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The Wellington Monument A View From Above

Well there are some unusual photographs on this site already,  this set is slightly more out of the ordinary, taken by your very own, intrepid explorer, Ged Fagan. 

The Wellingon Column on Commutation Row, overlooking William Brown Street,London Road and Lime Street and standing alongside the Steble Fountain is a well known landmark in Liverpool, I am one of very few people to get a chance to go up there and that is exactly what I did recently. The photographs below are a chance for us all to take a look at the city from this rare vantage point.

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Doorway in is half above ground and half below so you have to drop in.

The drop into the doorwell. I banged my hard hat at this point
on the lintel becoming quickly aware of why it was supplied.

The first proper view inside. The central column from which
the stairs fan out (and has that statue tensioner cable at the top)

Narrow vertical slits to allow the air to circulate. No good for light,
 no torches - no see.
These go alll the way up the North side of the column at regular intervals.

The Wellington statue was well as cemented on its based is kept in situ
by means of a very strong tensioned cable which can be tightened and
viewed through a hole cut into the centre column.

Top of the Wellington Column, good job it was inwards,
the first thing you notice is the railings are right on top of you
 and as you step out over a 2ft high wall onto the viewing platform.

And, lest we forget, here he is, the man of the hour, our own Ged Fagan the man who climbed all those steps so that we could all enjoy the view, well done mate !

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