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Liverpool 6

Anson Terrace 16.10.67

Belmont Road 77-85 at Castor Street on 13.4.66

Belmont Road 1949 - removing tram rails

Belmont Road from Castor st to Cupid street on 9.10.72

Belmont Road from Castor st to Cupid street on 9.10.72_

Belmont Road Rocky Lane junction fire alarm

Belmont Road SE view 1950

Boaler st at Empire st - 7.3.66

Boaler st Swift Dairy 1979

Boaler Street at Farnworth st Craywood club - 1.4.74

Boaler street at Upper Baker st on 7.3.66

Boundary lane off West Derby road at Severs st on 11.9.72

Breck Road between Marland st and Cresswick st on 10.03.69

Breck Road between Poplar st and Tynemouth st showing Murray Hall on 10.3.69

Breck Road between Taplow st and Twyford st showing Nos. 55-59 on 9.10.72

Breck Road between Tynemouth st and Baines Place on 10.3.69

Breck Road from Baines Place 10.3.69

Breck Road from Landseer street on 10.3.69

Breck Road from Marland st on 10.3.69

Breck Road from Old Barn Road on 9.10.72

Breck Road from Queens Road on 10.3.69

Breck road Holy Trinity- 9.10.72

Breck Road looking East from Eaton Place on 10.3.69

Breck Road North side from Heyworth St to Esmond st on 13.7.67

Breck Road south side at Esmond st 9.10.72

Breck Road with Blythe street on the right 13.07.67

Breck Road with Belmont road (left) 9.10.72

Breck Road, photo with thanks to Paul Oulton.

Brunswick Road 1979

Brunswick Road at Low Hill junction in 1955
showing both Gregsons Well pubs

Brunswick Road in 1967 rowards the Gregsons Well pub

Brunswick Road looking down towards town from Gregson Street in 1967

Copley street 18 on 7.1.69

Cottenham street off Kensington 1972

Creswick street Gable of no 45 on 7.1.69

Cupid Hotel at No.2 Cupid street in 1968

Dee street No 41  in 1957 off the start of West Derby Road

Denman street off Kensington

Eaton Place near brook road junction on 10.2.69

Edensor Terrace 31.3.70

Edensor Terrace 31.3.70_

Edensor Terrace 31.3.70__

Elm Vale Fairfield

Erskine street at Brunswick Road on 29.3.67

Everton Road 3.6.65

Everton Road 19.5.66-- (2)

Everton Road 19.5.66--

Everton Road 19.5.66-

Everton Road 19.5.66

Everton Road 19.5.66_

Everton Road 19.5.66__

Everton Road 1967

Everton Road - 19.5.66

Everton Road - May 66

Everton Road area 3-6-65

Everton Road area with Gleave Square behind - 3.6.65

Everton Road at Cresswell Street 19.5.66

Everton Road at Eastbourne street

Everton road at its junction with Heyworth street
and the former Everton Palace Cinema

