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There used to be so many characters, possibly even deemed a bit eccentric in the 1970s Liverpool I grew up in and they seem to be a dying breed. Everyone will remember Sandy, down at the Pier Head, it struck me about his popularity on the Radio Merseyside phone-in after his sad death. He'd clear the road for any buses reversing out of their diagonal slots, he'd be organising at all the wedding and funeral gatherings around his home patch of Holy Cross too.

Plink plink is the most recent town centre addition, well actually he's been around since the year dot it seems. How about 'The coat', boot polish and little Johnno who frequented the Goat public house when Julie Cannon was manageress?. Then there was the 'End is nigh' placard man in Church Street, what about the man with all the signs on his bike, most notably 'No smoking' - well he got his wish after the ban last year.

These additions to the site are not meant to offend or ridicule anyone, indeed i've even added some of myself from that era (but please feel free to ridicule those ones), but it's interesting in some, just to see the past fashions in shot, the backgrounds, the interiors of some pubs, some long since gone. If anyone contacts me to say they want removing from the page, then consider it done. It is local prolific snapper Joe Devine though that takes the credit for those shots, i'm just unearthing them and using this site as a vehicle to show them.

Complimented with an increasing number of my own 1980s+ shots, indeed, it couldn't have been known back then that this 'looking back' craze would take off the way it undoubtedly has. Further to that, who could have envisaged the internet, electronic mail, or digital cameras where you could just delete and retake bum shots. There will be many shots of people that didn't know they'd been snapped, some may vaguely remember showing those pearly whites for 5 seconds of madness and wonder whatever happened to the photo or did it ever even get developed? Some possibly too drunk to remember and may get a shock!

The best seat in the house on this lovely summers day on St. Anne street, you'll need to shed that coat and shirt to catch a tan though.

Moments of madness and merriment on manic monday.

The London Road rebel rousers. Do you recognise yourself on these? The one on the left is in Ma Edgies.

Wriggo and Dominic Wiles in the Court House, Commutation Row.

The Observer at the Pier Head and The drinker as oppossed to the thinker, at Lime St station.

Taking a rest with Ray and Julie. Ray and Julie are the chairs positioned in the space left when Jeromes photographic studio was demolished next to the Lord Warden pub in London Road though it had not been used for that purpose for quite some time. Everyone of a certain age has a photograph amongst their family albums that was taken in Jeromes.

Mr Allen from 20d Gerard Crescent. I was in the same class as his son Philly.   Seen here outside the Derby Arms, St. Anne Street known locally as Pat Molloys - long since gone.

Sandy Bromilow. Seen here in Williamson Square. R.I.P. Sandy.

Billy Christian wetting the whistle. Dominic Wildes and friends outside the Court House on Commutation Row.

<------ Christy Butcher is on the right. He and his brother Dominic were well known figures in Gerard Gardens. Nicknamed boots by the local lads, he came from a traditional boxing family including Tony Butcher.

The end of the world is nigh. Some of these chaps used to holler at the Pier Head's 'speakers corner'. Luckily for us reading this, he got it wrong. He did have another one though. 'Be sure your sins will find you out'.

At the Prince Alfred, Everton Brow. This colourful character, his dog and his bike were often to be found there. The school on the lft is now flattened and the pub is a shop called the Brow.

Boss Roach and Waller are amongst the locals on show here as spectators to a footy match on Bishop Goss school grass in Grosvenor Street in the mid 1980s.

Such is scouse humour that this pair were known as Bacon and eggs as they were never apart. Seen here on part of the 4 squares site on Soho Street with Birkett Street tenements behind. 'Japs' was a frequent face around the Richmond Row area and just look at that old parking meter. Did they ever have any takings in them, I can only remember kids looting the tanners by sticking a matchstick in to a whirring sound followed by the sound of cash hitting the kerb.

Creating a Mathew Street festival all of his own including a pole dance and I don't mean a cha cha cha with one of our Warsaw tourists.

It's 1986 as my Boss Peter Lloyd, his wife Pauline and my work colleague Dave Rooney and his wife, also Pauline, join my wife to be, Ann and myself for the wedding in Heywood, Lancs of Terry and Kendra.

Franny Ryan and friends in Christian Street, looking South beyond The Pontack pub and the old library which became the Community centre for a while.

Music time. I hope that's not vodka in that orange as someone blows their own trumpet. Karaoke is next which is more my scene, using less hot air.

Little Johnno and Terry Brookes. Jono frequented the Goat when Julie was manageress. I was in their pool team at the time and many a night Johnno would launch the balls at your head if you wound him up. Here's to you kidder as you raise your glass there. Terry lived in our block, Thurlow House, us at 98d and he at 98a, 3 flats below.

A local of the darts league.

Sunday afternoon letting out time at Pat Molloys, St. Anne Street in the days when the pubs shut at 3pm on a Sunday. John and Joe Quinn are amongst the revellers and no, that's not Terry out of Brookside.

The Court House, Commutation Row. Jimmy Parry, Francis Wiles and George Jones aka naily.

Ain't nothing like just watching the world go by sometimes.

Do you see yourself here? Around London Road in the 1980s.

Frankie Georgeson from Gerard Gardens on the left with his alsation, Kim. My dad bought our czechoslovak air rifle from him in the 1970s, that's St. Anne street in the background with the police station, Keisers clock tower and Kings pub further along.

Franny Ryan with Jimmy Sweeney down at the Pier Head.

The Unique was a well known doss house at 43 Shaw St in the style of Scotland Road's Champion Whates. You could have a shared room or sleep on a rope strung across the room which was cheaper.

The lay preacher of Williamson Square.

Jackson Nesbitt known locally as Jacko or plink plink was born in Armagh in 1938 which makes him art deco. So popular around town is he that he's appeared on the Liverpool 1 T.V. channel, the Billy Butler show on BBC Radio Merseyside, on John Dolan's CD, My Liverpool and on youtube.
Now clean shaven, he can usually be found outside Stoniers in Williamson Square twanging away on his cardboard guitar which has now been upgraded by a local firm including their advertisement on it. He brightens up a dull day for many to the amusement of many city centre shoppers and revellers.

Out of the rat race and chillin' out. 

The Royal George, Spencers and The Falkland Arms - London Road. 

Williamson Square again. Are these two talking to each other across photographs. Where do they all go now that the benches have gone. 

Saturday afternoon in Spencers. Since revamped and renamed the Picture House, large screens now broadcast the latest live football matches and horse race meetings. 

Not sure if this guy is rolling a rizla or playing the mouth organ outside the Richmond. A sunny day but nowhere to go for this chap on the step of the Prince of Wales. 

This chair could well have come off the Gerard Gardens bommy.

Stanley Road, Kirkdale in the mid 1980s. Newspaper seller Frank Philips, a familiar face in the area can be seen complete with box bike. 

Who are you looking at. If looks could kill. 

Some atmospherically coloured pub scenes including Julie Devine seated top right in the Court House and Mr and Mrs Allen (nee Hallmark) bottom left. 

Bootsy and Snudge in the prince Alfred. 

Pondering. The man himself, Joe Devine in a pensive moment. 

One hundred and eightyyyyyyyy! 

Commutation Row again. Sketty Allen and next Francis Wiles outside the Hare & Hounds. 

Me on the roof of Blackburn Chambers with Concourse House and St. Georges Hotel in the background. Next - en route to Ma Edgies along Pudsey Street. Next - taking a well earned break from shopping up London Road, T.J's is in the background. 

Well that's what I think of the World Cup 86. Give me Corrie any day. Natter time and putting the world to rights. 

Save your love my darling, save your love.... For summer nights with moon and stars above... - Is that Renee and Renato there? 

Time gentlemen please! 

Now - one of these slides has obviously been scanned back to front but can you tell which one? 

I'm praying for rain in Californiaaaaa, and he's zonked and still 4 pints to get through.

Ahh - the old straw shopping bag. Reminds me of when my mam used to trek up Soho street for the messages. 

Some more of John Quinn and friends in Spencers, London Road. 

It wasn't unknown for some of the London Road barrow women to nip into the nearby local for a bit of respite. 

A quiet half was sometimes the only contact many of these chaps had with the outside world As such, engage in conversation with them and they all had a story to tell. 

Street life, it's the only life I know - sang Randy Crawford with the Crusaders. 

Some random pics as captured by Joe on his trawls around the streets of Liverpool 3. 

From September 1980 until we moved out in 1994, I worked for a shipping and forwarding agent called Lloyds Freight Services Ltd who were based at 99/101 Dale Street. The first pic shows the works xmas do in the Everton 500 club in 1981. From L to R are Karen Rice who married Russell Christian of the Liverpool group 'The Christians'. Next is the MD Peter Lloyd and the other side of me, his elder brother David. Both staunch Evertonians like myself, David was also one of the 49 militant councillors expelled under the Labour leadership a few years later. Extreme right is Sheena Swindells (now Whitehead) who had just joined the fray a few months earlier.
Three years on an EFC win the F.A. Cup and charity shield so making it a bumper xmas do back at the same place. From L to R are Steven Lloyd, Way Ziane, Brian Edmonds, Pat Rooney (with the lid on his head), Dave Rooney, Steve Vinue and Me.
Bottom pic from the same night is Billy Fletcher and Tina Cain. 

Ken Dann with Pat and Dave Rooney at a sportsmans dinner we attended at Everton FC in May 1986. Howard Kendall and Ron Yeates were on the bill as well as a comedian/impressionist.

My better half, Ann with Shirley from our office. This was taken at the bosses, Peter Lloyd's 40th birthday celebrations on 25th July 1986 in a marquee in his back garden in Aughton.
 Exactly one year on and it's Peter's wife Pauline's 40th and another marquee party. Seen here are Sheena Swindells, Dot Olsen, Ann and Jean Dann. 

