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Liverpool 12

Alder Hey Hospital on 07-03-1935

Alder Hey nurses room 1974

Alder Hey with U.S. Army huts on 07-09-1926

Almonds Green - part of the Norris Green estate - 1930

Almonds Green on part of the Norris Green estate - 1930

Blackmoor Drive - 1974

Blackmoor Drive housing office

Blackmoor park CP assembly Hall.

Cantril Farm Estate Flats

Cantril Farm Estate spreading out onto what was previously farmland

Cantril Farm Estate.

Cantril Farm Estate-

Cantril Farm Estate...

Cantril Farm Estate..

Cantril Farm Estate when new. Part of the estate around
Feltwell Road and Mab Lane is in L12 but
another part off Haswell Drive is L28.

Cantril Farm Estate

Cantril Farm Estate_

Cardinal Heenan (then Cardinal Allen) Honeysgreen Road

Castlefield Road on the then new Norris Green estate in 1930

Croxteth Hall in 1919

Darley Drive at Eaton road on 18.8.75

Deysbrook Lane 15.5.56

Deysbrook Lane  68 - 72  12-11-58

Deysbrook Lane -15-05-56

Deysbrook Lane cottages 16-06-75..

Deysbrook Lane cottages 16-06-75

Deysbrook Lane Estate - July 1956

Deysbrook Lane on 20-11-1917

Dr Edwards house at 96 Deysbrook Lane 01.12.58

Eaton Gardens 10.6.74

Eaton road 10.4.75

Eaton road 18.8.75

Eaton road 121-125 at Norris Green road in 1975

Eaton Road 193-199a near Muirhead Avenue on 21.7.75

Eaton road 411-413 on 10.6.74

Eaton road 1975

Eaton road at Norris Green Road showing Nos 113-119 on 18.8.75

Eaton road DHSS at No 416 dated 10.6.74

Eaton road in 1975 from No.225

Eaton Road Nos 103-107 at Marfield road - 18.8.75

Eaton road police station in 1974

Eaton road, vets surgery on 10.6.74

Feltwell Road, part of the then new Canny Farm estate.

Greenfield View off Deysbrook Lane on 12.11.58

Holly Lodge girls high school - 1975

Mab Lane

Melwood House, Sandfield park east, elderley hostel.

Mercer Place 5-7 showing a privy-midden on 12.11.58

Mercer Place off Deysbrook Lane 12.11.58

Mercer Place off Deysbrook Lane showing a bad living arrangement
with the toilet off the bedroom.
Something we'd call an en-suite these days.

Mercer Place off Deysbrook Lane 12.11.58

Queens Drive at the Jolly Miller

Sandfield Park school

St Edwards College

The Barracks, West Derby 1934

The Barracks, West Derby 1934

Norris Green road in 1906

The Jolly Miller bomb damage.

The original Dog & Gun, Croxteth.

Town Row 4-6 on 14-02-66

Town Row at Bonshall st in 1951 showing kids at L.E. Shillington's shop.

West Derby train station 1966

West Derby train station in June 69

West Derby Village Hall 10.4.75

West Derby village Hall - Town Row on 10-04-75
Liverpool 13

A Goddess passes Hurst Gardens.

A tram coming up St Oswalds street past the ropeworks on 4.9.52

Aberdale road 1935

Acathus Road

Ardleigh road - wartime damage

Atkinsons garage at No.1 Moscow Drive seen here from Green Lane on 21.8.67

Augusta st kitchen in 1965

Augusta Street interior in 1965

Bankfield Sec Mod boys school.

Bibby Street Old Swan by Peterl Halligan in 1979

Binns Road, Edge Lane

Borax Street in 1975

Brainerd st at Snaefell Avenue on 21.8.67

Brainerd street air raid shelter - 1940

Brainerd Street from Green Lane on 21.8.67

Broadgreen Road 11.02.1905

Broadgreen Road 19-27 on 1.4.74

Broadgreen Road 27.10.1912

Broadgreen Road 38-48  in 1968

Broadgreen Road garage near Oakhill Park 1.4.74

Broadgreen Road near the Rocket on 13.09.1928

Broadgreen Road Silvernia stores 1934.

Broadgreen Road Silvernia Stores 1934

Corporation offices at 72 Gren Lane on 21.8.67

Crawfords biscuit factory, Binns road.

Croft road in 1955. A milk trailer. Pic by Harry Pope

Cromarty Road 1924

Derby Lane Old Swan on 20.7.60

Derby Lane-Prescot road.

Derby street Old Swan in 1966

Derby Street scullery in 1966

East Prescot rd with Lister Drive power station in the distance.

East Prescot road flood in 1976. This pic was taken near the Lord Nelson pub.

