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Over the years, Joe Devine, an ex neighbour of mine and a life long St.Joseph's parishoner captured the images of many pubs, some of which are no more than fond distant memories. Here, and supplimented with my own shots, they are brought back to life for one and all.

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The Corner House and the Clifford Arms. These stood on Scotland Road at opposite corners at the top of Athol Street.

The Cottonpicker pub in two guises during the 1970s. This stood on the corner of Roscommon Street and Portland Place next to the school and almost facing the Rossy cinema and one time home of Henry Morton Stanley (of 'Dr. Livingstone I presume' fame) In the first pic, the Farmers Arms can also be seen opposite.

The Railway, Princess Way, Seaforth.

The Denbigh Castle, Cazneau Street. It was run by the Clarkes in the 1970s, the last owners being Joe and Paula Byrne in the 1990s. It is now a solicitors.
The Cottage. A one time landmark at the beginning of Derby Road. Used frequently by the dockers and nearby industry workers.
The Crown on Kirkdale Road. It has had a topsy turvy existance with closures and re-openings. It re-opened again in May 2007.

The Australian (Ma Moore's) which stood on the corner of Great Crosshall st and Fontenoy St, facing Fontenoy Gardens as seen here. The site is currently being excavated for a high rise block.The Great Eastern, Langsdale Street undergoing demolition after many years of serving the local residents of the nearby Four Squares tenements on Soho Street. The Coach & Horses on Low Hill. Literally, a one time stop off point for the coaches and horses heading East. The building still exists housing an electrical communications company.

The Barley Mow, Stockbridge Village. Flannagan's Apple Irish bar, Mathew St. The Foresters Inn, Longmoor Lane, Fazakerley, who say their ale is out of this world.

Dods Vaults on the corner of Great Howard Street and Sprainger Street with Tate & Lyle in the background who supplied many of its regulars. A classic shot of industrial and social buildings in close proximity. This became O'Gormans bar before demolition in the 1990s. 

(Left) The Justice which was in the 
Marybone/Addison st area. 

(Right) The Grapes in Mathew St which still harbours a pew that the Beatles sat at with a framed picture above as proof. 

The Herculaneum Bridge, (Peg legs) is on Wellington Road perched on a sandstone rocky outcrop overlooking the River near to where Herculaneum dock once stood. 

The Green Man and the Queens, Vauxhall Road. The Queens was demolished in the late 1990s. Portland Gardens can be seen behind in the 1980s shot. The Green man featured in the 'Shake Hands' episode of the award winning t.v. drama the Boys from the blackstuff where the whistler came crashing through the window. Notice, two different swing signs have adorned the front. 

The Borough Hotel on the corner of Great Crosshall Street and Standish Street. It was once a neighbour to the 'Coffin' block tenements as seen and in the 1970s was run by Bob Parry MP. 

The Palatine and the Farmers Arms as you can see are situated on the North Dock Road just city side of the Stanley Dock tobacco warehouse.The decline of industry in the area saw many of the pubs closed down and some   demolished but the Farmers Arms is still trading. 

The Dart on the corner of Gt. Crosshall Street and Fontenoy Street. Later redeveloped and incorporated into neighbouring student accommodation, the building was demolished early in 2007. 

The Goblin, Salisbury Street. For a new style building, surprisingly it didn't last as long as many of its Victorian and Edwardian counterparts. Situated just off Islington, this too served the Soho Street tenement residents during its lifespan. 

The Baltic Fleet, Wapping. What were old disused warehouses facing, have been given a new lease of life as apartments and with the proposed Baltic Triangle development nearby, this pub should hopefully have a bright future. (Right) Situated on London Road, the Dixie Dean bar, named after Everton Football Club's most famous son was originally the Clock. 

The Grapes, Knight Street.......................................... The Knowsley, Derby Road, Bootle. 

The Bronte, Walton Lane. The Nelson, Regent Road. The Heriot, Heriot st, Vauxhall. 

The Crown on the junction of the East Lancs Road and Stopgate Lane. This art deco building is adorned with Tyson Smith sculptures and was renamed Dickie Lewis' before falling derelict and being subject to a fire. 

The Bankhall which became the Hangmans as is now a cafe. Situated on the corner of Bankhall and Brasenose Road, Bootle. It is surrounded by industry and transport Companies. 

The Bridge, situated on the canal bridge at Chisenhale Street. It was known locally as the 'fly house' as sugar coated regulars from the Tate & Lyle factory would attract them - ugh. It is now a painters & decorators. 

A closer view of the Queens, Vauxhall Road as seen earlier. 

The Swan, London Road. Seymour Street and St. Vincent street ran either side. 

The Royal William, Crown St. Named after the first Liverpool steamship to cross the Atlantic from Liverpool in 1838.

The Red Rum off Shard Close, Croxteth. Part of an estate under demolition.

The Roscoe Head, Renshaw Street. 

The Post Office, School Lane. 

The Brunswick Vaults, Tithebarn Street in two guises,  re-opened in early 2007. 

The Pig & Whistle, Chapel Street/Covent Garden. A favourite amongst Shipping line reps. 

The Pilgrim, Roscoe Street. A favourite amongst students. The Legs of Man, demolished to make way for the Empire Theatre extension which also incorporated Coal Street. 

The Prince of Wales, London Road/Moss St. Thanks to Kev from yoliverpool.com 

The Railway, Tithebarn Street. 

The Cavern Club, Mathew St. No introduction needed. 

The Poste House, Cumberland Street. 

