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Abbeystead Road 10thJan 1972

Bishopgate street on 14.9.70

Bowers Buildings 7-19 Pye Street Wavertree in 1934

Cardinal Newman - Queens Drive, Childwall

Chapel Yard 1934

Chatham Place school blitzed

Childwall County college.

Childwall fiveways at Queens Drive 1935

Childwall fiveways roundabout

Childwall fiveways roundabout

Childwall Sports College near Wavertree Gardens suburb.

Cranborne 19.10.70

Cranborne road 14.9.70

Cretan road - 1970

Damp in No.11 Paradise Gardens

Don Pepes poodle parlour on Smithdown road in 1971

Egerton Road 14.9.70

Gainsborough road dug up for resurfacing on 14.5.57

Gainsborough Road resurfacing 3.6.57

Gainsborough Road resurfacing in 1957

High st in 1918 towards Hils Place. Pic by Paul Bolger.

Hills Place 1934

Indian troops parade down Smithdown Road
past the Brookhouse pub in 1902

King David High - 1972

Langdale road in 1924

Lawrence Road school 1967

Lawrence Road showing St Bridgets in 1910

Liberty street 2-10 on 12.7.67

Mable Fletcher College 1972

Mylrea place  01-02-66

Mylrea place 1-5 on 19-06-67

Nebo street 41

Nebo street. 15-41

Newly resurfaced Gainsborough road in 1957

No 8 Paradise Gardens

Nook Rise at Wavertree Garden suburb in 1910

Northcote school - Wavertree Garden suburb

Northway CP in 1972. Walgrave rd.

Northway, Wavertree garden suburb in 1910

Olive Mount High rise go up in 1962 as viewed from Wellstead Road.

Olive mount homes - 1925.

Olive mount homes - 1925

Olive mount hospital, old mill lane.

Olive mount hospital, old mill lane 10-01-72

Olive mount hospital, old mill lane.

Paradise Gardens 5-6 on 01-02-66

Paradise Gardens 11-13 on 01-02-66

Penny Lane roundabout which is actually on Smithdown Place. 1926

Picton Clock and Wavertree lock up area.

Picton Road at Carno Street in 1950

Picton Road bridge - 1949

Picton road from the Wellington pub
on the corner of Rathbone road in 1912

Pinnington's Cottages - 1.2.66

Pinnington's cottages, Paradise Gardens

Pye st - 1934

Queens Drive Wavertree 1911

Smithdown Place 14-05-1957

Smithdown Place 11.1.71.

Smithdown Place 11.1.71

Smithdown Place 14-05-1957

Smithdown rd at Arundel Ave in 1932

Smithdown rd at West street in 1930

Smithdown rd c1904

Smithdown rd c1905

Smithdown Road 1951 by Paul Bolger

Smithdown Road at Hawarden Avenue in 1950

Smithdown road c1900

Smithdown road cinema.

Smithdown road destructor 29-04-1905

Smithdown Road opposite the cinema in 1949

Southway 1972.

Southway 1972

St Bridgets, Bagot st, Wavertree.

Stevenson street

The Abbey Cinema 1939

The Bluecoat school Wavertree in 1907

Wavertree High Street

The Childwall Fiveways, now a Wetherspoons.

The Grand Cinema on Smithdown Road in 1961.

The Grand Cinema on Smithdown Road in 1959

The Grand cinema, Smithdown rd.

The Kitchen range in No.1 Paradise Gardens on 01-02-66

The Magnet picture house, Wavertree road 1982

The rears of 8,5 and 6 Paradise Gardens from
Penningtons cottages on 01-02-66

The scullery of No.1 Paradise Gardens

The staircase of No.2 Paradise Gardens on 01-02-66

Toxteth Park Workhouse, Smithdown Road.
It later became Sefton General Hospital. Asda stands on the site now.

Wavertree Gardens from the Mystery.

Wavertree High st. This original Georgian bowed
shop front is still there.