It's the works xmas do 1988 back at EFC. Sheena, Leah and Ann. Next pic is Paul (Foxy) Fletcher with Linda and Albert Bankier. 

Two of our liveried vehicles, the Luton box van and Mercedes panel. On the left is a young Jarrod Lloyd who eventually came to work for us with Ronnie Olsen and Ken Dann. One the right is Peter Lloyd with Albert and Ronnie. 

Our Melissa's 18th at the Silvestrian club in November 2007. John Higgins, Don (silly ass) McGuigan, Chris Baccino, me and Chucker Higgins. Next up are Mandy Baccino, Janet and Pat Baccino. Julee filling her gob again. Robert Pines, Jo & Joe Taylor, John Medway and our Joe. Lastly, Paulette Wharton, Sue Fagan and the silly asses again. 

Top left: Chris Baccino's stag night around town. - April 08. The Wedding the following week where I was best man. Above: This was taken in the Eldonian club after the ceremony and features 5 Baccino's. Some of the ladz n' gals at the end of the night. Bambi Mark, our Melanie, our K8e in the front, Katie Clarke (partly hidden) Daniel Rice (back), Anthony Cunningham and our Melissa. 

T.A. 208 lads Duncan Allen and my old mate Brian king in the Lion pub, Moorfields. Also seen are Chris Roberts and mad Franky Frazer and friends. These were taken around 7pm after a long day boozing on London Road and taking in the Chelsea v Everton match in the Eagle, Vauxhall Road. Our first pint was in the lord Warden at 10am just prior to the Armistice day commemorations on 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month 07. 

The 3 muskateers. Our Katy, Melissa and Melanie with our pure white Turkish Angoran cat - Patch. She was born with a black patch on her head which grew out. (Right) Our Melissa's hairdressing crew in their 2nd year at Skelmersdale College, you'll notice our Melissa from an earlier photograph above, her mate Katie Twist is the soft looking one in the middle bottom row. 

Haydock races Saturday 19th July 08 for John Medway's stag day/night. 16 of us including 4 Tony's, Wayne, Joey T, Evo, TB, Mark and the legend that is Mick Casey during our 12 hour shindig. 

J&J Morris & Sons 

To many, William Henry Street, Liverpool 3 is Morris's. One of the last bastions of white smocked greengrocers and butchers that serve a community decimated during the 1980s with the demolition of the likes of the four squares tenement blocks and the Piggeries high rise. Somehow bucking the trend that have seen their competitors succumb to the ever increasing Supermarket chains, Tom and Pete defy retirement to carry on where their dad left off after his death in 1965.

Established in the street over 100 years ago, the original shop existed at No.25 William Henry Street which was on the next block to where they are on now, between Jenkinson and Rokeby Street. In 1910, the year of the opening of St. Marys of the Angels (Friary) church on nearby Fox Street, the archdiocese decided to split the parish right down the middle of William Henry Street with those on the South side remaining in SFX and those on the North side, including Morris's, being integrated into the new Friary Parish.

The picture on the left below, taken by Harry Ainscough on 22nd May 1967 shows Nos. 3-17 William Henry Street. No.9, the fourth property along from the left, as you will notice is a later addition. The original No.9 was bombed during WWII which somewhat perturbed the owners of Michael's the drapers, the big shop seen next to Dring's. He was Jewish, of course a sworn enemy of the Germans and so he reinforced his cellar to withstand any bomb blast in the future, one that gladly never came. No.9 stood as an 'oller', a wasteland until in 1956, Mr Morris built the shop that is seen on the 1967 photograph.

Being a local figure of character, he summoned the local parish priest, Father Leopold to acquire the services of Bishop Heenan to bless the shop, Bishop Heenan later became a Cardinal. The blessing worked as the business went from strength to strength. The Morris's have seen many changes in the area including the compulsory purchasing of many of the old property lined streets such as the old Field Street, Haigh Street, Stitt Street, Kirby Street, Page Street and many more. During the closure and sale by auction of full sized snooker tables from the Billiard rooms which stood on the curve of St. Georges Place which were demolished along with the hotels and famous Guiness sign for the building of St. John's precinct, Mr Morris bid for one of these which now stands proudly on the first floor of the property. It didn't get up there by any easy means though, the four slabs of heavy Welsh slate having to be craned up to its position some time after the purchase.

In 1972, Tom and Pete had the old No.11 demolished and built a continuation to No.9 in the same style (see the 1967 photo and compare it to that taken some 42 years later in January 09). This meant carrying on the flat roof which their father had put on No.9 as it was cheaper but oh what panoramic views it gives in every direction. It would have been around 1972 that I remember treks up to Soho Street with my mam to get the 'messages' in as shopping was then called. Louis Caplan, a 1960s Lord Mayor owned the sweet shop on the opposite corner to Morris's, it was here my mam would buy me comics such as the Dandy, Beano, Whizzer, Topper, Victor, Cor and Valiant.

There were shops under the four squares tenements such as Leeces and Waywells, another Greengrocer where you would shovel the loose and dirty King Edward potatoes into a bag to be weighed on the scales. There was Gordons shop, the archway to the square and then a babies clothes shop owned by relatives of the aforemention Michael's the Drapers. On the opposite side of Soho Street were other provisions shops such as Joe Levines and Joe Vermigglio's.

Around the corner from Louis Caplans was Charlie Peppers betting shop and then Peckinham's Rag and Bone merchants with the cart ever present in the yard. Morris's though was the shop I always remember my mam taking me into and the headscarfed women, who always looked much older than they were in those days, would natter and jangle for a while, cathching up on the latest gossip, those shops being so much more for the local community than providing just food.

And so eventually Tom and Pete acquired most of the property on that block as you can see from the recent photograph. Apart from living above their empire, the rooms above the shops cornering onto Jenkinson Street were renovated and let out to students until the hospitality wasn't reciprocated and they abused them. The sweet shop at No.7 is also run by Tom and Pete's sister and so keeping it in the family. No.3 was a chip shop run by Austin Muscatelli during the 1970s and 80s until his death but currently lies empty.

Being able to move with the times and diversify into other modes of income within their shop saw Morris's also become an off licence and Post office until cruelly, the government saw fit to include the closure of the post office in their recent hit list, meaning the local residents and those like the Morris's, striving to supply a service have to suffer once again.

With thanks to Tom and Pete for their insight into the local knowledge and the tour and photograph opportunities. 

The North Western corner of William Henry Street from Soho Street to Jenkinson Steet taken in May 1967. J&J Morris then were at No.9, the newer property with the two sign lights outside. Micheal's the jewish drapers shows his wares in the double fronted windows, that's his Vauxhall Viva outside. A mother pushes her babe in a hefty silver cross pram towards the barrow women selling fruit and veg on the corner of Jenky. Forty two years later and No.11 has been rebuilt in the meantime, a cream render gives a uniformity about the place and the higgelty piggelty of the different shop fronts has gone as has somewhat the character of the block as the Morris's empire expanded to most of the row. 

These two pictures were also captured by Harry Ainscough on the same day as the main block photograph, 22nd May 1967. The first picture shows the extreme corner of William Henry Street at its junction with Soho Street. Birkett Street tenements which were close to but not part of the four squares backed onto Soho Street and Mansfield Street. The Georgian property on the corner was once Graham's Chemist before becoming a lodging house then falling into a state of disrepair. The other corner of the block turns into Jenkinson Street. The property with the gates between the block and the houses was once owned by the Vermigglio family and had living quarters above. He ran an ice cream business around the streets selling from the old carts they used to operate back then. Having a pitch at the Pier Head, local children could be heard to sing. 'Mr Vermigglio, he sells ice creameo, at the Pier Headio, he sells ice creameo. 

Tom and Pete are certainly blessed with panoramic views from their rooftop vantage point. These two views are looking across Everton, the first towards SFX and the Collegiate and the second, over the rooftops to St. Georges - the iron church on St. Domingo Road. 

It's gone 5pm on saturday 3rd Jan 09 and as dusk falls on William Henry Street, Morris's remains open for a few more minutes in case of that local resident who has forgotten the bacon and eggs for tomorrow's brekkie. 

Oot and aboot 

At the Locarno in the 1960s. L to R: Marie Traynor, Marie Philips (sadly deceased), Ann O'Rourke, Ann Hanlon, Joan Brown and Ann Stewart. They all worked at Tillotsons carton factory in Commercial Road except Marie Philips who worked at Littlewoods in Old Hall Street and these are all their maiden names. The McAleavy girls. Susan, Rita and Cathy are seen here photographed with their mother Nellie and grandma Kitty (Tierney) 

A seaside day out. Francis O'Rourke (nee German) takes the drivers seat next to my mam Norah Fagan. Behind L to R are Chrissie Higgins, Mary Pilnick (nee Johnson) and Josie McGreal. Steve Patterson and my uncles, Johnnie Higgins and Charlie Higgins. 

Taken at a Masonic do in the St. Georges Hotel where our boss was inaugerated. Back L to R: Greg Whitehead, Ronnie Olsen and Ken Dann. Front: Paul Fletcher and myself. No penguins were killed in the taking of this photo. 

The Grealy family including my father-in-laws mother. This was taken around 1915 when they were living in Wolfe Street, Dingle. Pictured with their mother Catherine are (back row) Thomas, Rose (aka Dot - she is my father-in-laws mother) and John. (Front row) Michael, May, William and Florence. The man of the house, John was away at sea serving in the 1st World War at the time. Catherine was to die just three years after this photograph was taken. 

Ann Roach with her ma-in-law, my aunty Josie McGreal back in June 1969, my mam's face is just popping in between them. It's my holy communion day and our Vinny, Josie's lad is also in the procession as an altar boy. 

At the wedding of one of my cousins is my mam with her brothers Bobby and Charlie Higgins and her sister, Josie McGreal. 