Everton Road at Mill Road in 1967 showing the
art deco child welfare centre

Everton Road disused chapel in 1960

Everton Road looking North from Village street

Everton Road May 66

Everton Road near Deacon street in 1967

Everton Road shops

Exley street - situated between Boaler st and Phythian st - seen here on 7.3.66

Exley street seen on Coronation day 2.6.53

Fairclough Lane 20.12.65

Fairclough Lane with Metley street on the right. 20.12.65

Gleave Street from Everton Road on 29.3.67

Gloucester Place 34 on 3.6.66

Gloucester Place 54 on 3.6.66

Gloucester Place 65 from Gatesby Street on 3.6.66

Gloucester Place 79-83 on 7.12.65

Gloucester Place 85a on 3.6.66

Gloucester Place 100 on 3.6.66

Gloucester Place - 3.6.66

Gloucester Row 5-9  on 18.6.64

Gloucester Square 1-4  on 7.12.65

Gloucester Terrace 1-7 on 7.12.65

Goldsmith street 1972

Goth street 22 on  20.6.68

Goth street at West Derby Road on 9.1.73

Goth street N010- 20.6.68

Goth street yards 8.8.68

Grey Rock st 72-76 on 12.9.67

AdGrey Rock st 80 on 12.9.67d caption

Grey Rock st 107 on 12.9.67

Grey Rock st 109 - 12.9.67

Grey Rock st 109 - 12.9.67

Grey Rock st 113- 12.9.67

Grey Rock st 115-113 on 12.9.67
Grey Rock st  108-98 on 12.9.67

Grey Rock st on 12.9.67

Grey Rock st rear of 131 on 12.9.67

Grey Rock street 8-10 on 12.9.67

Grey Rock Street 14-16 on 12.9.67

Grey Rock street 18-20 on  12.9.67

Grey Rock street 30 on 12.9.67

Grey Rock street 36 on 12.9.67

Grey Rock street 68-70 on 12.9.67

Grey Rock street 72-78 on 12.9.67

Grey Rock street on 12.9.67. No.49 is on the end.

Hughes street 2-26 on 6.5.64

Hughes Street - 22.9.59

Hutchinson st 2-4 on 3.1.66

Hutchinson st 6-8 at Rockwood st on 3.1.66

Hutchinson st 28-27 on 7.12.65

Hutchinson st 1966

Iden Street at the junction of Boundary Place on 20.12.65
Iden Street towards Boundary place 20.12.65

Jasmine st No 12- 18.9.68

Jasmine street 3-7 18.9.68

Jasmine street  4- 18.9.68

Jasmine street 19a-21 18.9.68

Jasmine street 24a-26  18.9.68

Jasmine street -No 21  18.9.68

Job street 1966

Kensington desolation 1970

Kensington desolation in 1970

Lindin Hill looking towards Barker & Dobson
Toffee works on 12.9.68

Low Hill 3-13

Low Hill 24-26 on 3.01.66

Low Hill 49-49a at Meaburn street on 29.01.68

Low Hill 73-75 on 12.12.67

Low Hill 73-85 on 12.12.67

Low Hill 86-88  in 1979

Low Hill - 1950

Low Hill into Kensington on 11.6.55 with Nos 2-4 now demolished.

Low Hill N045 - 29-1-68

Low Hill No13 on 12.12.67

Low Hill No47 is the Swan Pub on the corner of Meaburn street.

Low Hill No 42 3.1.66

Low Hill 49-49a at Meaburn street on 29.01.68

Low Hill on 12.12.67 showing Nos. 27, 27a and 27b.

Low Hill  The Coach and Horses with the old property to the
right of it Nos 2-4 in 1950 advertising Autolux taxis
which was a little further along Kensington