The Cunard, Stanley Road/Boundary Street, Kirkdale. The Lion. Moorfields/Tithebarn St. The Railway as seen earlier is next door. The Windsor known as the Greek as it's on the corner of London Rd and Greek St. 

The Trinity Vaults, Latimer st, as a pub in 1990 and   now as flats. The Royal. Stanley Rd/Bankhall St. 

The Thirlmere, Breck Road. The White Star, Rainford Sq. The Blackburne Arms, Dale st, Garston. 

St. Anne's Vaults which was in St. Anne Street and was known locally as the box house. The Prince of Wales, Stanley Rd. It's on the corner of Pansy street and is known as the Pansy. The Knowsley is on the corner of Stanley Rd and Commercial Rd and is known as the Roundhouse. 

The Albion on Clyde Street, Bootle became Buddy's but never lost its unwelcoming nickname of the 'Lousy House'. 

The Crescent Vaults (Coffy's) which stands on Everton Brow. The Queens Arms, Williamson Sq. This was called Sloanes in the 1980s.The Athol Vaults on Vauxhall Rd, now derelict having had a change of use.  

The St. Pauls which was in St. Paul's Square off Old Hall St. A one time Welsh stronghold. The Tugboat at the beginning of Netherfield Rd North. It now lies empty. The Windsor Castle which was on William Henry st and known locally as The Bents. 

The Lambeth, situated on the junction of Lambeth and Westminster Roads. Notice the old public conveniences. 

The Rising Sun on Tithebarn st which is now the Irish bar, Shenanagans. 

The Cross Keys, Earle st off Old Hall st. The Lord Warden, London Rd. The Richmond on Williamson st. 

The crane is at Samson & Barlows Peppermint Lounge on London Road. 'Trophy's' (formerly Gullivers) is the blue night club on the corner which went round into Fraser Street. 

Madigans Lighthouse, Knowsley Rd, Bootle. Originally the Bootle Institute, built for the Bootle Labour Party, it became the Empire picture palace from about 1912-1922 before becoming a dance Hall then the Knowsley Labour Club before its current use. Special thanks to Phil G. Mayer. 

Ma Egerton's, Pudsey Street. (Ma Edgies) Originally the Eagle and situated next to what was Liverpool's first stadium, the licensee was theatrical performer Ma Egerton. It was information that she supplied to the police which assisted in the arrest and hanging of infamous murderer Dr. Crippen. The photograph on the right was taken in November 2012 shows the exterior of the recently refurbished pub.

The Jamaica known at the Rat was situated on Vauxhall Road, the building now having a change of use. It was outside here during the transport strike of 1911 that on Aug 15th, five prison vans en route to Walton jail were attacked whilst being escorted by the Hussars. During several hours of disturbance, the riot act was read and 2 men were killed. 

The Rubber Duck. A strange name considering its location at the bottom of Strand Rd makes it a dockers favourite. 

Ye Cracke, Rice St. Being local to the Art College and Liverpool Institute, it was a favourite haunt of the Beatles. 

The Tithebarn. Not Tithebarn Street for a change but this one's in Stockbridge Village on Haswell Drive. 

The Royal George and the Grapes stand across Moor Place from each other, viewed here from Monument Place. The Monument (now Durty Nellies) on London Rd and the 'other' Gregsons Well on the North side of Brunswick Rd, long since gone. 

The Griffin which was at the top of Seymour st on Copperas Hill and was a favourite with the postal workers. It also had a talking parrot. 

Rigby's on Dale St, also viewed here with its neighbouring hostelry, the Saddle which was previously the Palatine. 

The Tatlock, which was on the corner of Vauxhall Road and Tatlock Street, affectionately known as 'effing Nellies' because of the licensees own special use of the English language. The Royal Standard which was just at the city end of West Derby Road on the next block to the Hippodrome. 

The Red Lion, Sea Brow/Redcross st. This was off Strand St almost facing Mann Island, With thanks to Ken (Springy) 

The Post Office at the junction of Pembroke Place and Great Newton Street. 

The Ploughman, Stockbridge Village.


The William Shakespeare, The Pitch Pine and Swifts on Stanley Road. 

The United Powers which stood at the top of Cheapside on Tithebarn St. The Old Fort, Prescot Street. 

The Westmoreland Arms on Scotland Rd, better known to locals as Dolly Hickies or the Honky Tonk. The Prince of Wales, Millers Bridge. This was renamed Shenanagans a few years ago but now lies empty.The Eagle, Paradise St, complete with its Eagle on the facade both of which are being saved despite the multi million pound L1 development which goes on all around it. Thanks to Kev from yoliverpool.com  

The Marble Hall by day and by night. It is now a cafe. 

The Pacific, Linacre Road. 

The Gregson Well and the Gregson not so well. This and another pub of the same name stood facing each other at the top of Brunswick Rd. 

The Prince Alfred on Everton Brow. This is now a shop called the Brow. 

The Stockwell Mount, Linacre Road, Litherland. This went under the name Ma Kents for a while. The Kings Arms, London Road. This whole block is now demolished. 

Three views of The Rising Sun, known to regulars as Mrs Mack's after the long time licensee. 

The Salt Box, Linacre Road.

The Albion on Hawthorne Road. 

The Wellington, St. Anne st. 

Above and below, The Victoria, Great Howard Street. This was in the heart of the central docklands and other industry.

The Royal George, Park Road and in its later form as Blacks which it was always known as. It now lies derelict. 

The Union, on the corner of Commercial Road and Sandhills Lane. Before demolition, this was a local for the B.A.T. and Tillotsons workers nearby. It was known locally as Fred Lowes after the long term licensee. The Red Lion off Church Rd, Litherland. 