My mam in Peppers, Islington with Joan and Sarah Parry and Annie Tallon from along our landing of the tennies. My mam with her St. Georges Hall cleaners workmates Barbara Carney, Francis Thompson and Chrissie Shaw, also from along our landing.  

Sporting Dayz


The 'Up the shore' fun run 27/7/86.Did I say fun? The race entries were taken on the day at Bankfield House on Banks Road, the hall acting as the changing rooms. As you can see from the placard behind us, there were age divisions, we are the youthful 'J' category in 1986 covering ages 18 to 29 - we were in our early 20s here. The Dick Barton special agent music would play as we assembled, then 'Chariots of fire' would blast out on the firing gun as we raced down Window Lane then past industry on the Weaver Industrial Estate on Blackburne Street. Billed as a race by road, air and sea - the only one of such, the air part would see us use the old disused airport runway as part of the course, racing past the old burnt out fuselage of an aircraft used for fire training purposes. Eventually we would come along a cliff top, open to the elements, which in July was usually baking sunshine. Heading North, we would turn right at the little park making for the home straight. In later years, the Devil's Gallop, a 7 miler would start one hour after the 'Up the shore' race and we'd do them both. This would include a stretch along the shingle Garston beach for want of a better description. We must have been mad, fit - but mad. Pictured L to R are myself, Alan Roberts and Brian King.

Picture 2, taken at Camp Hill, Woolton on 28th September 1986 sees us posing for the camera after completing 26 miles odd of sheer hell. Having used the earlier 'Up the shore' race and a few half marathons as stepping stones, the Mersey Marathon was nibs as they say. It didn't help that some of us had been in the Vernon Arms on Dale Street the night before - well, it's Saturday night - what can you do? We took it easy mind you as it was an early morning assembly next day at Crawford House, Upper Warwick Street - home to 208 T.A. medics. Onward to Camp Hill for the start of the race and it was somewhat heartening to learn via the P.A. announcement that the Liverpool Triathlon team had just arrived for the final leg of their event, having already swam Carr Mill Dam and cycled the equivalent of Manchester and back. Pictured here amongst others are Les Riddick, Duncan Allan and myself (back 3rd, 4th and 5th) with Brian King and Alan Roberts at the front extreme left and right. Not everyone knows the training that goes into the Marathon. A typical shift for us in the last few weeks to the build up saw us run through a dozen L postcodes in training. Starting off at Everton Park Sports centre on Gt Homer Street L5. We would soon be climbing Islington and into West Derby Road via St. Anne Street. Tuebrook next and using the sweep of Queens Drive to take us back towards Bootle before veering off Down Southport Road, Netherton Way, Dunnings Bridge Road and back to the sports centre for a swim via Stanley Road. 

It's Sunday 7th August 1988 and I return to the scene of my 1st Triathlon a year ago, this time having roped my mates Chris Baccino and Brian King in. The setting is the Austin Rawlinson Swimming baths in Speke where we will swim 32 lengths of a 25m pool which is half a mile. The cycle route will be around the Ford Car factory perimeter road, finishing off a scenic road run through Speke's 1930s housing estates. You might notice I have a red face, neck and shoulders with a running vest white line. That's because a week earlier I'd used the Newton Le Willows half marathon as part of my training for this and bearing in mind another Mersey Marathon was due in 6 weeks time. Like I said earlier, we must've been mad. As you can see, Chris took this seriously, shaving his chest to be like Duncan Goodhew who moved effortlessly through the water. However, as ever, he undertrained, got cramp after 2 lengths, got out the pool and we never saw him again. Brian didn't have enough bic razors to shave his chest but finished an admirable 2nd to me - out of the two of us that is, probably 100th overall. 

Not one for believing that it's just the taking part that counts. At my place of work, Lloyds Freight at 99/101 Dale Street, we acquired a full size snooker table during the mid 1980s and we held Company competitons and used it during functions for our clients. However in the early 1990s we entered a team into the LSSA - Liverpool Shipping Staffs Association which would see us play at venues such as the 147 Club in Fleet Street, Frames in Cherry Lane and Scott's in Derby Lane, Old Swan - well known to the snooker famous. The best tables with audience viewing stands were reserved for our league and in 1992/93 season we upset the odds winning the prized 'Dillon Cup'. We are seen here at the awards presentation in the Mayflower pub on Fazakerley Street. Amongst those pictured with myself are Greg Whitehead and Dave Dunn.

Lloyds was sold to Rosewood Trucking in 1998 and a few years later we decided to enter a 6-a-side football team into the JJB Soccerdome league. Having to start in the outdoor third division during some of the coldest and iciest winters on record, it was a great motivator for winning the league and getting moved indoors to the synthetic pitches so that's precisely what we did. Playing against Wigan grocks that looked more suited to Rugby and some aggresive teams from Kirkby and Skelmersdale whose knuckles dragged across the floor, it did wonders for making you have quick feet - given that some of us were now approaching 40 years of age. That at least meant we could also now enter the veterans league but in the meantime we acquired some lads from the NAC 11-a-side league team who were based in Netherton and regularly won the Ormskirk league and we went from strength to strength winning back to back 2nd and 1st divisions to enter the Prem. At one time we were playing and winning the Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday leagues until other commitments got in the way. The hair's a bit shorter and greyer, and whilst the football strip is red and blue, my poor old legs are black and blue but here I am in 2004 with a nice little trophy haul. 

My good mate Brian King. Kingy lived with his mam, dad, brothers and sisters on the first landing, middle house in the Birkett Street tenements. Handy that his bedroom looked out over Soho Street to his favourite barbers, Cotters. 

During our mod phase when we used to go and watch Emo-Exo and Zeebra in the Bents public House, The Windsor Castle on William Henry Street, Brian used to do this act with a snake - honest.

Pic 2 is taken outside Wembley in August 84 when Everton played Liverpool. Brian feigns arrest with his arm up his back. The copper must have 3 arms as his other 2 are folded.

Christmas night 84 at Brian's in Fonthill Road. We'd all been out to the Saddle. Most of the King clan are on here and even our Joey managed to muscle in on the end with his can of lager. 

The Captain's cabin/New Court bar (now Ned Kellys) was one of our regulars on the town crawl. This was an early start on 19th June 85.

Brian would call for me at ours which was 4 Trueman Street. Here, he can be seen leaving the lav after splashing on that Brut33 in the hope that my girlfriend Ann would be bringing her friend Sharon out.

Brian and Jackie in December 85 as the four of us enjoy a meal in the Golden Yuen on the corner of Bold Street. Brian in mid flight in Ibiza. He was there with mates Alan Roberts and Aidan.

On thursday evening 22nd May 86, we used the Warrington Golden Square half marathon as a stepping stone in our Mersey Marathon preperations. We look pleased with ourselves, probably pleased its all over actually.

And so, to the Barley Mow pub in the Golden Square shopping centre to sink a few pints before catching the train home to Lime Street. 

Next up are Peter Taylor, our Joe, Brian and Cathy McCann (Ann's cousin from Ireland) This was at our engagement party on 3rd January 1987 which was held in the Cross Keys pub off Old Hall Street.

The following year, Ann and I tied the knot at St. John's church, Fountains Road, Kirkdale. This end of night 'Can can' is in the Moat House hotel, Paradise Street on 10th September 88 and features Brian, myself, Chris Baccino and our Joe holding our Mel who is 8 months old.

Muzzies like this were still in vogue in 1992 - honest! This was taken on Sunday 3rd May at the Nye Bevan pool in Skelmersdale as we attempted yet another triathlon. 

Another good mate who incidentally lived directly above Brian - he too with Mam, dad, brothers and sisters. Chris was my best man in 88 but he made me wait until his third marriage 20 years later for the compliment to be repaid. 'I feel like Royalty said his new wife Julie, Mrs. Baccino the third'. 

Chris shows off new son Paul down at Trueman Street on 12th June 1983.

Chris with Tom at my engagement to Ann at the Cross Keys on 3.1.87. Ann and I met Tom and his partner Lisa in Tenerife the previous year. He came to our engagement and we went to their wedding in Speke. Tom then joined the Royal Navy.

Chris and I show off our Cross Country race medals and our funny faces. This was taken on Sunday 21st Feb 88 at the Oddfellows Arms in St. Helens after our race in Shirdley Park. 

Tommy and James McAleavy join our Joe and Chris in the Vernon on Dale Street to celebrate the Christening of our Melanie on Sunday 6th March 1988.

Chris and his wife Marie (nee Clisham) in the Moat House during the evening of my marriage to Ann on 10.9.88.

Chris, Peter Taylor and I in the Vernon again on 19th Jan 89, this time celebrating our Mel's 1st birthday. Great having these kids isn't it, any excuse for a piss-up. 

Later the same night and we move onto the Gaslight club in Cumberland Street. Ok, ok - this might well be stretching it a bit far for a drink but you know how it is. 

Southport fair and it's Easter - 9.4.89. Chris is with wife Marie and their children Hayley and Paul. My new wife Ann is sandwiched between them trying to hide. 

Chris during a tender moment at Rhyl sun centre with kids Paul and Hayley on 21.8.89. He had piles at the time which stung in the chlorene rich water. 

The look of shock horror on Chris's face as we speed around the Himalaya is a sight to behold and one not seen since he was asked to get the round in at the Vernon. 

It takes two babyyyy.... Chris and I use some strong arm tactics on this machine at Rhyl fair in August 89.

Chris is joined by his brother Stephen who is eating again. James McAleavy, our Joe's bro-in-law is the one with the 70s porn tash. This was taken at 16 Grosvenor Street on 10th Feb 91 to celebrate our Melissa's christening.

Chris is actually falling asleep here as he sings karaoke at our house during Christmas 2001. Unsuprisingly, other people have been known to fall asleep whilst Chris sings too. 