Low Hill

Low Wood street near Low Hill on 21.07.55

Lower Breck rd between August Rd and July Rd on 9.10.72

Lower Breck rd between March rd and West Derby rd -9.10.72

Lower Breck rd from near September rd on 09.10.72

Lower Breck rd looking North from March Road on 9.10.72

Lower Breck Road 1-4 9.10.72

Lower Breck road 2-10 on 09.10.72

Lower Breck road 20-28 near March Road on 9.10.72

Lower Breck road - April 1965

Manfred st No 1on 29.1.68

Manfred street No1

Meaburn street No39 at Plan street on 12.12.67

Mission Square off Phythian st in 1966

Moira st 29 on 12.12.67

Moira Street on 12.12.67

Molyneux Road 1974

Montague St towards Prescot St on 20.12.65

Oakey Grove No2 on 23.1.69
Phythian st 1966

Prescot Road, Fairfield

Queens Road 112-118 9.9.68

Queens Road 131-139 from Breck Road on 9.9.68

Queens Road 152.156 on 9.9.68

Radcliffe st at Well St showing the
Vinegar Wholesalers at No.99 on 8.3.60

Radcliffe st No 33  on 8.3.60

Red rock No 42- 1967

Red Rock st 66-70- 1967

Red Rock street 15-17 in 1967

Red Rock street 76-88- 1967

Red Rock street No23- 1967

Red Rock street No 21- 1967

Red Rock Street No 28 in 1967

Red Rock street No 62 - 1967

Red rock street No 119 in 1967

Reservoir st - 18th April 66

Richmond terrace 11-17 on 12.9.68

Richmond Terrace 23-25 on 12.9.68

Richmond Terrace 38-35 on 12.9.68

Richmond Terrace 38-40 on 12.9.68

Richmond Terrace 38-40 rears on 12.9.68

Richmond Terrace -9-- 12.9.68

Richmond Terrace Hall (No.3) side view on 12.9.68

Richmond Terrace No3 was Ricmond Terrace Hall pictured on 12.9.68

Rockwood street on 3.1.66

Rothwell st 23 on 9.9.68

Rothwell st 36-42 9.9.68

Rothwell street 23 on 9.9.68

Rothwell street No17 on 9.9.68

Rothwell street No 17 on 9.9.68

Schomberg Street at Upper Baker street on 7th March 1966

Shallcross street 34-44 on 9.9.68

Shaw st 4.12.79

Shaw st 20.5.66

Shaw st - 20.5.66

Shaw st on 2.8.67

Shaw street 1952

Shaw street 1967

Shaw street 1967_

Shaw street - Pearsons

Shaw street from Islington Square

Shaw street park - Whitley Gardens 1958

Shaw street park - Whitley Gardens 1959

Shaw street_

Sheil Road prefabs 1948

Sheil Road prefabs 1948_

Spencer st 1968

Spencer st looking East from Everton road in 1967

Spencer st No20- 18.4.66

Spencer st No61 on 18.4.66

Spencer st No72  18.4.66

Spencer st No 65 18.4.66

Spencer street 11-29 19

Spencer street 11-29 on 19.5.66

St Albans 13.9.68

St Albans 51-73 from Pickering street on 9.9.68

St Albans No 33 - 13.9.68

Star pub at 31 Low Hill pictured on 12.12.67

The Coach & Horses pub on Low Hill on 13-7-48.
The property on the corner advertisng Autolux Taxis
which was around the corner on Kensington was No.2-4.

The houses on the west side of Walton Breck rd from July rd on 9.10.72

Townsend Lane 95a at Vicar Rd - 6.11.72

Townsend Lane at Monastery road 6.11.72

Townsend Lane between Bishop Rd and Canon Rd - 6.11.72

Townsend Lane near Bishop Rd on 6.11.72

Townsend Lane North side between Canon rd and Vicar rd - 6.11.72

Tweed street 1967

Upper Baker St off Boaler st on 7.3.66

Valentine Grove 6-8 on 23.1.69

Venus street 6-10 on 12.9.68

Venus street 24-26 on 12.9.68

Vipond st No 26 off Boundary Lane in 1952

Vivian st off Boaler st on 7.3.66

Walton Breck Road near Hampson st on 9.10.72

Westbourne street 1960

White Rock st 23 - 12.9.67

White Rock st 28-34 -12.9.67

White Rock st 32-38  12.9.67

White Rock st 44-46 -12.9.67

White Rock st 72 - on 12.9.67

White Rock st 80-82 - 12.9.67

White Rock st 100-102 -12.9.67

White Rock st No22 - 12-9.67

White Rock st No75 rear- 12.9.67

White Rock street 53-57 - 12.9.67

White Rock street former Methodist Church School in 1972

Whitefield rd -109.111 -9.9.68

Whitefield rd at White Rock st in 1960

Whitefield rd at Woodville Terrace.