East Prescot Road looking across Broadgreen road in 1957

East Prescot road, Old Swan end

Edge Lane 1912

Edge Lane from Binns Road in 1962

Edge Lane Hall.

Edge Lane Lucas factory

Elms House construction in the 1920s

Elms House estate construction in the 1920s

Elms House Estate construction in the 1920s showing Davidson Road

Empress Road gypsy caravans 1927

Fitzgerald road on the corner with Ravenswood road showing
a shop conversion from a house on 24.4.1936

Green Lane 1906

Green Lane bus depot in 1956

Green Lane from Moscow Drive on 21.8.67

Green Lane from the air

Green Lane stables 2nd Dec 1927

Green Lane tram sheds in 1902. These actually fronted onto Prescot Road.

Green Lane, Old Swan

Hoults corner 1937

Hoults corner demolition.

Hoults Corner. St Oswalds House tenements are now up and road widening
will soon happen which sees Hoults corner bite the dust.

Hurst Gardens

Knoclaid Rd

Knoclaid Road 103-113  at Londonderry Rd on 9.1.73

Larkhill flats, Muirhead Avenue.

Larkhill flats, Muirhead Avenue.

Lisburn Lane 153-161 on 9.1.73

Lisburn Lane at Craigs Road on 9.1.73

Lisburn Lane in 1975

Lisburn Lane showing a house conversion to a shop in April 1936.

Lister Drive allotments looking towards the rear of the
Seaman's Orphanage in Newsham Park on 21.8.67

Lister Drive at Green Lane on 21.8.67

Lister drive baths, now a fisheries.

Lister Drive County Primary on 21.08.1967

Lister Drive from Green Lane on 21.8.67

Lister drive power station chimneys

Lister Drive power station. The 4 chimneys were known as
Mathew, Mark, Luke and John, the very same names
bestowed upon the 4 bells outside the Metropolitan cathedral.

Maiden Lane - 18th Aug 75

Meccano factory-

Meccano factory-

Meccano factory-

Meccano factory-

Mill Lane 1975

Mill Lane - Robinson Willey - 1975

Mill Lane bomb damage 30.8.1940

Millbank 1952

Moscow Drive looking east from Green Lane on 21.6.71

Muirhead avenue 1921

Muirhead avenue 1925

Muirhead Avenue Larkhill Lane 1954

New Road looking North towards West Derby road on 21.8.67

New Road near West Derby Road 21.8.67

New Road on 21.8.67

Oakhill Road from Broadgreen rd on 1.4.74

Old Swan glassworks. The Glass house pub now
stands near this site, named in its commemoration.

Old swan rope works site on 2.6.65

Old Swan tech college old building just before its demolition in Nov 74.
You can see the 60s replacement college further down the road,
now itself only a distant memory.

Old Swan tech old building entrance. Demolished Nov 74

Old Swan technical college, Broadgreen rd 1974. It would be
demolished in November of this same year.

Old Swan Water Tower

Pemberton Road 56-58 (2)

Pemberton Road 56-58

Prescot rd 5th June 68

Prescot rd 1953

Prescot rd 1956. Photo by Eric James

Prescot rd by Peter Halligan.

Prescot rd by Peter Halligan

Prescot rd tram 1954

Prescot rd tram -4th June 54

Prescot road

Prescot Road at Blackhorse Lane in 1925

Prescot Road at Blackhorse Lane on 3.4.1933

Prescot Road at Green lane showing road repairs

Prescot road at Rawlins street

Prescot road by Peter Halligan

Prescot Road from Blackhorse Lane on 21.10.1936

Prescot road from Green Lane

Prescot road in 1968 from the heights.

Prescot road near the Cygnet Derby Lane in 1947

Prescot road old cattlemarket 1923

Prescot road showing the site of the Curzon cinema in 1935

Prescot Road towards Green Lane c1914

Rathbone rd between Witton Grove and Binns Road in 1976

Rathbone rd between Witton Grove and Binns Road in 1976

Rathbone Road - Ventner road Lodge - 5.3.56

Rathbone road at Long Lane 1975

Rathbone road at Oceanic Road 1975

Rathbone road East side in 1976

Rathbone Road in 1975 between Sapphire st and Binns Rd

Rathbone road tram 1956

Robinson Willey, Mill Lane, Old Swan

Rocky Lane, Old Swan April 1936.

Roscoe Primary - 1973

Russian Drive showing a shop conversion on 24th April 1936

Snaefell Avenue at Brainerd st on 21.8.67

Snaefell Avenue at Sutton Street on 21.8.67

St Matthews Church, Clubmoor in 1927

St Oswald House 1948

St Oswald House from the rear in 1948

St Oswald House in the 1950s.

St Oswald House tenements in May 1948

St Oswald House.

St Oswald House.

St Oswald st flats.

St Oswald street flats - St Oswald House.