Below are some of the names and faces from the squares and our old area of Gerard Gardens. 

Brian and Paul Sudbury in Gerard Crescent. They lived with their mum and dad and brothers Franny and David at 4b.

Our Joe looking ever so smart, an image he sadly lost. Seen here in the backie of Gerard Close with the old Manchester slate Co. and breweries in Hunter Street as the backdrop before the building of the flyover.

Our aunty and uncle, Josie and John McGreal lived here and on the first pic are cousins Robert with the glasses and Vincent with the snazzy jumper. Friend Charlie Shea is the fresh faced boy.

The last pic sees the additon of Albert Schorah. 

Johnnie and Frank Gianelli together with their sister Maria hailed from the Little Italy area and were well known in the Holy Cross parish. They owned and ran a Chippy at No.5 Christian Street which was not only very popular with the locals who loved the pie in the fat or mushy peas over their splendid fish and chips but also supplied suppers to the many global stars appearing on the nearby Liverpool Empire.

Paul and Gerard Woodhouse also lived in the Crescent at No.16c. It appears to have been a popular trend to be photographed against one of the tenny walls. Looks a bit like a firing squad photo.

Paul Birchall, Brian Birkett, John Tyson and Gary Shields are decked out in the colours of Liverpool F.C. on this May 74 cup final day in the backie of Gerard Close. It was not to be Newcastle's 'Supermacs' day as the reds slotted 3 past them without reply. Terry McDermott and Alan Kennedy on the losing side that day would later become Kopite stalwarts. 

These are 2 stills from colour cine footage captured by Paul Sudbury in the 1970s. Who else of his age was doing this? Christy O'Neill from No.4, one of the ground floor yard flats directly under Paul can be seen here with his labrador pup. Stephen and Francine Vaughan were next door but one neighbours of Paul's, residing with mum and dad, Bridie and Archie at 2b. Bridie ran a fruit and veg handcart which she loaded up early doors at paddy's market along Cazneau st and once empty, it was parked in the old bin chute outlet between the yards below their landing. Archie worked on maintenance for the corpy in the 70s and could often be seen up the top end storing the wares away in the lock up under the holy block.

Franny Sedgewick, Franky Ryan and Paul Sudbury show off their fine array of tank tops whilst sporting St. Gregs school ties one dinner hour. Paul still quips that they were well colour co-ordinated in those days with Frannies tank top matching the quilt hanging up on the washing line behind. The shirts are deffo T.J.'s derbys though. 

Some years on and Franny and Paul are joined by another good friend of theirs, John Colfar. John lived in Cazneau Street near the Denbigh Castle pub.

Mr and Mrs Sudbury on a night out in a local hostelry called Peppers. This was on the corner of Commutation Row and Islington.

My mam and dad, Norah and Joe are pictured on the landing outside 98d Thurlow House in the 70s. From here we had a great vantage point of the construction going on around us including St. Anne Street police station, the technical college, the flyover and St. John's beacon. 

Tommy O'Keeffe, a stalwart of the St. Joseph's parish was a member of the CYMS, the Christian Young Mens Society which was founded in 1956 when Monsignor McDonald was the local parish priest. This photograph taken in the late 1950s in the school hall which was in the basement of the red brick building shown below includes some of the 60 odd members.

Front row LtoR: Wally Page, Jimmy Welsh, Fr Lawrence Mayne and John McDonald. Second row back LtoR: Jimmy Lacey, Jimmy Wafer, Johhny Owens, Jimmy Clishan, John Gibbons, Nick Ryan and Dick McCauley. Third row back LtoR: Paddy Dickson, George Fitzgerald, Mick McGuiness, John Chaffers, Sidney Burford and standing, Mr Bowen. The chap seated at the very back with the white open neck shirt is unknown.

The picture on the right taken in the early 1960s features the church and presbytery and also the new club on the corner. It is ironic that whilst the CYMS campaigned for this building to be built, which it was by Thomas Sloyne (later Sloyan Doyle), for their Christian meetings and church activities, Fr McNamara would scupper the idea by advertising its use as a Social club. I suppose in the end, it was there for all who could use it to its best availability. The church was sadly demolished in 1979. 

The newer Bishop Goss junior school, the one attended by me. The old school behind this and still in situ on Cazneau Street as Victoria Buildings once served the local children from infants age 5 right through to 15 operating as a seniors until the building of St. Gregory's secondary modern in the 1960s.

The new school hall which doubled up for assemblies and as the dinner hall was added around 1970 and is still used for coffee mornings and meetings pertaining to the area. This grassed area once housed the New Adelphi cinema which was bombed during WWII, the original Adelphi having stood nearby on Christian Street on the site of the former Circus which gave rise to the nearby naming of Circus Street, one of the Little Italy streets cleared for the building of Gerard Gardens tenements in the mid 1930s. 

Some of St. Joseph's parishoners in the presbytery as supplied by Tommy O'Keefe. Tommy himself is on it, standing far left, his wife Alice is 7th along on the back row with Sister Margaret Mary second from last. Susie Thompson, Mary Mooney, Monsignor James Dunne (on the left) and Kitty Carter are amongst those seated. Also pictured are Tony and Theresa Roberts, Margaret Alyward (Williams), Margaret Taylor, Pat Smith and Katie Shinnicks. 

This is a 1970s Easter bonnet parade held in Bishop Goss Hall. Local parishoners featured sitting at the far side of the table are LtoR: Kitty Dillon, Mrs McCauley, Jane Warburton, Lilly Flaherty, Susie Wheatman and in the black, Kitty Kinsey. Standing at the back are: Mary Page and Annie Rowan. The lady in the white at the front in unknown but Mrs Hughes is the lady with the green cardigan. This photograph once again is supplied by Tommy O'Keeffe. 

Frank 'dwarrius' Hughes seen with Tommy Tyres - now, who'd be seen with him. I notice they're hanging around outside the 'Gents' again. Tommy owns the garage on Dublin Street so get down there.

As Frank went out with Tommy (above), he then had to take the love of his life Jackie Rogan for a pint too. Just one thing Frank... those Red Bull drinks are supposed to keep you awake.

Frank's other mate Don McGugan. An ex Bingo caller at the Astoria, some might remember his trademark tee-shirts with 'Kirkdale is great' embroided across them. He's now a children's entertainer and he can shape a balloon into any shape you want. 


My mates Dave 'Ditty' Williams and Tony 'Walshy' Walsh in October 82 in what was known as Ged's shed which was actually a ground floor room under our caretakers flat in Trueman Street which we used for playing snooker and our bands rehearsals - that's my Premier drum kit behind them. These lads were from Jenkinson Street, known to us all as Jenky. Ditty (his nan's name was Ditman and he somehow acquired it as his nickname) was a cracking pool player and we could never get him out of the Soho Arms pub. When we did get him up to the Tugboat pub he'd go on the pool table, the rest of us would often go to another couple of pubs and when we got back, he'd still be on - unbeaten - or that's what he told us anyway. More about Walshy later.

The next shot was taken in Hanson's sports and social club on Fox Street L5 on 12th June 1983. My wife to be Ann (though we didn't know it at the time, well I did, is in the middle) Her mum, also Ann (yes, not very original), is on the left and Ann's good mate Sharon Goldstein is the one with the bum chin. Hanson's was a great little club for a while and run by Peter, Jimmy Ling and George. The resident DJ was Tony Silver with his ever present girlfriend and Marilyn Monroe lookalike, Liz Pugh. 

July 14th 1983, it's a Thursday and my dad came up with the idea of an early morning jaunt to the Isle of Man so here we are set to sail. My mam looks cold yet it was pretty hot, it seems to be tickling Ann. Our Joey's hair looks like one of those Grenadier Guards bearskin busbys and yes, those are his arms, he doesn't have a white long sleeved shirt on. Sue his missus was built at Cammell Lairds over the water.

April 84 and here's our Joe and I in the Ferry pub on Wallasey promenade, another spur of the moment trip which turned into another excuse for a different pub crawl. 

Ann and I in a nightclub in St. Peter's Port, Guernsey in July 1985.

With our Joe and my dad in the Vernon doorway the following month. Thirsty work this posing for photographs all the time you know. 

These next two pics were taken in the Everton 500 club during our works annual xmas do, though this one was November 85 - cheaper then you see. Bob Cain seen left worked for James Troop down on Sefton Street so was invited as a good customer of ours. He and Tina his wife in the middle (right) lived on Olney Street in Walton. Paul Edwards on the right, was a trainee in our office, he modelled himself on Paul Nicholas but was far too posh really, hailing from Charterhouse Road in Woolton. He was known to wear a smoking jacket and mohair slippers too. His girlfriend Suzanne is seen on the right of the girlie pic. 

'Howdya fancy a monkey' came the voice from the crowd, 'Too right' said I thinking someone was about to thrust £500 into my hand, but I should've known better. Instead, here's Ann and I (I'm on the far right smart arse) and said Monkey. This was taken in Playa de las Americas, Tenerife whilst we were on our way to the Veronicas nightclub area. Can't you see how anxious I am that this is eating into my drinking time. Ann just looks annoyingly comfortable in having an ape next to her, like it's natural in fact - SHUT UP!!! 

January 3rd 1987 and it's our engagement in the Cross Keys pub behind Old Hall Street. Looknig back now, it's such a strange date to have it as people would normally be skint just after Christmas but amazingly every single person turned up and it was a cracking night.

Pictured first are Lisa Ogg, Pauline Lloyd and Dot and Ron Olsen. We met Lisa and her fiancee Tom in Tenerife the previous summer and got on really well with them, we subsequently went to their wedding in Speke. Pauline is my then bosses wife. Ron was our works' driver.

Pictured next are Paula McAleavy, her mother-in-law Nellie, Jean Taylor, my mam and my sister-in-law Sue McAleavy. 