Whitefield rd church between red rock and grey rock streets in 1972

Whitefield rd The George pub and St Albans on 13.9.68

Whitefield road area in 1972

Whitefield road North side near Harewood rd junction in 1972

Whitefield Road_
More Liverpool 6 Photographs

Balmoral Road 25.9.74

Balmoral Road - 3.8.70

Breck rd 87-97 Sept 68

Breck rd 149-137 Sept 68

Breck rd  157-173 Sept 68

Breck Road 41- January 69

Breck Road 47-43 1969

Breck Road 61-73 Sept 68

Breck Road 75-85 Sept 68

Breck Road 125-135 Sept 68

Breck Road The Castle- Sept 68

Erskine st area 12.12.67-

Erskine st area 12.12.67

Erskine st area 12.12.67_

Erskine st area - 12.12.67__

Erskine st-

Everton Road Kings Regiment parade ground.

Grants Gardens '80's

Grants Gardens mid '60's

Grants Gardens Play area mid '60's

Kinder st 14-28 on 16.2.68

Kinder st No 28 on 16.2.68

Kinder st on 29.3.67 from Stakie st towards Gregson st.

Liverpool City Mission - Sept 68

Manfred st at Erskine st - 12.12.67

Margaret Street - Prince Rupert Secondary School. 02

Margaret Street - Prince Rupert Secondary School. 03

Margaret Street - Prince Rupert Secondary School

Margaret Street - Prince Rupert Secondary School

Meaburn Street at Talbot Street, 12-12-67
with Mr's Savage's house on the corner next to the "olla"

Prospect st at Manfred st - 12.12.67

Starkie st 1-23 on 16.02.68

Starkie st 1-23 rears on 16.2.68

Starkie st - 17.1.68

Starkie st vacant site 14-16 on 17.1.68

Talbot st 29.3.67

Talbot st - January 69

The Dunkeld pub on the corner of Dunkeld st. Addressed
 as 53a-63 West Derby Road on 1.4.74

The Royal Hippodrome theatre, West Derby Road, once home to Hengler's Circus.

The Saxon pub on West Derby Road looking
north from Saxon St on 9.1.73

West Derby rd from Aber street

West Derby rd from Lombard st on 9.1.73

West Derby road 163-173 between Huber st and Boundary Lane on 11.9.72

West Derby rd from Aber street

West Derby road from Georges Road towards
St Margarets church on Belmont road on 9th Jan 73

West Derby Road in 1954 towards the original
St Margarets church on Belmont rd.

West Derby Road looking toward Emmanuel Church on 11.9.72

West Derby road near to the Hippodrome on 29.3.67

West Derby Road. The Kilarney at Horne street
 looking towards Huber st on 11.9.72

Whitefield rd No 131 on 9.9.68

Whitefield rd on 13.9.68 St Albans Hotel

Whitefield rd South side at Breck Road junction

Whitefield Road Juniors Boundry Lane. 02

Whitefield Road Juniors Boundry Lane. 03

Whitefield Road Juniors Boundry Lane. 04

Whitefield Road Juniors Boundry Lane.

Whitefield road No 69 13.9.68

Whitefield road North side near Harewood rd junction in 1972

Liverpool 7

195 Smithdown Lane was the Store Vaults at Aigburth st in 1963

Abercromby Square

Abercromby Square

Abercromby Square

Abercromby Square

Abercromby Square

Abercromby Square

Abercromby Square

Abercromby Square

Angela st 8.6.70

Archbishop Blanch school, formerly Paddington Comp.

Back Mason st 2-6 in 1934

Bamber st -15- 8.12.64

Bamber st -82- 31.8.65

Bamber st -101- 31.8.65

Bamber st -121-97- 31.8.65

Bamber Street between Paddington and Oxford St in 1968

Bamber street outside toilet 1964

Bamber Street towards Smithdown Lane 15.1.68

Bancroft st No 4 court in 1934

Bedford st, Walnut St and Mulberry st from Mount Pleasant.

Bedford Street from Myrtle Street May 1962

Bedford Street looking North

Bedford Street North before the University maths building construction.