The Woodhouse on Derby Road and Lodwick Street. 

The Regent Maritime Hotel, Dock Rd. 

The Sefton, Cases Street. 

Commutation Row contained 4 pubs at one time, The County Hotel on the corner of Islington, The Hare & Hounds, The Court House and Phase 2 (which became the John Lennon bar) on the corner of London Road. 

The County Hotel became Peppers and was a regular haunt for the residents of nearby Gerard Gardens/Crescent. 

The Coronation, Linacre Lane, Bootle. The Jollys, Marsh Lane, Bootle. The Aintree, Aintree Road. 

The Flying Dutchman was on the block bordered by Canning Place, South Castle st and Litherland Alley. Pic with thanks to Ken (Springy) The Iron Door Club, Temple St. Another early Beatles venue. Thanks to Pam Besley. The Belvedere, Sugnall Street as captured by NancyO. 

Andy Capps, originally the Old Stingo which stood on Netherfield Road North at the top of Robsart street. Two new town houses now stand on this site. The 2nd pic is thanks to Marky. Casey's Bar, Cases Street. This street was mainly abolished to make way for the new Clayton Square shopping complex. 

The Crescent on Netherfield Road North at the top of Prince Edwin Street. Demolished, new apartments are now on this spot. 

The flats being demolished behind are Prince Edwin Walk. 

Manchester St. The Tiger club was the 3rd building up. Later it was renamed Shanks and then Shanks II after a closure and refurbishment. Near the top end of the Street, Yates Wine Lodge can be seen. 

The Dockers Hook on the corner of the Dock Rd and Millers Bridge. Throughout the 90s it was known as Nena's and is now called Kerries. The Old Toll Bar on the Millers Bridge/Derby Road junction. 

The Pontack. A regular local for many of the Gerard Gardens/Crescent regulars, being the closest sited pub. Peggy Gaskill ran the pub for nearly twenty years from the 1960s into the 80s. 

The Brown Cow and The Bull, Great Howard Street. Seperated only by Dublin Street, the Brown Cow is now a cafe serving the local industry workers. 

The Soho Arms, Soho St. 

The rise and fall of the A1 at Lloyds which was on the Dock Road at the bottom of Porter St. 

The Derby Arms (known as Pat Molloy's) St. Anne Street. 

The Atlantic, the Globe Boathouse (aka The Iron Horse) and the Sandhills (now demolished) The dock road at the bottom of Sandhills Lane. 

The Castle which has outlived Tatlock and Blenheim Towers on pic 1 and Portland Gardens on pic 4. 

2 views of the King Edward pub, Denison st. Demolished in June 07, a new tower is scheduled for here. Kitty Wilkinson, Queen of the wash-houses lived in this street. Formerly 'Fleets', the Cat & Fiddle is built into St. Martin's House office block in Bootle. 

The Convivial which later became Sherlocks is on the dock road. The Shakespeare which was on the corner of Dawson Street and Williamson Square. 

The Linacre, Linacre Lane, Bootle. Mr. Pickwick's nightclub, Fraser st.

The Shakespeare which was on the corner of Dawson Street and Williamson Square. 

The Phoenix, The Bleak House and The Volunteer (Park Place) Dingle Drinking Dens. 

The Glass House, Vauxhall Rd. 

The Langton Castle, the dock road. 

The Mersey View, Park St. 

The Warwick Castle, Warwick st. The Royal. St. James st/Bridgewater st junction. 

The Masonic Arms, Berry St which has since been known as Trader Jacks, The black horse & rainbow and the Liverpool brewing co. It's now the Metropolitan. 

The Mount at Dingle Mount. This was known also as the sixie after the 6 day licences were issued to certain pubs. 

The Royal Standard, better known as Kings which was on the corner of St. Anne Street and Mansfield Street. 

The Nook, Nelson st, China town, which calls time in Cantonese as well as English. The Queens, Hardy street to the rear of St. Vincent De Pauls church on St. James street. The Central Commercial and the Midland which are on Ranelagh street facing Central Station. 

The Trafalgar which was one of many on the dock road. 

The White House. Duke st/Berry st. 

Two pics of The Victoria, one with Bibbys and the other with Tates in view. 

The Newington House, Renshaw st, now known as Renshaws. 

The Trawler Pub on Strand St which stood at the bottom of Canning Place opposite Canning dock with thanks to Ken (Springy) 

The Goat which is situated on Great Howard street and has a healthy and loyal clientel. 

The Beresford aka The nutty or nut house - Dingle. The Wellington, Bevington Bush. 

The Dominion at the bottom of Bankfield st on Regent Rd. This pub which is now disused has the statue of a settler and his dog looking out to sea (well, the river) 

The Clarence, Everton Road. 

The Parrot at the top of Hopwood st on Scotland Road. 

The Sandon Lion on the dock road, looking first to the North and then the South. The Convivial is in the background. 

The Eureka, Park St. The Clock and the Kings Arms, St. James Street. 

The Regent on the dock rd which became Bonkers fun pub. The Toxteth, Park Road. 

The Lord Nelson, Upper Frederick st. The Eagle, still going strong on the corner of Vauxhall rd and Blackstock st. 

A fire damaged New Ship Inn on Latimer st. It was demolished shortly after. The Great Mersey, from the street of the same name.

The Queens Head, North Hill St.The Bramley Moore which is situated directly opposite to the dock of the same name. It is known as the long bar and can also be seen here with the Nelson. 

The North Star which was on the corner of Gt. Howard st and Bentinck st. The Dingle. Park rd/Leonora st. 