Walshy again (seen earlier on the page). His partner Ronnie and Ann and I decided on Ibiza for July 87, I remember it being liquid filled. Ann didn't feel too well so went the doctors upon our return to find out daughter No.1 was on the way. Tony and I are seen next on the cross bay ferry heading out of San Antonio. 

These next photos were taken during another works do in the Everton club, this time in July 87. Pauline and Dave Rooney are first, Dave was originally from Liverpool Road, Huyton, a few doors from my cousins who he knows, he later moved to St. Helens and now lives in Ainsdale and runs a successful Shipping business as well as appearing in t.v. programmes such as Brookside, Liverpool 1 and Heartbeat. Sheena Swindells was our typist, seen here with hubby to be Greg Whitehead. Peter Lloyd, our boss, seen flanked here by his mate Roy Bagley and Dave Davies from Gracechurch Line, another mate of his - oh and Sheena again, just gotta get in on the act hasn't she. 

Our newborn Mel's Christening in March 1988. A bit of grub and a bevy in the flat at 4 Trueman Street then out for a few scoops. Paula and James McAleavy guard the spirits whilst Ann's aunties Marie Bolton and Brenda O'Rourke are in deep discussion - but not with each other. Claire Bolton minds twins Stephen and Michael O'Rourke and the next pic sees our Joe trying to strangle wife Sue, he'd have been out of prison by now. On the last pic are Ann's late grandparents, Paddy and Bridget O'Rourke, my mate Brian King is also there with his girlfriend Marie. 

The evening of my wedding at the Moat house on 10th September 1988 - now, I couldn't forget that date could I! David Adamson (Addo) is holding onto the chair for steadiness but his mate John Clisham has the right idea, he's seated. Oh here we go, it's that fun guy Addo again, or is that fungi? His impromptu strip is amusing friends Musky and Paul as my mate Kingy claps along. I'm sure the Full Monty wasn't out back then. 

I wonder if this is the reaction after Addo removed his bill grundies? The girls enjoying themselves are my best man, Chris's wife, Marie Clisham, her sister Joanne and Ann's mates, Jeanette McDonald and Jackie Rogan.

Eric Jones, Chris's bro-in-law is having a drinking competition with himself here. He lost! We'd had some cracking parties at Eric's in Bulwer Street off Breck Road and in later years at his and Pat's in Walton. 

Do you know what? All this drinking, celebrating Mel's birth, Mel's Christening, Mel's 1st birthday etc is wiping me out - her too by the looks of it. Here I am falling foul of those camera snaps you'd rather not be on.

Our new arrival, Melissa Louise, seen here aged just one month old in December 89. Following the death of my dad in 1988, this would be our last Christmas at Trueman Street, a place i'd celebrated the last 11 in. 

Kidz Korner 
written in the colour of their pooey nappies..... 

Our Melanie and Melissa, taken at New Brighton fun fair in April 92, We always took them there on Easter bank holiday. 

Comus Street playground which was just at the bottom of our Street when we were living at 16 Grosvenor. On the first pic is the pre-dished St. Johns beacon and Adlington and Bispham Heights in the Holy Cross area. No.3 baby, Katy was along by now so any respite I could give Ann by getting these bundles of energy out the house was ever welcome. 

May 92 and a sunny Freshfield. Crosby, Ainsdale, Formby and Freshfield had played a big part in my childhood so as you do, you relive it through your kids using them as the excuse for making sandcastles and digging the biggest hole in the sand ever, you know, that deep that the black stuff starts appearing from somewhere and its wetter :o) 

And...not to be left out, here is the newest arrival, our Katy. She was down to be another Mel but the midwife said we'd have fun and games when the mail starting arriving for them.

On Sunday 14th June 92, Katy was christened in St. Joey's, we popped around the corner to the Denbigh Castle for a spread and some liquid refreshments. Ann's uncle Marty Bolton is seen here with his daughter Claire and niece Paula O'Rourke. 

Learning the kids to swim one saturday morning in Steble Street baths, Dingle in the summer of 92. Our local sports centre at Everton Park on Greaty was too deep for them and they went to Steble Street with the school so they were familiar with it. They're better than me now, diving, somersaults, underwater lengths, they make me knackered just watching them. You wouldn't be able to take pictures like this now, in fact I was barred out of these baths a month later when the 'S' came off my Speedo trunks. 

Another cheap day out but the kids loved it. This time it's Heyworth Street viewpoint in Everton. Great views over the city for me to gander at while they played in the park, the last pic is taken in the nearby China Street park off Roscommon Street that they called the rubber tyre park. 

Sunday 15th July 1992 and were staying up at Beetham caravan park in Cumbria which was owned by my boss. Handy for some great scenic little places like Silverdale, Milnthorpe and Arnside or visiting Cartmel races. Here we are watching bunji jumpers in the park facing Lake Windermere at Bowness. 

September 1995 and Katy, Melissa and Melanie enjoy the sunshine of Los Cristianos, Tenerife.

August 96 and a little cooler, if not more colourful at Colwyn Bay mountain zoo. 

At the Lyons caravan holiday camp in Prestatyn/Rhyl in August 96. This has now been incorporated into the neighbouring Robin Hood site.

Amateur model time at O'Connell Road, Vauxhall. Ok, I know it's not Milan. Brogan Purvess and Charlotte Wilson accompany Mel and Liss. 

A selection from our Mel's communion, the ceremony of which was at Our Lady's Eldon Street then celebrated at the Castle Court pub in back Castle street. Pictured here are Carl Walpole, Joey Taylor and kids entertainer Donald McGugan (pointing).

Don's mum and dad, Don senior and June are pictured next along with Carl's brother Jimmy. Jackie Rogan is the half faced one. 

The O'Rourke family. Bernadette, Susan and Maureen share a joke, or it could be Don's striptease routine.

My cousin Marie with her hubby Ted. My cousin Gerard's wife, Brenda is the rose between the thorns. 

A right assortment here. Ann and myself in the back garden of our mates Sharon Goldstein's to celebrate her son Antony's communion. We soon shot down to Renegan's on Oriel Road for a few scoops.

Top left is in our Joe's, Juvenal Street. Pictured with our 3 are my nephew Dan and our Mel's mate from Lairds Place, Helen Rooney.

Peter Lloyd (left) toasts a pint with two of our firms drivers Gypsy John Parry and Keith O'Donnell. John, a firey welshman was one of the nicest men you could meet and could turn his hand to anything. Keith on the other hand... only messing Keith. They are pictured on the ferry here from Gothenburg, Sweden into blighty, they'd just delivered some top urgent cargo to Finland in our vans. 

1997: A rare pic of us all together. The Spice girls at Alvor, Portugal in September. The models elect in December fashioning their Christmas ware. 

Our Melissa's communion in June 1998 at the Goat pub on Great Howard Street. As you can see by now, i'm trying to get around all the pubs in Liverpool. On the first pic is Ann's nan Rose 'Dot' Taylor, my sister in law Sue Fagan, Kerry Baccino, Paula McAleavy and Joey Taylor.

The next pic sees me flanked by our firms drivers Mark English and Neil Rudge who kindly came all the way down from Croston and Ormskirk in Lancashire for the occassion. 

Jackie and Frank after their attempt to empty the jelly bean machine behind them.

Lorraine 'Lol' Taylor leads the choo choo train on the next pic, closely followed by Ann's auntie Margaret and her children Alex and Elizabeth. 

The grand parade. The Goat was always last one out turns the lights off when our mate Julie had it. This is the finale photo as dawn was cracking. Julie Higgins with our two mels on her knee is accompanied by father-in-law Tommy Taylor housing his grandson Paul. The two Ann's and back right is barman, top pool player and fellow blues fan, Lee bligh. Joanne Higgins (she'll kill me) is front left with her dad and Julie's hubby, my cousin - John Higgins in that striking peachy top. 

Another day, another party - though the same place and even the same month.
It's all back down to the 'Goat' for my father-in-laws 60th at the end of June 98, though not being one to make a fuss, he cleverly turned into a 32nd for his daughter and my wife, Ann.

Here, Tommy is seen with his cousin, Tommy Grealy. 

The Evertonian section. Joe Royle is seen here in our loc...ok,ok it's not, it's that Frank again who is either one nil up in pool or he's just seeing which way the wind is blowing.

Fellow blues Joey 'McFee' Taylor and Ste Starkey (with hair) raise a toast and a smile. 

Don't you just hate it when drunks muscle in on an occassion. Hangonamo (the scouse red Indian) - it's brother-in-law Paul and 'wife' Paula looking the worse for wear.

Ann's nan 'Dot' again, she got around didn't she (no she never, we wouldn't let her spend) She's seen here with Christine, Ronnie and Paula. 

It's August 1998 and the end of an era as Ann says an emotional farewell to work colleagues at Colquitt Street catering college as we depart up the A59 to West Lancs to where i've been commuting to work for the past five years.

Ann is seen back left with Josie, Mary and Val with Ginny and Winnie (no jokes) in the front.

Winnie raises a glass to Ann's future.

Josie raises a grimmace.

Joan and Carol start talking about her behind her back already. :o) 

It's January 99 as the girls get to grips with their Christmas prezzies including 'my secret diary' which no longer seems to be much of a secret. 

Summer 99 and as avid Laurel & Hardy fans we take a ride up to Ulveston in Cumbria which was actually in Lancashire when Arthur Stanley Jefferson was born into a stage family. He and one Charles Chaplin eventually found themselves in the USA with a vauderville troupe before moving into films. A quirk of nature saw him set aside Oliver Norvell Hardy in one Hal Roach film and the rest as they say is history. 