Bedford Street North

Birchfield Road primary.

Blanche street towards Ramsbottoms chimney on Smithdown Lane

Brae st school seniors main room - 1888.

Bremner st 1969

Cambridge st almshouses 1910.

Cambridge st almshouses 1910_

Cambridge st almshouses 1911

Cambridge street almshouses 1901

Cameo Cinema, Webster rd

Cameo Cinema, Webster road

Cardwell Street

Casterton st

Casterton Street, Edge Hill in 1978

Chatham st rears

Chatham st rears_

Chatsworth st clearance area - 3.2.70

Chatsworth st clearance area - 3.2.70

Chatsworth street board school.

Chatsworth Street clearance area showing the Phoenix pub in 1965

Chestnut street at back Peach St

Clint Rd school 6.7.70

Clint Road Nos 14-16 on 4.7.69

Clint Road towards Flaxman st on 06.07.70

Croft st on 16.10.67

Crosfield rd.

Crosfield Rd

Crown st 71-85 on 8.12.64

Crown st -125-109- 31.8.65

Crown st - 15.9.65 The Palace Inn

Crown street at Brownlow Hill in 1958

Crown st at Paddington

Crown st from Edge Hill railway tunnel looking past the chimney towards Myrtle Gardens

Crown st towards Paddington Gardens

Crown st with the block containing No.81 - 8.12.64

Crown st with the block having No.79 on 8.12.64

Crown Street in 1964

Crown street towards Entwistle Heights in 1977.

Darrel st off Smithdown rd 29.11.49

Durning Road 1949

Durning Road 1949

Durning Road College, Nov 1940. Liverpool's single biggest loss
of life during an air raid as people huddled
in the cellar of the school which took a direct hit.

Durning road early 1900s

Earle road 1952

Earle Road at Lindley street 1975

Earle road in 1952

East Spekefield cottages No1 - 20.3.70

East Spekefield cottages No2 - 20.3.70

East Spekefield cottages No3 - 20.3.70

East Spekefield cottages No4 on 20.3.70

East Spekefield cottages No5 - 20.3.70

East Spekefield cottages No6 on 20.3.70

East Spekefield cottages No7 - 20.3.70

East Spekefield cottages No8 - 20.3.70

Edge Lane between Deane Road and Beech street

Edge Lane from the Electric telecarrier co C1956. Pic by Syd Harper

Edinburgh Road off Hall Lane, Kensington in 1970.
The new Royal Hospital taking shape behind the Majestic pub.

Egypt street 2-4 on 18.07.28

Egypt street on 16.5.66

Elizabeth street - 1955

Elm Grove 18.6.64

Fearnside st 5-7 - 14.9.70

Fearnside st 20-14.9.70

Fearnside st 41.45-14.9.70

Fearnside st 84 14.9.70

Fearnside st -16- 14.9.70

Fearnside st -25-

Fearnside st -56-58

Fearnside st site of former No 1 14.9.70

Fearnside street - 8.6.70

Fearnside street -

Flaxman st CPO area 12.3.73

Flaxman street - CPO area 12.3.73

Flaxman street CPO area 12.3.73..

Flaxman street CPO area 12.3.73,,

Flaxman street CPO area 12.3.73,

Flaxman street CPO area 12.3.73-.

Flaxman street CPO area 12.3.73-

Flaxman street CPO area 12.3.73..

Flaxman street CPO area 12.3.73

Flaxman street CPO area 12.3.73_

Flaxman street CPO area 12.3.73~__

Flaxman street CPO area - 12.3.73.

