.65

Milford st-Newport Street demolition in 1957

Millard st 1965

Mitford street - 1949

Mould Street showing the rears of Skirving Street in 1955

Mould Street with Schofields Tower in the background

Nesfield st 21-08-79

Netherfiel rd South showing the Crescent Vaults
and the Italian reformist heights.

Netherfield rd 183 North at Ellison street

Netherfield rd 303-307 on 30.12.68

Netherfield rd at Edinburgh street in 1964 The Albion

Netherfield rd North 53 55 at Rose Vale in 1953

Netherfield rd North 133-135 at Gordon st on 04-11-63

Netherfield rd North 153-157 at Buckingham street on 4.11.63

Netherfield rd North 161-163 at Howe street on 4.11.63

Netherfield rd North 165 at Howe st on 4.11.63

Netherfield rd North 313-321 on 30.12.68

Netherfield rd North 340  on 27.10.54

Netherfield rd North - 1967

Netherfield rd North at the John Bagot Hospita

Netherfield rd North at Zante Street in 1949

Netherfield rd North in 1967

Netherfield rd on 297-299 30.12.68

Netherfield rd South meets Netherfield rd North at St Georges Hill.

Netherfield rd South Orange Lodge parade in the 50s
showing the Everton viewing platform.

Netherfield rd South Orange Lodge parade in the 50s
showing the Everton viewing platform.

Netherfield rd south towards the heights at the
top of Roscommon street.

Netherfield rd south

Netherfield road 297-321 on 30.12.68

Netherfield road North

Netherfield road south.

Netherfield road__

No2 Rockingham street was the Sandhills Hotel - 17.10.66

Northumberland Terrace 126-128 on 24.10.66

Northumberland Terrace at Bethesda Street on 24-10-66

Nursery street - 1966

Pagewood street No8 08-01-68

Penrose Street in 1967

Penrose street showing damp in No29 in January 1968

Petton street 1956

Petton Street in 1930

Portland Place.No1 Court  Pic thanks to Sam Perry

Potter Street 3-19 on 06-08-59

Potter street 4-18 on 6.8.59

Potter street 18-42 06-08-59

Potter street and the entrance to the Evangelist church - 27.8.59

Potter street on 6.8.59 23-41

Premier Street No 19-29 on 5-07-58

Prince Edwin lane refuse collection

Prince Edwin Lane

Prince Edwin st 1955

Prince Edwin street court

Prince Edwin street showing the prefabs in front of
the old blocks. Photo by UJO NRY.

Prince Edwin street_

Prince Rupert Street 20.5.66

Priory Grove 5-7 on 24.6.68

Priory Grove 118-132 on 5.7.68

Priory Grove from Friar Street 10.3.69

Priory Grove No67 on 5.7.68

Priory Grove No67 on 24.6.68

Priory Grove No 4 on 24.6.68

Priory Grove No 112 in June 1968

Priory Mount 3.6.65

Reading Street - 1956

Robsart street No 9 Court on 21.4.59

Robson st at Drayton st 1967

Robson street in the mid 60s

Robson street recreation ground on the site of the
pit near the Grizedale estate in 1977. Photo by Keith Rose.

Roscommon st CPO area just prior to demolition.

Roscommon st looking East from Greaty in 1967

Roscommon street area

Roscommon street at Higham st 1961

Roscommon street Gt Homer street junction on 25-11-54

Rose Vale 5-13 from Portland Street on 17-03-55

Rose Vale from Portland Street on 17.03.55

Rose Vale in 1955

Rupert Grove No13 on 07.07.66

Rupert Grove No18 on  07.07.66

Rupert Hill22.05.67

Rupert Hill22.05.67
Ruperts Place

Rutland st 30-52 on 26.6.68

Rutland Street  21-33 on  5-7-68

Sackville street 14-40 on 24.08.65
Sackville st No5 on 24.8.65

Sackville st No9 24.8.1965

Sackville st No15- 24.8.65

Sackville st No26- 24.8.65

Sackville st No39- 24.8.65

Sackville st on 24.8.65 showing dilapidation

Sackville stree 14-40 on 24.08.65t

Sackville street 71-41 24.8.65

Sackville street back bedroom on 24.8.65

sackville street chimney of No9 taken from No11 on 24.8.65

Sackville street demolished

Sackville street demolition

Sackville street from Mazzini Heights.
Thanks to Sam Perry

Sackville street No7 on 24.8.65

Sackville Street No22- 24.8.65

Sackville street with Mazzini Heights newly created
at the top of the street. Photo with thanks to Sam Perry.