Clockwise. The Albert, The Farmers Arms, The Globe (the last two on Park Road) and The Horseshoe which was on Duncan Street. 

The Villiers, Elliot st. Cleared for the new Clayton Square development.

The Hamlet in the first two pics was on the West side of Kirkdale Road on the corner of Boundary Street and was demolished early in 2007. The Hamlet on the opposite corner is still open for business. 

The Clock which was on Richmond Row, the side alley was Drinkwater Gardens. The wasteland where it stood looks not much bigger than a postage stamp and you'd never think a pub stood there. 

The Griffin, at the Bankhall/Derby Road junction. Here it is seen in 3 different colour schemes. It later became the Twist and Shout before returning to the Griffin before closure. 

The Vauxhall Vaults, Vauxhall Rd. This pub is known as Dangsters and was run by the Maddox family for many years. 

The Feathers, Vauxhall Rd. Demolished in 2007 when the structure became unsafe. The Crown, Park Road. 

These 3 pubs are all situated around the Kirkdale Easby estate. First, the Easby which has  been burned down. The Kendal on the corner of Westminster Road and the Saddle, a little further down Fountains Road. 

The Wedding House and the Rose & Crown, Highfield St/Pownall Square. Notice the 2 different swing signs for the Wedding House, one rather bland and the other showing a bride. This is now office premises. The Rose & Crown, known as (Nelly) Bragiers can be seen in the distance on the first two pics and delapidated on the 3rd pic around the time Highfield Gardens were being demolished in the mid 90s. It was renovated and re-opened as 'Time out' when the new flats were built around it. 

The Rose & Crown, Cheapside. Directly facing the main bridewell, you decide if this was good or not for stay behinds. The Vernon, situated on the corner of Dale st and Vernon st in Vernon Buildings. Currently alongside a new hotel development, it was run by Stan Jones and his family throughout the 1980s.  The Non Pareil, Marshall Pl/Arley st. The name translates to having no equal but currently it is equal to all the other disused pubs around town.

The Orwell, Orwell Rd, known as Banks's The Old Bill, Westminster Rd. Originally a fire and Police Station as the name suggests. Now disused. The Westminster on the road of the same name. It was renamed The Grand National for a while but was always known locally as the Minneries. 

The B and 1 Club off Gt Howard st. 

The Neptune, Beaufort St. 

The Eagle Vaults, Scotland Road. 

Egerton's on Cases st. Also here was Casey's bar, 
The Sefton, The globe and The Midland. 

Looking up Cases st from South to North past the Midland on the corner of Ranelagh st. 

Looking North along Gt. Howard st past the Victoria on the left and Dod Vaults on the right. 

The Sefton Arms, Westminster rd. Known as Banjo Bennetts, became Rooney's, themed after Everton's Wayne Rooney until he departed under a cloud and so did this pub. 

The South Hill, South Hill rd. Another view of the Trafalgar. 

The Newsham House, (known as the Holy House) Scottie rd & looking towards Woodstock Gdns 

Above and below: Some Garston Gargling Gaffs. The top 3 still going strong are the Mariners, The Queens and the Dealers Arms all on St. Mary's Road. Below are the Victoria and Kitty Macs that are under the bridge off Banks Road. 

The Elm House, the Gateway Hotel (previously the St. Winifred) and the Talbot (which was Cairo Joe's in the 1980s). These are all in Seaforth, near the docks. 

The Ship & Mitre, originally the Mitre. Art Deco in design like its near neighbours the Blackburn Assurance Building and the Queensway tunnel, this pub is a regular real ale award winner. The Excelsior on the next block to the Mitre on Dale Street is Higson's flagship pub with its offices being just behind. The Melrose is situated on Melrose Road at its junction with Fonthill Road and was gladly restored after fire damage. 

3 more in Garston, The Swan Inn, The George and one in King St under the bridge. 

The Pineapple, Park Rd. The Queens, Knowsley Rd. The Grapes, Northumberland St. 

The Inglenook, Ullet Road. 

The Brittania, Latimer St. 

The Derby Arms,(Dead house), Mill St. 

The Borough, Marsh Lane, now flats. The International and the Caradoc, both on Crosby Road South, Seaforth. 

The Great Eastern. Mill st/Harlow st junction. The Globe, Park Road. The Wellington (Wellie) on Mill St. 

Cains Brewery, Stanhope/Grafton St (formerly Higsons) together with its integral flagship pub, The Brewery Tap (formerly the Grapes Inn) The Queens Arms, Ormskirk Rd. 

The Netherton, Dunnings Bridge Rd. Maggies, Originally Maggie Mays. The Baker's Dozen. Sefton Retail Park 

The Sefton, The Manhattan and The Rocking Horse, Ormskirk Road, Aintree, all within yards of the Racecourse. Also here is what's left of the Art Deco Vernon's pools buidling on the same road which became the Paradox night club during the 1990s. 

Disused and forlorn. The Chaucer Vaults on Chaucer Street/Sea View - Bootle. Up in Netherton, The Eden Vale and The Cabbage Inn on Glovers Lane. 

The Old Roan, Ormskirk Rd. The Priory, Litherland.

Buckley's, recently closed. 

Cookson's Bridge, set just below the bridge of the same name over the Leeds/Liverpool canal at Gorsey Lane. 


The former  Liverpool Arms, facing Ford cemetery. 

The Stand Park, off Sterrix Lane, Ford. Noah's Ark. Ganworth Road/Central Way, Speke. The Bears Paw, Mount Vernon. 