Flaxman street CPO area - 12.3.73

Flaxman street CPO area -,12.3.73

Flaxman street CPO, area 12.3.73

Flaxman street CPO- area 12.3.73

Flaxman street, CPO area 12.3.73

Flaxman street CPO area 12.3.73_

Flaxman street- CPO -area 12.3.73

Flaxman street.CPO area 12.3.73

Freeman st -18- 14-9-70

Freeman st -22-27 on 14.9.70

Freeman st - 43-45 on 14.9.70

Freeman st -site of 57-59 on 14.9.70

Freeman st No 12 14.9.70

Freeman street 13-15 on 14.9.70

Gladstone Road towards Church Mount

Grinfield st past the Bay Horse pub and past the tennies.

Grove st 151 on 3-1-66

Grove st  169 on 3.1.66

Grove st - 1977

Grove st at Brownlow Hill

Grove st at Oxford st

Grove st c1960

Grove street 2.8  in 1951

Guthrie st 1-3 on 3.1.66

Guthrie st 38-40 on 3.1.66

Guthrie st -26-on 3.1.66

Hall Lane showing the Sacred Heart church and club in 1949

Hardwick st 12-12-65. Cleared for the building of the Royal Hospital

Hardwick street 20.12.65

Highgate street in 1914

Holt rd 6.7.70,.

Holt rd 6.7.70,

Holt rd 6.7.70-

Holt rd 6.7.70..

Holt rd 6.7.70.

Holt rd 6.7.70_

Holt rd 6.7.70_

Holt rd 6.7.70_

Holt rd 6.7.70_

Holt Road in 1906

Holt road in 1968

Horsely st clearance area - 3.2.70

Ivy st No 8 on 3-1-66

Jane Terrace showing how the underground railway tunnel vent was surrounded by residential property.

Kensington 8.6.70

Kensington 49-57 on 21.7.55

Kensington 57-57a on 11.6.55

Kensington 165-173 between Cottenham st and Denman st in 1968

Kensington 1970

Kensington - 3-15 on 11.06.65

Kensington at Gilead Street on 8.6.70. Note the advertisement
on the wall for the new Beatles Album,
Let it be which was released a couple of months earlier.

Kensington at Grantham st - 22.4.68

Kensington from Esher Road 22.4.68

Kensington in 1953

Kensington looking West from Thornes road on 22.4.68

Kensington near Hawkins street 22.4.68

Kensington No 27 on 21.7.55

Kensington North side in 1968 between Jubilee Drive and Thornes Road.

Kensington North side looking East away from town on 8.6.70

Kensington North side looking West towards town on 8.6.70

Kensington on 3.4.56 rear of no 25

Kensington on 8.6.70

Kensington Picturedrome on 8.6.70

Kensington South side at Holdsworth street in April 1968

Kensington south side looking east on 8.6.70

Kensington south side looking west on 8.6.70

Kensington's Christ Church and Library from Jubilee Drive on 22.4.68

Kensington's Sun Hall in 1956

Kinglake st, St. Mary's school

Kinglake street Pub

Kinglake street,,

Kinglake street,.

Kinglake street,.

Kinglake street,.

Kinglake street,.

 Myrtle Gardens had a built in shop for provisions for the residents.

Lilley Road, Fairfield in 1906

Lindley st and 25-35 Acton St on 14.9.70

Lindley Street 21 on 14-9-70

Lissant Street Edge Hill between Overbury st and Chatsworth st on 4.3.68

Lissant street towards Entwistle Heights on 4.3.68

Liverpool college for girls, Grove St 1950

Liverpool University bedford house car park in 1965

Liverpool University, Bedford House construction in 1966

Lowther st -36-on 3.1.66

Marmaduke street.

Marmaduke street

Mason st looking north in 1914

Mason st looking south in 1914

Mason st No9 Court in 1913

Mason street entry with the Corpy inspector

Minto st area 3.2.70

Minto st area 3.2.70_

Mission Hall at 19 Palmerston Street on 29.3.65

Mission Hall at No.19 Palmerston st  on 29.3.65

Mona st No 12 on 3-1-66

Montpellier Terrace 1-2 rear on 3.1.66

Montpellier Terrace 15-16  on  3.1.66

Montpellier Terrace on 3.1.66 rear of 15-16

Montpellier Terrace.1-2 on 3.1.66

Mount Vernon st - 30.05.67

Mount Vernon street showing the Lybro in 1948

Mount Vernon street

Mount vernon view 1935

Mount Vernon View No 4 court in 1935

Mulberry st 27.4.36

Mulberry st looking north in 1961

Myrtle Gardens.