Sandhills Bee Mills

Sandhills Lane

Scotland road 14.10.56

Scotland Road 271-277 rears in 1971

Scotland Road 1949

Scotland Road 1958 from Addison street looking north.

Scotland Road 1958

Scotland Road 1960

Scotland Road 1962

Scotland road and the remnants of its mill in 1947

Scotland Road area mobile

Scotland Road at Hornby st and Tenterton st.

Scotland road at Taylor street in 1970

Scotland Road in 1958

Scotland road in 1967

Scotland Road in 1967_

Scotland Road in 1978 towards Limekiln Lane.

Scotland Road meets Stanley Road - 1951

Scotland Road near the Parrot pub.

Scotland Road showing the Roundcounter cafe with its one
time distinctive landmark tower. This is at Bevington Hill.

Scotland Road towards the Roundcounter cafe in 1966

Add captScotland Road tramion

Scotland Road_

Scottie Road traffic - minus road markings.

Seacombe st - 1965

Shrewsbury House youth club entrance on Portland Street.

Shrewsbury House youth club. Photo thanks to Sam Perry.

Silvester street 1967

Silvester street

St Domingo Grove 1966

St Domingo Road 67-69 on  24.10.66

St Domingo road 1967

St Domingo Road from Mark st on 2.2.68

St Domingo Road No49 on 24.10.66

St Georges church tower view in 1949

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St Martin street 13-17 towards Scotland Rd 1970

St Martin street 27-35 in 1970 towards Scottie

St Martin street 30-36 1970

St Martin street 38-42 1970

St Martin street from Limekiln Lane - June 1970

St Martin street  6-10 in 1970

St Martins cottages 1954

St Martins cottages 1977

St Martins cottages - 1967

St Martins cottages and the Simmy playground

St Martins cottages rears

St Martins cottages_

Stanley road at Fountains road

Stanley road at Lambeth road

Stanley road at Lambeth road_

Stanley Road at Latham street

Stanley road bridge completion 31-12-46

Stanley road East side looking South towards the city

Stanley Road looking North near Latham street.
Thanks to Johnny Blue

Stanley Road looking South past Harebell street

Steel Street on 10th April 72. Athol st gasworks
and Logan Towers are in view

Taliesin street 2-80on 17.8.65

Taliesin street delapidated kitchen on 17.8.65

Taliesin street entry covering house numbers
32-2 taken on 17.08.65

Taliesin street No32 exterior on 17.8.65

Taliesin street No40 on 17.8.65
showing instabiliity

Taliesin street No42 on 14.9.65

Taliesin street No81 showing a metal flying
shore to the gable wall on 17.8.65

Taliesin Street No 32 showing damp on 14.9.65

Tariff st from Vauxhall Road on 23.1.67

Tate & Lyle silo conveyor at Huskisson dock - 1957

Tate and Lyle at Chisenhale st and Pall Mall

Tate and Lyle demolition 1983

Taylor st 14.9.65 Henry Moore

Taylor st 14.9.65--

Taylor st 14.9.65-

Taylor st 14.9.65

Taylor st 14.9.65_

Taylor st 14.9.65__

These arches spanned Vauxy from two parts of the Tates site,
the one on the right being just past the Green Man pub.

Thirlmere Road 10.3.69

Thomaston street. The shop is No.4, the
waste ground was No.2. Taken on 27th Aug 59

Tillotsons cardboard box manufacturers. This is the side
entrance on Sandhills Lane as seen on 08.05.72

Townson street 1969. Anfield, home of LFC is
pictured across the main road at the bottom.

Vauxhall Road 30.10.51 at Tatlock Street

Vauxhall Road and Tates 1982. Another photo of Vauxy on here
shows the arch spannnig Vauxy near the Green Man pub.
On this photo you can see where the walkway has been bricked up.

Vauxhall Road and Tates, 1982

Vauxhall Road at Tatlock street 30.10.51

Vescock street on 23.01.67

Village street town plan appeals office in 1961

William Moult st 3.10.66 towards Great Homer street

William Moult st 3.10.66

William Moult st 14.9.65

William Moult street 3.10.66 showing the rears of Bostock st

William Moult street 14.9.65--

William Moult street 14.9.65-

William Moult street 14.9.65

William Moult street 14.9.65_

Wright st 2-22 1971

Wright st 18-20 in 1971

Wright st 21.1.67

Wright st - 1983

Wye st 1967

York Place showing the side view of 62 Albion st
on 24.10.66

York Place side view of 62 Albion st on 24-10-66

Zante Street at Kirkdale road on 15th April 1959

The Liver Hotel, Robson street in 1967

The meter at 307 Netherfield rd North on 30.12.68