Woolton Village. The Coffee House, The Casa del Cocodrilo (Formerly the much loved 'Elephant' (and listed) and the White Horse on Acrefield Road and Woolton st. The Negresco (formerly the Coach & Horses and the Everglades), the Grapes and an art deco wine bar dating from 1936 also compliment the area in neighbouring streets. 

The Hillfoot, on the road of the same name. 

The Halfway House on Woolton Road. 

The Derby Arms on the corner of Vale Rd and Allerton rd 

The Hawthorne and the Peacock, Hawthorne road. The Melrose Abbey facing Kirkdale railway station. 


The Masons, The Cygnet and the Corner Tavern which was formerly the Green Lane Tavern. The Glass House and the Paraffin oil shop, formerly the Queens Arms are situated at the Edge Lane end of St. Oswald's street and then back up the other end near the Tesco superstore is the Old Swan (the white house) and the Red House (previously the Old Swan vaults and 1st Avenue) with thanks to my Swanman, Brian Connor. 

The Bay Horse, Grinfield St and the Kirkstone, Kirkstone rd North. 

The currently disused Phoenix off Foley st, the Belmont on the corner of Belmont Road proclaiming 'Always a warm welcome' and the delapidated Grove at the top of Plimsoll St. 


It's downstairs to bevy at most of these hostelries. The Tube 80s bar, VIP, Room, The Lisbon, The Living Room (and to the bottom left in the same picture) Mosquito (formerly the 'She' Club), Flanagans Apple, the former Mayflower bar, the former Why Not, Navy/Sugar, T.P. Molloys and the Beaconsfield. 

The front and rear entrance to the Cornmarket on the Old Ropery, off Fenwick st, Ned Kelly's, formerly the new court bar which had the captain's cabin downstairs and two shots of the Crocodile in Harrington st. 

3 watering holes in James st. 
The Liverpool, previously known as The Mona, The Goose at the Queens, now the All Bar One but previously just the Queens and the First National (formerly a bank). 

State House, Dale st which once contained the State nightclub and above, the Dove & Angel bar. The next photos are of the Hogs Head in North John street and Remeniss 90s bar in Mathew st. 

WHET the Whistle in WAVERTREE 

The Coffee House, The Thatched House, The Barley Mow, The Lamb, The Cock & Bottle (which incorporates into it, Englands smallest house) and J.P. Merryweathers. (ps. the arched part of the lamb collapsed in August 07. and has now been rebuilt)

Wavertree and district pubs are situated mainly in and around the Picton Road/High St area. The Clock, The Prince Alfred, The Town Hall, The Sandown, Chillies bistro and The Rose Vaults are seen here. 

Jupiters, Hackins Hey (formerly The Walter), The Grapes and Lennon's bar, Mathew st and Edwards. 

Taffs Tavern (Pats bar), Derby Lane. The Millfield Inn, Prescot Road and The George on Green Lane, all Old Swan. 

The Alexandra Lodge and the Derby on Farnworth street. 

The Phythian now derelict on the street of the same name. 

3 pubs in Barlow Lane. The Barlow Arms known locally as the Dark House is also shown in the shadow of the Westminster. Further up towards the County Road, Walton Road junction is the Leigh Arms. 

The Molyneux, Molyneux Road and the Sir Walter Raleigh and the Cumberland Arms, Boaler st. 

The Lighthouse on the corner of Lambeth Road and Stanley Road. The Stanley Bar, further South on Stanley Road. The next pub is the Packet Steamer on Dunnings Bridge Road. 

Boogie Nights, 70s bar (one of 4 decade themed pubs in Mathew st), next door is Hardys. The Slug and lettuce is situated in the old Watson Prickard store. 

Great pub, great atmosphere, says the sign on the Grapes on West Derby Road, complete with outside chairs for the smoking ban that came into force on 1st July 07. Further down facing the Grafton Ballroom is the Olympic. The Sheil Park is on the Sheil Road junction in the opposite direction. 

The Wellington and the Melbourne in Green Lane. McGinty's Irish bar is on Mill Lane near Olive Mount. 

All situated in and around the Wavertree Road/Tunnel Road junction. 
The Durning Arms is on the Corner of Durning Road. The Weighing Machine stands almost facing. The former Shipperies is also nearby. 

Back into town. The Slaughter House on Fenwick street, famous for the array of ties on the ceiling at one time. The White Bar in Old Hall St is attached to the Radison Hotel on the site of the St. Pauls eye hospital with it's false cottage frontage. Ye Hole in ye wall is in Hackins Hey and it's ale is not pumped from the cellar but gravity fed from upstairs. 

The Edinburgh on Orford St off Sandown Lane in a quaint area of Wavertree called Victoria Park. The Botanic on the corner of Botanic Road has seen better days. Now boarded up after a fire, it is not a nice sight on a main thoroughfare into town. The Flat House can be found on the East stretch of West Derby Road at Tuebrook. 

The Stanley Arms known as Dixies is on Prescot Road as is The Derby. Neighbours, The Edinburgh and the Fairfield Arms are on the next block to the Police Athletics ground in the fairfield district. 

A stretch of the A57, more commonly known as Kensington and Prescot Road is well catered for in the public house department. First we see the regulars enjoying a fag outside the Pawn Shop. The Alexander is looking fine with its hanging baskets in full bloom. The Richmond Lodge is next, then comes the Royal Arch. The Farnworth Arms actually carries its address as No.1 Farnworth st above its entrance. The Prescot Lodge is next which is situated on the South side of Prescot Road. The Black Horse is on the Swan stretch of the road. The Halfway House is on the corner of Gilead st and the Vinebrook is on the corner of Cottenham St. 