St Oswald street side of Hoults corner in 1937

St Oswald tennies demolition

St Oswald's curve - 1973

St Oswalds street

St Oswalds new school - 1979

St Oswalds old school 1.4.74

St Oswalds school.

St Oswalds street 24-32  in 1937

St Oswalds street at Hoults corner

St Oswalds street c1906

St Oswalds street old and new on 12.06.1939

St Oswalds street potato market in 1937

St Oswalds street Rock house and engineering works in 1937

St Oswalds street ropework from Victoria Place looking north on 8.12.1937

St Oswalds street towards Prescot road in 1957

St Oswalds street yards of 16-18 in 1937

St. Oswalds street 01.07.1950

St Oswald's Street - Old Swan L13

St Oswalds tennies in 1948..

St Oswalds tennies in 1948.

St Oswalds tennies in 1948

St Oswalds tennies in May 48

St Oswalds. Montague Street 1.4.74

St Oswalds new school - 1979

Stanley abattoir 1958

Stanley Abattoir in 1959

Stanley Abattoir

Stanley cattle market 1923.

The Carlton Cinema, Green Lane.

The Cattle Market at 329 Prescot Road, Old Swan on 3.8.70

The Cattle Market Inn, Stanley.

The Clubmoor picture house which opened in 1925

The Coconut Grove..

The Coconut Grove.

The familiar curve of St Oswald House flats.

The Farmers Arms, Lark hill lane 1927

The Gardeners Arms 23.3.25 with its replacement being built behind.

The Green and Broadgreen Hospital 1972

The lanmark curve of St Oswald House tennies
with shops below. A huge Tesco now stands here.

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The Masons Arms by Brian Saville

The Masons Arms

The Meccano factory showing graffiti from
after the industrial action regarding its closure.

The Gardeners Arms 23.3.25 with its replacement being built behind.

The New Premier cinema, old swan.

The Original Gardeners Arms 1.2.25
with its replacement being built behind.

The Original Gardeners Arms 1.2.25.

The Original Gardeners Arms, Broadgreen Road with Fairview cottages
 which faced a huge nursery, hence the name of them.

The Premier cinema.

The rear of St Oswald House.

The Rocket pedestrian walkways as captured by Derek Hyamson.

The Rocket pedestrian walkways as captured by Derek Hyamson.

The Royal Standard at St Oswalds street-Rock st in 1937

The Stanley in the 1920s

This one time Co-Op on Queens Drive with Prescot Road has spent
recent years as Garfields pub and then a Wetherspoons.

Tuebrook Police station demolition for the widening of West Derby Road

Tuebrook police station which was flattened for the widening of
West Derby road. A new one now stands nearby.

Tuebrook roundabout 24.5.60

Tuebrook Roundabout 1960 looking towards West Derby rd

Tuebrook shelter damage.

Waste land off Pighue lane with a gypsy caravan on site.

West Derby Comp - 1957

West Derby Comp - Quarry Road.

West Derby Junior school.

West Derby rd 541-555 at Buckingham rd on 9.1.73

West Derby rd 1949

West Derby rd 1955

West Derby road 1960. Tuebrook roundabout showing Muirehead Avenue flats

West Derby Road - Coburg Terrace

West Derby Road showing the old Tuebrook police station on the right.

West Derby Road c1950s

West Derby Road from Gloucester road showing the dual carriageway
 construction and widening of the road. 21.08.67

West Derby Road from Snaefell Avenue - 21.08.67

West Derby Road from Somerset Place near Trinity Methodist church on 21.8.67

West Derby road on 21st Aug 67 from Ivy Leigh.

West Derby Road. 615-637

Liverpool 14

Bowring Park road bridge construction in March 1966

Broadgreen Hospital maternity ward

Chatterton Road Knotty Ash camp on 28.07.26

Constructing the roundabout in Dovecot at the Greyhound.

Dovecot Place shops in 1933 with the steelwork up 
for the construction of the Granada Cinema.

Dovecot Place shops when new in 1933

Facing the Rocket Inn

Finch house estate shops in 1935

Grovehurst Avenue 20th July 1933

Grovehurst Avenue

Highfield House in 1900

Highfield military hospital nurses home, later Broadgreen hospital.

Huts at Knotty Ash in 1920

Pilch Lane Co-op. Pic by Harry Pope.

Knotty Ash brewery and pub 1904

Knotty Ash brewery, East Prescot Road.

Knotty Ash camp 1919

Knotty Ash primary 1974.

Knotty Ash primary 1974

Knotty Ash station in 1966

M62 Construction..

M62 Construction..

M62 Construction..

St. Margaret Mary's - 1975

The Harold Davies baths interior in 1958

The Rocket area - 1938

The Rocket area 1938 (2)

Thomas Lane