Wavertree Nook road at Nook Rise in 1910.

Wavertree Vale 1971

Liverpool 16

Barnfield Road off Childwall Valley road in 1955.

Bentham Drive 6.12.71

Bowland Avenue at Betham Drive on 6.12.71

Childwall Abbey 1907

Childwall Cross in 1956

Childwall Hall in 1949, just before its demolition

Childwall Heights is the backdrop for the
local kids enjoying a play on the igloo.

Childwall Valley rd police station D division in 1976

Childwall Valley Road (1)

Childwall Valley Road (2)

Childwall Valley Road (3)

Childwall Valley Road construction in June 1931

Childwall Valley road construction on 31-08-1931

Childwall Valley road D division police station in 1976

Childwall valley road house building in 1934

Childwall Valley Road police station D division in 1982

Rocky Lane, Childwall on 18.1.1907. This was also known as Slaveys mile.

Rudston Primary - 1972

St Pascal Baylon off Childwall Valley Road in 1978

The Childwall Abbey, long since a hotel
as viewed from All Saints lynch gate in June 1957

Woolton Road, Childwall in 1971
Liverpool 17

Aigburth Hall, Aigburth rd 1908

Aigburth Hall, Aigburth Road demolition 1935

Aigburth road 1908

Aigburth Road at Dundonald Road in 1947

Aigburth road at Grassendale 1906

Aigburth road at the Serpentine - 1934

Aigburth road at the Vale - 1927

Aigburth Road at the Vale

Aigburth road near the cricket club

Aigburth road shops and dairy

Aigburth Road showing Nos 85-87 in 1957

Aigburth road,

Aigburth Road...

Aigburth road.

Aigburth Vale -22.06.27

Aigburth Vale showing Janco products on 18th June 1964

Aigburth Vale tram waiting room - 1908

Alexandra Drive. No 24

Ampthill Road looking SW from Annesley Road 20th October 1969.

Arundel Avenue 19.10.70,.

Arundel Avenue 19.10.70..

Arundel Avenue 19.10.70.

Arundel Avenue 19.10.70

Arundel Avenue 19.10.70_.

Arundel Avenue 19.10.70_

Arundel Avenue 19.10.70__

Arundel Avenue 19th Oct 1970

Chequers Gardens from Aigburth Road on 20.10.69

Elmswood Road.

Forge Cottages off Lark Lane on 30.6.69

Gordon Terrace 23-31 on 18.6.64

Gordon Terrace yard in 1964

Grove Park 3-5 on Sefton park road

Jericho Farm Close

Jericho Lane farm and bridge in 1929. A tad more rural than it is now.

Lark Lane C division Police Station in 1969

Lark Lane in 1951

Otterspool 17.8.59

Otterspool Prom official opening day in 1950

Otterspool promenade official opening day in 1950

Sefton Park in 1954.

Sefton Park in 1954

St Annes Terrace off Aigburth Vale on 18.6.64

St Charles, Aigburth rd - 1969

St Johns Terrace 12-13 on 18.6.64

St Michaels CP - Neilson st 17.4.78

St Michaels in the Hamlet evacuee children taking the train to safety.

St Michaels in the hamlet school children evacuation

St Michaels, Neilson st 17.04.78

Sudley primary

Sudley Road Juniors

The Hamlet free church in Aigburth after being struck by an oil bomb during WWII

The Kingsman in 1974

The Norwegian church, Southwood rd 17.4.78

The Norwegian church, Southwood rd 17.4.78

The Norwegian church, Southwood road on 17.04.1978

Victoria rd and Brookfield Cottages 2-6 on 18-06-64

Victoria rd Gable end of No 14 on 18.6.64

Victoria Rd on 18.6.64. No.11 is the Aigburth Arms pub.

Victoria road 1-2 on 18.06.64

Victoria Road No 12 on 18.6.64

Victoria Terrace even numbers on 18.6.64

WWII evacuees at St Michaels in the hamlet taking in structions