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In A City Living 3

In a city living 3 When my first two books were available at launches and other events, one of the most asked questions was 'Do your books have any pictures of so and so?' and 'Do they contain any information on such and such?'

To meet the demands and aims of these requests, it was decided to create a definitive record of the 50+ inter-war tenement developments that were so prevalent throughout the city from Kirkdale in the north to Speke in the south with those in between at such places as Everton, Edge Hill, Club Moor, Old Swan, Wavertree, Toxteth and Dingle.

Learn about some of the most influential figures in Liverpool's history when it comes to sanitation, road layouts, new town developments and corporation housing. Find out what existed in the locality before your tenement block and when it was built. See the European influences from Vienna and Berlin.

Together with another 167 photographs, the vast majority never before published, book No.3 subtitled - The Tenements is a must read from whatever part of the city was your stomping ground. Recall too, many of the games that were played from dawn until dusk in those heady days of never ending summer holidays when the tarmac bubbled and nothing was nicer than a Pendleton's twicer.

This book was finally completed and launched on Friday 1st December 06 at the Scouse Italian reunion night organised by Ron Formby of the Scottie press and featuring a revamped screening of Paul Sudbury's Gardens of Stone.

You can order this book directly from the publishers at www.countyvise.co.uk or purchase it from most good book shops such as W.H. Smiths, Waterstones, Borders and Pritchards or alternatively you can contact me on ged.fagan@rosewoodtrucking.co.uk and i'll be happy to answer any of your questions. Pall Mall looking towards Tate & Lyle sugar refiners,   a mass employer in the Vauxhall area. Their distinct blue tanker lorries are parked here, along with an assortment of prestigiuous 1960s motor cars. Looking through the tenement archway of Portland Gardens from Burlington Street towards Green Street with the Castle Public House and Tatlock Towers in the distance. 

So....What photographs can you see in book 3.

Hopscotch and two balls girls street games, The Shakespeare Theatre fire in Fraser Street, Dr. Duncan, James Newlands, John Brodie, Lancelot Keay, Eldon Grove, The Karl Marx Hof flats in Vienna, The Britz Horseshoe estate flats in Berlin, Owen House(2), Fonthill House, Melrose Road tenements, St. Domingo House, Everton Terraces, Conway Street, Sir Thomas White Gardens(2), Scotland Road(2),Scotland Road tenements aerial view, Wilbraham House, Victoria Square(2), Lawrence Gardens, Chaucer House, Burlington Street(2), Liverpool/Leeds canal kids, Portland Gardens(4), Burlington Street tenements(2), Vauxhall Road(2), Dods Vaults pub, Blackstock Gardens(2), Tithebarn Street, Great Crosshall Street, Lace Street, Pall Mall, Central area aerial view(2), Standish Street, Highfield Street, Vauxhall Gardens(3), Fontenoy Gardens(2), Arden House, Steble Fountain, St. John's Gardens, Museum, Old Haymarket, St. George's Hall, Byrom Street, Cartwright House, Bishop Goss School, Islington, Gerard Crescent(4) John Gianelli's chip shop, Gerard Gardens(7), Hunter Street construction, Gerard Gardens model(2), St. Anne Street, Roscommon Street(2), Birkett Street(2), William Henry Street, Great Richmond Street tenements, Gomer Street court, Queen Anne Street tenements, Cotters barbers and Ah Thi laundry Soho Street, Holly Street(2), Gloucester Street, Kempston Street, Ranelagh Street, Croft Street prefabs, St. Andrew Street (The Bullring)(3), The Bullring model, Myrtle Gardens, Metropolitan Cathdral construction, Cardwell Street, Sidney Place, Grinfield Street, Chatsworth Street, The Phoenix pub, The Sefton Pub, Entwistle Heights(2), Wavertree Gardens(5), Larkhill Estate flats(3), Adshead Road flats(2), St. Oswalds Street(4), St. Oswalds House(2), St. Oswalds Gardens(2), Hurst Gardens(5), Parafin Oil Shop pub, Blackhorse Lane flats(2), Speke Road Gardens(4), Dingle Mount(4), Dingle Lane, Dingle Vale, Beloe Street, Monkswell Street, Tram scenes(6), Dingle aerial views(3), South Hill House(4), Rankin Street tenements, Northumberland Street, Brunswick Gardens(3), Caryl Gardens(2), Caryl Gardens model, Dickens Street, Sussex Gardens, Fagan family photo, Grealy family photo, Grafton Street, Upper Mann Street, King Gardens(2), Dick Jennings pub, Chesterfield pub, Stanhope House(2), Prince Albert Gardens, St. James Gardens(2), St. James Street(2), Nelson Street tenements(2), Kent Gardens(5). Available from Waterstones, W.H. Smiths, Borders, Pritchards, the Cathedral shops and the Museum shops. Alternatively you can order online by contacting the publisher direct by visiting www.countyvise.co.uk