Here, we are seen outside one of the town pubs which has had the good sense to cash in. Moving into the quaint little streets and we find the somewhat hidden L&H museum which contains videos, books, models, figures and other memorabilia and even some furniture, clothing and the birth cert. We also took a look at the house in which he was born as I strike a familiar Stanley pose. 

It's our Katy's communion on Sunday 11th June 99 so it's back to the Goat pub again. Coleen O'Mahoney, Sharon Goldstein, my Ann, her dad Tommy at the back, Jon Bjornstad (J.Arnold to his very best mates and neighbours) flicking his ash on groover Frank O'Rourke, Joey Taylor and Marty Bolton.

Marie Bolton, Ann Taylor and Marie's son Gary with daughter-in-law Christina. 

We came acroos these two busking outside the kwik save during Xmas 2000 and finding they lived facing us, invited them in for tea, biscuits and a bit of warmth. I believe their names are Kath Schindler and David Vincent (now married) 

Summer 02 and it's back to Alvor in the Algarve, Portugal for the fifth time to see our friends. The cool crew this time includes nephew Paul Taylor.

We met these two Bootle lads who were having a great time. Taken in Buddy's bar run by George and Tina, these are Mark and Brian. 

One year on and we're back again. Luis was one of the mainstays at Michael's bar but these days works on the strip, that's the main bar street, not stripping down to his jock strap. Mourisho's cocktail bar is where he now works but is seen here with Roger, the Manc, the best Karoke presenter Michael's ever had. A builder by trade, Karaokeing was his summer and night time job, a keen golfer, he lived just up the hill from this place but went back home when his mum was ill and stayed in blighty to get married and settle down - well he was 50 odd.

The Power family from Waterford, Eire - what a gas they were. I'm sure they camped out all night because whenever we went into Michael's, there they were, planted at the front, ringside seats. Stacey, Gary, Steven, John, Michael, Mum and Keith take to the stage here.

They were staying in the same apartment complex as us and a funny story here because as we got to know them, and they taking a shine to our girls, we often traded Sambukas - that lovely aniseed liquor that can only best be served on fire then swigged down without it touching the sides. On the last night they were buying them all round, getting rid of every last coin and by the time we fell out of Michael's at 4am it was just in time to see them off on their coach from our recepetion.

Just after handing their keys in and about to embark on their airport journey, a frantic desk porter came out waving his arms and a piece of paper above his head. It seems the poor old Power's had forgotten about, or thought the apartment phone was free of charge. It was a pitiful sight, (if not funny the following morning) to see the lads forlornly handing their watches in as some bystanders and ourselves came to the rescue, chipping in where we could. Will we ever see them again ha ha. 

Wow - another year gone. Alvor September 04 and a catalogue pose at the Dunas Do Alvor complex in front of some high rise which had a far better outlook and weather than those ones on Netherfield Road ever did.

We took Aughton's very own Johnny Parkinson with us on this trip, a good friend of our Mel's. Well she didn't know he was gay as he copped off with the lucky lucky man here on the first night. 

Our Mel Meets up again with Loiners Leanne Kershaw and her mate Sara. Loiners hail from Leeds by the way and we enjoy a good karaoke craick with these gals. Next we have Leanne's dad Dave checking out the bar bill with my Ann. 'No, don't remember drinking all that'. 

Another family of friends we arrange to meet up with during our 2 week stint in Alvor are the Pemberton's of Flintshire as they like to be known, ok then - only kidding about the Flintshire bit. Colette is nearest the camera then hubby Nick, daughter Jodie, Mark Drabs who had ideas above his station and Jodie's mate.

Mark Drabs seen here with his mum Bridget who lives out there. All being good footy fans there's a great mix of friendly rivalry and banter when the live matches are shown on the big screens out there to packed audiences. Nick somehow supports Chelsea but has done well before the Abramovich millions so he must be made up. Mark, from Macclesfield supports Man City and must also be happy now they've got a rich benefactor. 

Our 3 in 2004 - all in the same 'big school' now which started off as Crosshall but became Ormskirk school when amalgamating with the Grammar and being restyled and rebuilt.

Me looking like a right turd (what do you mean again?) This was to advertise thee best and one and only Beatles tour as given by me and I don't dress up as a Sergeant Pepper man either. 

Our Vinny and Candy (McGreal) at the Giro club, Bootle in July 2005 to celebrate their 25th Wedding anniversary, looking just a young and in love as ever. Vinny can be see as a wee nipper on various pages on this site.

The motely crew on the right are Franny Sudbury and his partner Ann, Gerard Higgins and wife Brenda and Pat and Brian Sudbury. 

My cousins and very good friends Gerard and Paul Higgins. Gerard is about 18 months older than me and and his bro Paul whom was in our class in school. They were very competitive when growing up, both great runners, Gerard was into dogs and boxing. There'd be murder as to who won in the race from the tenement square up to Manny Charles betting office in Springy, hurtling those white fences on St. Anne Street oller along the way. That was nothing to the disagreements during the pool matches in their living room of 15D Gerard Gardens when cue holes would appear in the polystyrene tiled ceiling just before it came crashing down on heads.

Next shot sees Franny Sudbury, friend to some of my other cousins, our Chucker Higgins, Robert McGreal and John 'Boy' Higgins. 

Elaine and Julie Higgins, wives to Paul and John. That's Julies sis on the right who'd come up from wooly back land for the night.

Uncle Bobby Higgins looking tanned and well with me and my cousin Marie. 


More of the reasons we just keep on going back to Alvor. Our friends from Worcester and Brum, Jason and Yvette who have ran the Karaoke in Michael's, The Crows Nest and the Venue bar to name but some. Jacks of all trades they also run the bar and Jason makes a cracking (if not tall) Blues Brother in his stage act. Pic 2: Our Katy gets to share her pig tails with Michael's barmen Luis, Nunu and Mario. Pic 3: Taken at 5am with our lovable cockney friend Jamie who is a gooner (Arsenal fanatic), pictured also are Wendy and Yvette. Pic 4: That man Dave again with his mate Mike. Pic 5: The pool from our balcony - handy for shouting down, get up for your dinner. Our kids do double backward somersaults off that bridge (when the guard isn't looking) Pic 6: Who do we bump into (now and again on purpose) Jan and Gil from just 10 minutes down our road back home. Pic 7: Tracey and Anil - funny he is, dead outgoing. Pic 8: Dooley, our Mel's then boyfriend came with us this year so no, it's not Martin Skirtl. Pic 9: Marie Ann and Peter from Finland were always permanant fixtures in Michael's bar, and permanantly putting slips into the karaoke to make me get up and sing, must've been gluttons for punishment. 

On 3rd October 2005, my mate Paul Sudbury had the premier screening of his film documentary 'Gardens of Stone' at the Fact picture house in Liverpool city centre. I co-incided it with the release of my book 'in a city living' (see seperate pages on this site for more info on this). Over 200 people crammed into the venue for all day continuous screenings which turned out to be a hit. Such was the interest that unfortunately many people had to be turned away for safety reasons and even calls to the Roger Phillip's Radio Merseyside phone-in ensued and due to this, other screenings were put on locally throughout the year and the following year.
Many of those who turned up were ex residents of Gerard Gardens, the subject matter, many of whom hadn't seen each other for years and stood catching up and swopping mobile numbers, mobiles hadn't even existed the last time many of these people had spoken to each other. Paul is seen here catching up with ex neighbours Steve and John Vaughan whose mam and dad, Bridie and Archie were well known in the area, Bridie being a barrow lady and Archie working in maintenance of the local blocks for the City council. Also pictured is Paul's mate John Colfar who originated from nearby Cazneau Street. 

Our Mel's 18th - The Silvestrian - Jan 06. 

Our Melissa with her mate Katie Twist - yes Twist :o)

Leanne Shindler (without her list)

Michaela Dunn - now in sunny Oz. 

Laura 1, Melissa Binks, Laura 2 and Katie - say cheese!

Nav, Dooley, Jay and Ste.

Dooley with Ricky. 

Dave Vincent with daughter Laura and Wife Kath. Sara Dunn is on the right.

Shane Dunn with Dave Vincent. Shane and Sara moved to Oz soon after, that's the effect we have on people.

Lee Bligh, Joey Taylor, Ste Starkey and the ghost from Randall and Hopkirk. Oh no it's not it's blonde quiff otherwise known as Don McGugan. 

Michael and Danny Higgins turn 18........... Not on the same day mind you, but as both do's were held in the police club at Fairfield (because their dad Gerard, my cousin, always wanted to be a copper) I thought i'd put them together. 

Ann with our Paul (Higgins) - He doubles as Peter Kay in seedy nightclubs around Huyton but don't tell anyone.

His wife Elaine with our Ann Marie (Gerard and Paul's little sis) and also Carina Baccino and her ageless mum Sheila. 

My cousins Joe and Vinny McGreal with their respective wives Ann and Candy. Ann can be seen earlier on the page with her 60s beehive hair do.

Ant Higgins being WicKeD but at least he's not biased, he has both a red and a blue bottle of it. Gerard Higgins in boxing mode (well he's had a drink hasn't he) An avid dog lover, he's been a jockey, a boxer and a murderer - he used to pull the wings off dragon flies. He also holds the world record for one arm press-ups, did I mention that somewhere earlier on the page? 

Do you know what, that mate of our Mel's, Emma Hignett just has to get in on the act everywhere she goes. Seen here flaunting herself unashamedly again with Dan, Mike and friends in the club. Dan and Mike are extreme right. Emma's the one that looks more like a girl than the rest - ok, maybe not him in the yellow. 

Well.... if you can't laugh at yourself..... 

Not my hair, nor my teeth but it is a super 70s look after all. The chain's mine though ;o)

The wig came in handy once more when Marouane Fellaini signed for Everton. I kept getting asked for autographs in town and liked it until one day it was windy. 

Is this one any better then? Rick Parfitt of Status Quo eat yer heart out.