Mac's Bar, the Newsham is on Boaler Street and the next picture is of the Lister Hotel. The Holt is on the corner of Holt Road, another Kenny pub. 

The Elm Tree, Westminster Road. The former WhiteHouse (Tut n' Shive), Hawthorne Road is now a KFC. The Old Omnibus can be found on St. Oswalds street in Old Swan. 

The Bridge Inn on Picton Road which surprisingly is not on Bridge Road but the next road East which is Alfred Street. This pub also carries the sign 'Gibbs Mew'. The Cambridge is on the next block on the street of the same name. Further East again is the Wellington, which again, is on the junction of the street of the same name. 

The Pen & Wig on Harrington Street, the downstairs of which is now a lapdancing bar. The Ashgrove is another of Picton roads pubs and pic 3 is one of the two city centre pubs called the Beehive, this one being in Paradise Street. 

Two former pubs. Yates wine lodge which was situated in the ground floor of Cross Keys House in Moorfields. Recently, an art installation consisting of a revolving outer wall was installed as part of the Capital of culture celebrations. Coopers Emporium which took up the ground floor of Kingston House at the corner of James Street and The Strand became vacant in the summer of 07 for modernisation of the area. The Kingston pub used to be upstairs as part of the Kingston Hotel in the early 1980s. St. John's House, St. John's Lane houses Dr. Duncans on the ground floor. In the 1980s this was called Earl St. Johns and Rockfords. 

St. Domingo Road/Heyworth Street. May Duncan's,(The Thistle),The Devonshire Arms and The Old Campfield. 

The Empire and O'Neill's at the Wood Street/Hannover Street junction. On the next block is the Hannover Hotel which once carried the claim to having the 'longest bar in Liverpool'. 

Some fine Gin Palaces. The Crown (pic 1) and The Vines, known as the big house (pic 3) are at opposite ends of a block on the East side of Lime Street. The Philharmonic Hotel, better known as just 'the phil' sits on the corner of Hope st and Hardman st, it's ornate toilets being an unusual attraction.

This block on the South side of Hardman Street once housed 'The Flying Picket' (still there after a closure and re-opening), Plummers (now Bumper) and Chaucers during the 1980s. Hannah's was once Birdy's and Hardy's whilst Kirklands (built as a bakers) has been renamed the fly in the loaf in commemoration of its original use. 

The Flute, Hardman St. The Roscoe Head, Roscoe st. Woody's, Wood st. 

Slater Street sipping seats. Flares, The Jacaranda (once owned by first Beatles manager Allan Williams who had them perform there). Next door is the Marlborough, facing is Slater's Bar. 

The Whitechapel/Hood Street junction. Much changed over the years and now containing The Rat & Parrot, (now closed) Yates wine lodge and The Sphere. 

The East side of Walton Road houses The Pacific, The Queen's Arms and The Springfield Hotel. 

The Dispensary, Renshaw st/oldham st. Riley's, The Beehive and Brownlows on Mount Pleasant and the Punch & Judy, Bolton St. The latter showed the local premiership teams on the big screen, always resulting in a packed house. But was destroyed by fire in 2012.

'The famous' Carnavon Castle, Tarleton st. The Penny Farthing, Roe St (one of the very few surviving St. John's precinct pubs). The Old Rope Walk, formerly the Newington which is situated in Newington itself. 

The currently disused Valley on Everton Valley. Likewise the Clock on St. Domingo Road is a communty group now. The Dart and Shamrock, formerly the Dart (on Gildart Street) is currently run by local boxing hero, Terry McHale. 


Hale Road, (at the airport end of Western Avenue) was the place for drinking at one time if you lived in Speke. The Dove & Olive (the starting point for many a Boxing day fun run) and the Pegasus are sadly no longer with us having been demolished in 2004 and 2006 respectively. However, The Fox, a little further along from All Saints church is still going strong. For further info on Speke in general.  

The A580 Townsend Lane area of Cabbage Hall in Anfield. The Clubmoor, the Canon and the Elm House. Fazakerley. The Copple House is situated on the corner of the lane of the same name and the main route into town, Longmoor Lane. Further along the thoroughfare is the Farmers Arms and on the opposite side is the Grey Chaser (formerly just the chaser) 

Breck Road. The Brunel, The Royal, The Lutine Bell, The Breck, The Cabbage Hall (2 views) and The Richmond. Lots of 'the'ssss. 

The route of Princes. Rice Lane with The Prince Alfred, The Prince of Wales and Prince Leopold. 

The Mere Bank, St. Domingo Road. Drop down the hill onto Netherfield Road North to the former New York pub and the Cumberland Arms that was renamed the inn on the hill which is now disused. 

County Road: The Black Horse, The Glebe and The County. 

County Road II: Further South, the Chepstow Castle, The Harlech Castle and the Brick (formerly the Red Brick), only now it's cream. (this has also been the Prince Albert). 

The Black Bull on Walton Vale triangle. The Windsor is on the Vale, Orrell Lane junction and further towards town is the Plough on the East side of Rice Lane. 

Three in a row. The Sandon which became the picture house and now back to the Sandon. Situated on the corner of Oakfield Road and Houlding Street, L4. EFC used these premises as a changing room when John Houlding had control of the St. Domingo Sunday school outfit. Next door is the Village with Dodds bar completing the trio. 

The Royal Oak, Spellow Lane. The Dog & Gun, Croxteth Hall Lane. The Flat Iron (due to its shape) on the Walton Breck/Anfield Road split. 