Myrtle Gardens - opening in 1935

Myrtle Gardens -opening in -1935

Myrtle Gardens as new. Built on the site of the
church of the Holy Innocents and the orphanages it served.

Myrtle Gardens bomb damage where 11 died and 9 were injured.

Myrtle Gardens bommie night. Nov 5th 79

Myrtle Gardens decay after a fire. Barratts bought it later and renamed in Minster Court after redevelopment.

Myrtle Gardens from Entwistle Heights 

Myrtle Gardens from Entwistle Heights.
The Metropolitan cathedral is under construction.

Myrtle Gardens from the railway sidings that is now a park

Myrtle Gardens gig.

Myrtle Gardens from the railway sidings that is now a park

Myrtle Gardens in 1977

Myrtle Gardens on Myrtle st at Melville st on 15.1.68

Myrtle Gardens opening - in 1935.

Myrtle Gardens opening in 1935,,

Myrtle Gardens opening in 1935

Myrtle Gardens opening in 1935

Myrtle Gardens.__

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Myrtle Gardens.__

Myrtle st 1936

Myrtle st baptist church

Myrtle st boys orphanage in 1885

Myrtle st childrens hospital 8th June 1907

Myrtle st eye and ear infirmary on 11.6.1906. This building thankfully remains

Myrtle st girls orphanage in 1885

Myrtle street and Bedford St South

Myrtle street clinic - Josephine Butler House in 1978

Myrtle street The Palatine

Myrtle street,.

Myrtle street...

Oliver street - Linden street rears.

Overbury st - juvenile liason officer keeping a watchful eye
on the kids at school home time. St Annes church in the distance.

Oxford st at Grove st

Oxford st at Vine st

Oxford st from Abercromby Square

Oxford street in 1909 with Olive street off to the right.

Paddington Comp construction.

Paddington in 1952 looking down towards Brownlow Hill.

Palmerston st 18-8 on 11.3.65

Palmerston st No 8 rear on 11.3.65

Palmerston st No 10 on 11.3.65

Palmerston street No  showing the door frame out of square. 11.3.65

Add capPeach st towards Walnut sttion

Pearsons Wagons near Sidney House tenements.

Pearsons wagons near Sidney House tennies.

Portwood st clearance area 3.2.70

Prescot rd 111-121 near Rufford rd in 1974

Prescot rd - 3.8.70

Prescot rd from Balmoral rd 1970

Prescot rd from Lilley road 1970

Prescot rd from Stanley st - 3.8.70

Prescot road 143-149

Prescot road Fairfield section at 190 Park Motors on 3.8.70

Prescot road from onslow road - 3.8.70

Prescot Road Ice rink and Casino Cinema - 1959

Prescot st from Epworth st on 27.11.67

Prescot st near Boundary place on 27.11.67

Prescot st Nos 2-6 on 6.8.79

Prescot street 75-101 on 12.12.67

Prescot street 107-117 on  12.12.67

Prescot Street area, demolition looking towards the new Hospital.

Prescot street at Moss Street 27.11.67

Prescot street from the Hospital on 29.10.79

Prescot street No 107 on 12.12.67

Prescot street on 12-12-67 showing the blue ball pub,
so named as the Police Bridewell was
nearby on the same street, the building being still there now.

Prescot street prefabs

Queensland st No 9 on 29.3.66

Queensland st No 20 on 29-3-66

Queensland st on 23.5.68 The Railway Pub 43-45

Queensland st with Holt st off to the left on 22.4.68

Ramsbottoms chimney on Smithdown Lane in 1970

School for the deaf on Crown street.