Taken by surprise by the flash in the rear view mirror. Well that's my excuse and i'm sticking to it. 

Our Katy and her cousin Paul during one Halloween. I'll put a pic up after they put the make-up on as well soon.

Our Joey at the drums drinking Guinness, but the question is...Is that his hair or why is he wearing one of those bearskin hats that the Grenadier guards at Buckingham Palace wear? 

All blues together. Our Mel with her ladies pink Everton top with Justine Walsh in the Wharf pub, Merton Road. That's her hubby Robbie in the background watching the blues progress to the F.A. Cup semi-final at Boro's expense. Everton mirrors, clocks, pics, scarves and banners are just some blues paraphanalia that adorns the walls. What good taste they have :o) 

Julie Baccino with Laura Jones. These pics were taken in another blue house, the Winslow on Friday 20th March 09 to celebrate Laura's 18th.
Her dad Eric is pictured next with his old mate and brother-in-law Christy O'Reilly. I think it's Eric or is it Terry off Emmerdale?
Christy's wife, Julie Jones with her younger bro Michael. (he's doing an impression of Robin Williams - complete with grey beard). Nanu nanu. 

Mandy and Stephen Baccino. Ste managed to stay awake this time after crashing to the deck in town.

Ste's much older bro, Chris with his kids Christopher and Lauren and his wife (seen earlier) Julie.

Bob Usher (he's lying that he doesn't use botox) and Christy 'O' again. I've only just noticed that the last 20 bods shown here are all blues!!!!! 

Mothers day in the Laburnam (Blobber) Bootle Village. Ali from the Banjo with Joey T. Next pic, Joe's dad Tommy with Jimmy Bligh signifying 5-0 to LFC with his fingers, good job it wasn't 6-0 he can't count that far. His son Lee is next to me laughing that they think they're going to win the league. Last pic sees the inclusion of our Mel and Steve Higgins at the back. More blues exept for the dill that sticks out like a sore thumb. 

A young Brian Anthony King c1980 - then of Birkett Street tennies and a mod at the time - well, 'Mirror in the bathroom' was out by The Beat and the Jam were all the go during this period of ska revival. The local mod bands at the time were emo exo and Zeebra. Notice the tie comes off as the 2nd can of top deck hits the spot, though he looks more pissed on the first one. Another ex mod, Mick Casey reliably informs me that the pic above right shows Don Cargill and Colin Welsh either side of Brian and one of their fave regular haunts at the time was Lincolns Inn in Rainford Square. 

Here is Mart's Old Swan site A lazy saturday afternoon in the middle of June 09 was spent in the surrounds of the Wheatsheaf pub in Knotty Ash with the compelling company of Martin Jones and Harry Rimmer who had many a story to tell.

I first met Martin in 1979 when together we were 2 of the 30 or so young uns' on one of Maggie Thatchers very first Work Experience programmes brought in to ease, or manipulate the unemployment figures - call it what you will. We were working on the renovation of the old Pearl Assurance Building which was St. Johns House, St Johns Lane. The idea was that 5 or 6 of us would be working under the guidance of tradesmen and would be moved around with different tradesmen from month to month to gain different experiences. All well and good on paper but my mate Chris and I were seconded to paint the ceiling that still stands out proud in the Dr. Duncans pub which is there now, whilst Mart learnt how many wheelbarrows full of sand makes 1 ton. He would often skive away though and climb our scaffolding to talk of his love for Queen - the pop group that is not Liz, and we'd also while away some of the time playing A-Z games. We eventually finished the ceiling 6 months later :o)

I was mentioning this on the forum of YoLiverpool.com when Mart got in touch to say 'you won't remember me but....' Well, I did remember him as i'd kept a little book of charactertures of some of the lads from there and he was in it. He's since been to see the film 'Gardens of Stone made by my friend Paul Sudbury and as a devoted Swanite, he's putting together a cracking website which is a real tribute to Old Swan, an area I know so well from my time spent up there in the 1970s with another mate, Brian Connor. Here's Marts website: Old Swan Harry Rimmer was leader of the Labour Group that was in power in Liverpool in the immediate aftermath that saw the law lords expel the militant 47 that were fronted by Derek Hatton though it was actually John Hamilton that was their leader at the time. No wonder then that Harry felt there wouldn't be any welcoming handouts from the iron fisted Tories, and in particular Maragaret Thatcher who was in power in Downing Street at this time. Although a short interim spell by the liberals had saw them sell off some family silver to balance the books, Harry was determined that this wouldn't be the case whilst he was in power and so it wasn't, and his spell went down as a period of stabilisation as views of the city from outsiders were changing for the better. Thatcher had by now altered the ratio by which central government would help local government from 60/40% to 40/60%. This would normally have been crippling to any council by Harry steered Liverpool with an ally from where you wouldn't expect. Michael Portillo was the minister for Inner Cities and Harry earmarked the crumbling Town Hall for renovation. It was failing a fire certificate, a single staircase was a health and safety issue, dry rot existed and it needed a new roof. All this meant only 40 people at any one time could be housed on the upper floor but there were ballrooms up there where 40 people could be lost in one corner. To obtain a grant for the economic benefit of Liverpool, the best option to get this money, Harry and his men had to put their heads together and so it was decided to turn the building public, with tours, functions, weddings, catering facilities etc being the order of the day. Harry pleaded with Portillo to come and see for himself and he did and he was sold. So the next time you wonder at the magnificence of this great building which will now be in an excellent state for many generations to come, you can be thankful that Harry persuaded Portillo to hand over 4.75 million pounds, just one of the many feats secured by Mr Rimmer.

Well yesterday was a hard act to follow but I made it onto our regular tour around Bootle village for Fathers day with some of these reprabates. Starting off in the Jawbone (pictured here) we do the Stanley, Blobber, Kingies and Strand Tavern and back, the usual casualties being Tommy, Jimmy, Joe, Lee and our Mel and myself and occassionally joined by Ste, Craig, Jay and Neil when their other halfs let them out to play. 

The royal wedding of my mate Chris Baccino to Julie Brand, who became Mrs Baccino III at the Corn Exchange register office in Old Hall Street. My missus Ann and I came along too to add a bit o' glamour.

Nat Jackson aka The Weather woman is seen here with our Katy - daughter No.3. Our Katy's also seen here with her cousin Pauline Taylor, Jennifer 'celery stick' Sellars and Nat again. 

Indian squaw Meliisa - No.2 daughter, who obviously likes getting photographed in cars for some reason??? :oP 

Four pics, a couple of which are from our Mel's jaunt up to Newcastle on a double birthday weekend out. It coincided with the last day of the prem season 08/09 when who should get relegated but the magpies so I told her to shut up about football that night.

Top left is Emma Hignett, Mel, Carly Jones and Kayley Jones. Top right they are joined by Sasha. Bottom left. The lads join them. Bottom right: Emma and Mel. 

F.A. Cup final day in the Wharf on Merton Road. The fat lady's sung, the game's over, we gave it a go but it was one big game too far without three of our best players against a team with millions of pounds worth on the bench even. It was a glorious day, the Wembley pitch thermometer said 107 and the sun was still shining in the beer garden at 5pm. Our Mel and Justine pose for the camera then her and Emma take a rest on the wall. 

Then we moved onto Bootle Village. These were taken outside the Stanley. The four lads at the back are Slick Rick Lee, Flumpy, Craig and Joey T. Front: Neil, Jimmy, Mel, Ste and Emma. I join them on the next pic. 

Oliver Maxwell Gill aka OMG in Facebook slang - secret member of the Ormskirk Conservation Society eating yet another stinky beef and tomato pot noodle - no wonder he stinks and a farmer would keep him for his poo. I have to sit facing the git in work. That's Duncan Ferguson strangling the life out of Stefan Freund on my screen saver. Not something you should do with the bald coot referee looking over your shoulder. 'Off m'lad'

Oh and look who the cat dragged out. Franky Ryan and his mate in Concert Square. I don't agree with that kiss he's blowin' me, mind you the weather was glorious on Sat 22nd August (make a special note - we don't get many) and it's any excuse for some amber nectar. 

That same saturday night and it was down to the posh suburbs of Crosby for our Vinny Mc's 50th birthday celebrations and he doesn't look a day over 49. 

So here is the birthday boy himself complete with Elton John candle (in the wind) glasses though it wasn't windy that night, it was a stupendous summers evening spent with a lot of great folk having a laugh, a sing and a dance. Vinny is flanked by sister in law Irene and our cousin Gerard's wife Brenda. Here is Vinny's older, no I mean oldest brother Joe who finally gets his bus pass this week in a double celebration. Look at those choppers for an old un'. 

Now here's a group photo not for the faint hearted. It starts off pretty well, another of Vinny's brothers, Robert is the one with the mouth like the Mersey Tunnel, his wife Irene is to our right, Joe's wife Anne is to our left. Candy is one side of Vinny and his mate Brian's wife, June has her arm around him. Wind on 10 seconds later and Anne has noticed that Robert has dug his old 1970s tank top out of the airing cupboard, making a show of the family. Robert is shocked at this declaring it's a good job she can't see my luminous teddy boy socks. A few more drunkards have mosied into this shot, Liz, Brenda and Gerard with his ever present bottle of bud, always the same one mind. 

Now it's not like our Mel to get in front of the camera - oh yeah. But here she is yet again. First with birthday boy Vinny, then June Sudbury - look at those clashing dress colours - a no no. Next she is pictured with June and Brian's son, Stephen, then muscling in with the 'ladies McGreal'. 

And of course the band played too. It was a fantastically sunny day when setting up at the bottom of the garden around 11am that morning. Sound check over, we were away by 1 and the weather got better resulting in a very warm and mild evening, just the job. Here we are knocking out a few numbers and Vinny and Candy's lads even get up to give us a bit of Elvis and 500 miles. 