The Queen Victoria near to Rice Lane flyover/roundabout. The Prince George and the Prince Arthur are on Longmoor lane near to its Walton Vale end. 

The Oakfield on the road of the same name. The King Charles is 50 yards up Thirlmere Road. The King Harry can be found on Anfield Road 

Three pubs frequented by the kopite hoardes on a saturday lunctime in eager anticipation of 3pm, assuming Sky haven't arranged another midweek outing instead. The Salisbury. The Albert, (complete with a multilingual welcoming sign), pictured here with the famous Spion Kop behind. The Park, dating from 1888. 

The Stanley, Walton Breck Road. Turning right into Robson Street, the Granton is at the top of Granton Road, The Waverley is a little further up, on Breckfield Road North. Just before the Halfway House on Walton Road had the 'new' added to it, it was a Dickie Lewis pub for a short while. The Fountains Abbey is on the end of the next block, The St. Hilda, now renamed the Ale House is on the next block again. 

As with the previous three pubs, the Clock, the Salutation and Tom Frost's Wetherspoons are all to be found on the West side of Walton Road. 

The Windermere Hotel on Breck road stands directly across from the Breck (shown earlier) on the now closed off Windermere Street. The George is 50 yards down on the junction with Oakfield Road and The Willow Bank can be found due East on the next major junction at Walton Breck Road. 

The Winchester on Townsend Lane/Winchester Road. The Shamrock on Rice Lane. The former Netley Pub on Walton Road. The Oaks, formerly the Royal Oak on Muirhead Avenue East. The Old Barn, in Old Barn Lane of Breck Road, The Arkles, Arkles Lane. 

The Liverpool Tram, a pub that only traded between 1973 and 80. Situated at 14 Tempest Hey on the corner of the now abolished Ryleys Gardens, it was decked out inside like a tram with pictures of the subject matter on the walls. The Cleveland public house can be seen here in Cleveland square next to the seamen's dispensary. The red tower of Chancery House rises from behind it, most of this area is now on the fringe of the new L1 Grosvenor development. Pic courtesy of and with thanks to Philip Mayer. 

St. George's Place captured magnificently in colour by Joe Neary in 1961. The famous neon signs are on what was known locally as Queens Arcade which consisted of The Imperial, The Washington and The St. George's Hotels as seen here. To think that such a bland offering of a concrete hotel and a multi storey car park now takes up most of this space and that's progress. 

The Goats Head which was situated on the corner of Smith Street and Kirkdale Road with its unique ornamentation. Such was it a local landmark that even when demolished, the vacant land had a sign which said the site of the Goats Head. Pic by A.F. Gahan. 

The Wellington on Christian Street c1965. This was known locally as Cassons and was demolished along with the rest of the block that fronted onto Islington in the early 70s. Pic with thanks to Colin Wilkinson. 

Now cleared for the L1 Grosvenor Development. Paradise Street showing the Triton pub beyond the Argos super store. The pub which was facing the moat house/Holiday inn hotel later became 5th Avenue. Photograph by and with thanks to Philip Mayer. 

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A: Australian, Albion (2), Athol, Aintree, Andy Capps, A1 at Lloyds, Atlantic, Albert (2), Alexandra Lodge, Alexander, Ashgrove, Ale House, Arkles.

B: Barley Mow (2), Borough (2), Baltic Fleet, Bronte, Bridge, Bankhall, Brunswick, Blackburne Arms, Buddies, Blacks, Belvedere, Brown Cow, Bull, Beresford, Black Horse & Rainbow, Bonkers, Bramley Moore, Bragiers, Banks, B&1 Club, Brittania, Brewery Tap, Bakers Dozen, Buckleys, Bears Paw, Bay Horse, Belmont, Beaconsfield, Barlow Arms, Boogie Nights, Botanic, Bridge Inn, Beehive (2), Big House, Birdys, Brownlows, Brunel, Breck, Black Horse, Brick, Black Bull.

C: Corner House, Clifford Arms, Cotton Picker, Cottage, Crown (4), Coach & Horses (2), Cavern, Cunard, Crescent (2), Coffeys, Cross Keys, County (2), Cleveland, Clubmoor, Canon, Copplehouse, Cabbage Hall, Chepstow Castle, Court House, Coronation, Caseys, Castle, Cat & Fiddle, Convivial, Central Commercial, Clarence, Clock (6), Cairo Joes, Caradoc, Cains, Chaucer Vaults, Cabbage Inn, Cooksons Bridge, Coffee House (2), Casa Del Crocodilo, Cygnet, Corner Tavern, Corn Market, Captains Cabin, Crocodile, Cock & Bottle, Chillies, Cumberland Arms (2), Cambridge, Coopers Emporium, Chaucers, Carnarvon Castle.

D: Denbigh Castle, Dods Vaults, Dart (2), Dixie Deans, Durty Nellies, Dolly Hickies, Dockers Hook, Derby Arms (3), Dominion, Dingle, Dangsters, Dealers Arms, Dead House, Dove & Angel, Derby (2), Dark House, Durning Arms, Dixies, Dr Duncans, Devonshire Arms, Dispensary, Dove & Olive, Dodds Bar, Dog & Gun, Dickie Lewis's.

E: Eagle (2), Eureka, Easby, Egertons, Elm House (2), Excelsior, Eden Vale, Elephant, Everglades, Edwards, Edinburgh (2), Elm Tree, Earl St. Johns, Empire.

F: Flannagans Apple, Foresters Inn, Farmers Arms (3), Flyhouse, Flying Dutchman, Fleets, Feathers, First Avenue, First National, Flat House, Fairfield Arms, Farnworth Arms, Flying Picket, Fly in the loaf, Flute, Flares, Fox, Flat Iron, Fountains Abbey, Fifth Avenue.