Scrap dealers at 44 Spekeland Road 14.9.70

Shenstone street

Sidney House, Falkner st in wartime with the Pearsons wagons
who were situated at the old Milner-Phoenix safe works nearby.

Sidney Place.

Smithdown Lane 8-52 on 8.12.64

Smithdown Lane 8.6.70

Smithdown Lane 15.1.68

Smithdown Lane 217 on 11.3.65

Smithdown Lane 237-241  as a licenced club on 11-3-65

Smithdown Lane 299-305 on 29.5.65

Smithdown Lane 307-323near Tunnel Road on 27.11.67

Smithdown Lane -235-  on 11-3-65

Smithdown Lane at Portwood Street

Smithdown Lane from Chatsworth st on 27.11.67

Smithdown Lane from Paddington - 15.1.68

Smithdown Lane on 15.1.68 looking West towards the city.

Smithdown Lane on 15.1.68

Smithdown Lane on 25.2.69

Smithdown Lane opposite view -8-52 on 8.12.64

Smithdown Lane towards Paddington school and the Lybro - 15.1.68

Smithdown Lane towards the tenements on 15.1.68

Sophia st 2-16 on 29.3.65

Sophia st 11-13 on 11.3.65

Sophia st No 12 on 29.2.65

Sophia st on 8-6-70 with Chatsworth st school and Entwistle Heights.

Sophia st on 8.6.70

Squires st No 105 on 29.3.66

St Catharines church, Abercromby Square May 41

St Hugh's, Earle rd.

St Judes Hardwick street as viewed from Boundary Place
on 20th Dec 1965. The Royal Liverpool teaching hospital
 now stands on this site.

St Marys Gardens, Mulberry st.

St. Annes Overbury st 1968.

Stand street-Montague street corner on 20.12.65

Sun Hall at 273-281 Kensington on its North side. Taken in the 1950s

Telford st 2-6 on 13.5.68

Telford street -1-5-13.5.68

The 10D tram on Kensington

The Alpine Quadrant, Mount Vernon Street in
1948. Photo copyright Paul Bolger.

The Cameo cinema, Webster road, Bird st on the left.

The Church of the Holy Innocents, Myrtle st. Built in 1854
and demolished in 1934 for the building of Myrtle Gardens tenement blocks.
This was the church belonging to the nearby boys and girls orphanages.

The Liver pub on the corner of Brownlow Hill and Peach st

The Majestic pub Hall Lane in 1971. The Royal Hospital still under construction.

The Myrtle restaurant, - 1940

The Myrtle restaurant, - 1940

The Phoenix pub at 199 Smithdown Lane.

The Royal Hospital 

The Royal Hospital 

The Royal Hospital 

The Royal Hospital 

The Royal Hospital 

The Royal Hospital showing the windowlessChaple

The Royal Hospital 

The Royal Hospital 

The Sefton Hotel at 15 Lowther st on 3-1-66

The Spekeland Arms at 297 Smithdown Lane
and 221-213 Chatsworth st in 1965

The toilet of 41 Bamber st - 8.12.64

Troughton st 19.7.1909

Troughton st -98- on 29.3.66

Troughton st -101-on 29.3.66

Troughton st showing the yard boundary wall between
97 & 99 taken on 29.3.66

Walpole st at Chatsworth st in May 63 - thanks to Johnny Blue

Warburton street

Wavertree road interior

Wavertree road,.

Wavertree road,.

Wavertree road,.

Wavertree road,.

Wavertree road,.

Wavertree road,.

Webster Road 26

Webster Road 40-44 14.9.70

Webster Road school.

Webster Road site of No 8 14.9.70

Webster Road,

Webster Road

Wedgewood street 1970

West Derby street turning into Crown st

Windsor Hall, Holden st on 3.1.66

Wrayburn street 8-6-70