G: Great Eastern (2), Grapes (6), Green Man, Goblin, Gullivers, Gregsons Well (2), Griffin (2), Globe Boathouse, Glass House (2), Goat, Great Mersey, Globe (3), Grand National, Gateway, George (3), Green Lane Tavern, Grove, Goose at the Queens, Grey Chaser, Glebe, Granton, Goats Head.

H: Herculaneum Bridge, Heriot, Hargreaves, Honky Tonk, Hare & Hounds, Horseshoe, Hamlet (2), Holy House, Halfway House (3), Hillfoot, Hawthorne, Hogs Head, Hardys, Holt, Hanover, Hannahs, Hardys, Harlech Castle.

I: Iron Door, Iron Horse, Inglenook, International.

J: Justice, Jamaica, Jollys, JP Merryweathers, Jupiters, Jacaranda.

K: Knowsley (2), Kings Arms (2), Kerries, King Edward, Kings, Kendal Castle, Kitty Macs, King Street Vaults, Kirkstone, Kingston Hotel, Kirklands, King Charles, King Harry.

L: Legs of Man, Lion, Lousy House, Lambeth, Lord Warden, Lennons (2), Linacre, Langton Castle, Liverpool Brewery Company, Lord Nelson, Long Bar, Liverpool Arms, Lisbon, Living Room, Liverpool, Lamb, Leigh Arms, Lighthouse, Lister, Lutine Bell, Liverpool Tram.

M: Ma Moores, Ma Egertons, Madigans Lighthouse, Monument, Marble Hall, Ma Kents, Mrs Macs, Mr Pickwicks, Mersey View, Mount, Masonic, Metropolitan, Midland, Mariners, Mitre, Melrose, Maggies, Maggie Mays, Manhattan, Melrose Abbey, Masons, Mosquito, Mayflower, Mona, Millfield Inn, Molyneux, Melbourne, McGintys, Macs Bar, May Duncans, Marlborough, Merebank.

N: Nelson, Nenas, Nut House, Nook, Newington House, New Ship, North Star, Non Pareil, Neptune, Newsham House, Netherton, Noahs Ark, Negresco, Navy, Ned Kellys, New Court Bar, Newsham, Newington, New York, Netley.

O: Old Barn, Old Post House, Old Fort, Old Stingo, Old Toll Bar, Orwell, Old Bill, Old Roan, Old Swan Vaults, Olympic, Old Omnibus, Old Campfield, O'Neills, Old Rope Walk, Oakfield, Oaks.

P: Palatine (2), Pig & Whistle, Pilgrim, Poste House, Prince of Wales (4), Pansy, Ploughman, Post Office, Pitch Pine, Pacific, Prince Alfred (2), Peppers, Phase 2, Pontack, Pat Molloys, Phoenix (2), Parrot, Pineapple, Paradox, Priory, Peacock, Paraffin Oil Shop, Pats, Phythian, Packet Steamer, Pawn Shop, Prescot Lodge, Pen & Wig, Philharmonic, Plummers, Pacific, Punch & Judy, Penny Farthing, Pegasus, Prince Leopold, Prince Albert, Plough, Picture House, Prince George, Prince Arthur, Park.

Q: Queens (5), Queens Arms (4), Queens Head, Queen Victoria.

R: Railway (2), Royal William, Roscoe Head, Red Rum, Royal (3), Round House, Rising Sun (2), Richmond (2), Rat, Rubber Duck, Royal George, Rigbys, Royal Standard (2), Red Lion (2), Regent Maritime, Renshaws, Regent, Rose & Crown (2), Rooneys, Rocking Horse, Red House, Remenis, Rose Vaults, Richmond Lodge, Royal Arch, Rockfords, Rat & Parrot, Rileys, Red Brick, Royal Oak (2)

S: Swan, St Annes Vaults, St Pauls, Shananagans (2), Sampson & Barlows, Saddle (2), Swifts, Stockwell Mount, Salt Box, Sefton (2), Shanks, Shanks II, sOHO aRMS, Sandhills, Sherlocks, Shakespeare, Sandon Lion, South Hill, Sefton Arms, St Winifred, Ship & Mitre, Swan Inn, Stand Park, She Club, Sugar, State, Sandown, Sir Walter Raleigh, Stanley (2), Slug & Lettuce, Sheil Park, Shipperies, Slaughter House, Stanley Arms, Slaters, Sphere, Springfield, Sandon, Salisbury, St. Hilda, Salutation, Shamrock.

T: Trinity Vaults, Thirlmere, Tugboat, Trophys, Tithebarn, Tatlock, Tiger, Trader Jacks, Trafalgar, Trawler, Toxteth, Twist & Shout, Talbot, Tube, TP Molloys, Thatched House, Town Hall, Taffs, Tut n' Shive, Thistle, Tom Frosts, Triton.

U: United Powers, Union.

V: Victoria (3), Volunteers Arms, Villiers, Vauxhall Vaults, Vernon, VIP, Vinebrook, Vines, Valley, Village.

W: Windsor (2), White Star, Windsor Castle, William Shakespeare, Westmoreland Arms, Wellington (6), Woodhouse, Warwick Castle, Whitehouse (2), Wedding House, Westminster, White Horse, Why Not, Walter, Weighing Machine, White Bar, Woodys, Waverley, Windermere, Willowbank, Winchester.

Y: Ye Cracke, Yates (3), Ye Hole in Ye Wall.