'It's his fault'. Our new bassist Gary Hackett (right) with Brian Sudbury, enjoying the night post gig. Yet another motley crew. Brenda, Gerard, Anne, Liz, Irene, Candy, Mel, Vinny, June and Brian. 

Our Gerard. He's in the Guiness book of world records for the most one arm press ups and trains at Lambeth Road gym. He's seen here with Liz Sudbury and his wife Brenda and Brenda rounds off this little clump of photos, pictured with Irene and Joe McGreal. 

Yet more Geordie girls on the razz in Liverpool. This little bunch captured on Saturday 26th Sept were near the Adelphi and on their way into deepest town to celebrate 4 birthdays. A motley crew of comic book heroes, a blues brother, Freddie Mercury and Jimmy Saville await the rest of their gang outside the Excelsior. Up from Hereford, they were out for a good time. 

In September 09, ex Gerard Crescent resident Christine Hanratty in a facebook conversation with her pal and ex Gerard Gardens resident Bobby Parry mentioned how great it would to organise a reunion of the old community that was so vibrant in that tenement setting from its creation in the 30s through to its demise in the 80s, with particular focus on our era - the 70s.

And so the idea was put in motion and a facebook group created. What a fantastic testament to their work and the willingness of those that mattered, the old community, that just five weeks later and with the facebook group up to 400+ members posting old photographs and memories, a sell out event at the Silvestrian with 300+ attendees saw a brilliant gathering. 

'We are not worthy' - the crowd sway and hail the man with the mic, Bobby Parry as he knocks em' out with Perry Como's 'The good times'. Joint organiser Christine Hanratty is pictured next with Franny Sedgewick. 

The Lindsey's, The O'Hara's (Terry and John) and The Mock's (Brian, Charlie and Tony)

Tommy Shea is so drunk he's blurred, pictured here with Debbie Kerr. Tommy Edgar, one of 16 in a three bedroom flat knows what it's like smelling farts - sorry Tommy. A rose between two thorns, Paula Taggart might not have been called that before, but she certainly is when flanked with my cousin Vinnie McGreal and best mate Chris Baccino. 

This time, a thorn between two roses. Nicky Shea between two of my wifes old St. John's classmates Ann Marie Welch and Catherine Fay. Paul Birchall is seen next with Ann Marie and Gary Shields. For a 1974 pic of these lads together, see further up the page. My Ann Marie Fagan, nee Taylor with Catherine. 

Sue McAleavy (Vauxhall Gardens - but we let her in) with 2 x Ann Taylors. Another one of Paula, Vinny and Chris in different positions (Pardon!) and lastly Chris with his old St. Greg's classmate Debbie. 

Ex boxer Terry McHale of McHales Irish American bar, seen here with my old next door neighbour Dominic Wiles. The lady McHale and hubby. Gina and Gerry Peet. 

Brian and June Sudbury and bezzie mates to this day Vinny and Candy McGreal. Chris yet again this time with 'twin' John Colfar - well he was mistaken for him twice on the night. 

Tony Farley, I remember a few of us all going to Norris Green baths with him in the mid 70s. Photographer extraordinair Gerard Fleming who captured the night for posterity. He lived in the Pontack for many years, his mum running it, before he too moved the 20 yards into Gerard Gardens. Last but not least on this line, Mike Tallon from Downe House. 

David Brady with Paul Birchall and Joey Lindsay. The Donaldsons flanked by the Miello's, Lorraine on the left, Pat on the right. Kate Donaldson was a Stanton. Michael Barton is seen next with Dominic. 

Franky Parry with Debbie Kerr, now it's not often she gets on photos is it? The Gardens very own celebrity, Radio Merseyside star guest and historian Frank Carlyle getting strangled by Ste Sedgewick but Ste regains his composure to be another thorn between two roses, this time Karen and Stella Melia. 

The Daley's from our block, Thurlow House. Amongst those features here are Karen, Mike, Tricia and mum Maureen. The last pic shows our Joe with my daughter Mel and his son Dan.

Louis Tony Miello with Joe and much better looking, the Donoghue sisters from the bottom end of Gerard Crescent. 

Some of these folk can still be found knocking around the old neighbourhood, especially when the Lord Warden is open. Robert Grierson, Gerard (Biffo) Griffiths and Paul Strode. Next is Robert again with his brother Tommy on the far right. In the middle are brothers Nicky and Franky Shea. The last pic shows Paul Strode with Robert Cahill, Ste Sedgewick and Peter Dunn. 

Finally, the group members which includes three ex residents themselves. Paul and Liz Sudbury, me and our Mel, Ron and Elaine Bennion, Gary and Audrey Hackett and finally Carl and Siobahn Wilcock. 

For more quality photographs of the night, see Gerard Fleming's 'liverpooldays' website as well as the facebook group 'old pics of gerard gardens and crescent also holy cross'. 

These next batch were taken by Carl Wilcock, husband of our band's lead singer, Siobahn. 

Candy McGreal going for it whilst Paula Taggart believes she can fly. Whoo whoo shout Vinny Mc, Brian and June Sudbury and Elaine Bennion - that group mustv'e been good. 

Please be upstanding Karen and Stella Melia. Also in the background on these photies, the Sedgewicks, John Colfar, Mike Daley, Debbie Kerr and Maria Muscatelli. 

OK Calm down now, calm down. The girls are up in arms but Kevin Sedgewick looks unfazed by it all. 

The place was heaving with wall to wall chitter chatter as ex residents caught up, memories relived and mobile phone numbers swapped - just what it was all about. An iron ball can't crush community spirit. 

And to finish off this section - The Organisers. Bobby Parry complete with chewy with Marie Parry, Lily Shields and Debra Shields and Christine Hanratty proving she can still do a mean Oops upside your head, I said Oops upside your head with Karen Daley and Lee Pattie behind. 

Family portrait flashback 

Jeromes Everybody of a certain age knows of or in fact had a number of family portraits taken at Jeromes in London Road. A very popular Photographic Studio, here are some Fagan family portraits taken from the 1920s up to the 1960s. 

My dad aged 3 c1923, then also seen with his younger Brother Jimmy c1926, sadly this would be the year their dad died from the effects of poisoning suffered during the 1st world war. Jimmy is then seen on his own, also c1926 and lastly, my dad aged 9 taken after a local procession. 

My dad's elder sister, Lily, very Charlstonesque c1934. The next photo features my mam's cousin Robert Wilson, also Freddy Booth, Alec Brown and my dad's cousin Louis Yeotropoulis. This was taken on 29th December 1937. The last photo is of my mam's brother, Joey Wilson in his 8th Army attire during WWII as he fought for as a desert rat for Montgomery's men at El Alemain against Rommel's men. 

My brother Joey as a baby in 1951, then as a two year old in St. John's Gardens. Next as a two and a half year old on 27/9/1953 then lastly with my dad in Jeromes on 29th June 1954. 

My mam's brother, Charlie Higgins is seen here in his army gear on 15th April 1955. My dad's youngest brother Danny Fagan seen here twice, once with his cousin Cyril Yeotropulis. Danny who was born the year his father died in 1926 was, just like his namesake father to die young in 1966 aged just 40. 

Our Joey on his 5th birthday in March 1956 Yee hah. Next up, a little more angelic on 3rd December 1957. Then approaching double figures in 1959. 

The last photo is around 1960 at the Pier Head. 

Then along comes that other friggin nuicence, yes I. Taken in February 1963, I'm a twee 6 months old. 

Joey pushing me around in St. John's Gardens, oy gerroff. Joey and me then in Jeromes on 19th March 1965. Joey's 14 and i'm two and a half, the next of Joey by himself taken at the same session. Lastly, two photo booth pics of Joey and with his mate from Gerard Crescent, Joey Daly. 

Walton Hall Park - 1967

Joey Daly with our Joe then also with John John Mitchell. The penant i'm holding was recenly acquired after the opening of the Met Cathedral that year. 

I notice there's some sly shirt swapping going on here. Where's the women footballers at a time like this? 

Woa what's this. A glossier roll of film and some seriously dodgy staged poses 

And last but not least, the full team: Rob Bigley, John Woodhouse, Joey Fagan, Joe Daly, Stephen Rigby, John John Mitchell, Tony Tremarco and Willie Judge. 

Rodderick's Chippy on Moss Way, Gillmoss in 1974 and Haven Road, Fazakerley in 1981 showing one of the many street parties thrown for the wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana. Captured by Keith Rose. 

Chaucer Street car showroom 1980s style with some of the local lads and lasses. Captured by Joe Devine. 

The Merseyside History Festival at the St. Georges Hall on Saturday and Sunday 20th & 21st March 2010. Possibly its biggest turn out ever as local historical societies from various Merseyside districts as well as local publishers and attractions show their wares off. 

Echo sports writer Ken Rogers (left) has just put the finishing touches to a book about the district of Everton which will be out shortly, he later gave a talk on the subject in one of the side rooms. Peter Grant on the right (No, it's not Jonathan Woss) is another Echo journalist who writes the cracking flashback feature in the Saturday Echo which i've had the pleasure of appearing in. His latest book 'Dockers' was published a couple of months back.

Colin Wilkinson aka Mr Bluecoat Press was selling off some of his 20 year + collection, one of which was a rare out of print book I managed to get my grubby little hands on. His best selling author Tom Slemen (of spooky happenings fame) is seen here doing a roaring trade. 

The most colourful stand of the day goes to the confederates society, costumes and all who were happy to pose for photos of which they had many requests. 

Yo Liverpool The biggest Liverpool local history forum is undoubtedly                              

For the past few years there have been the occasional meet ups of some of its members, including opportunities for snapping away at various locations around Liverpool. Since the summer of last year these have become a monthly occurance with a different pub venue with members even coming from as far and wide as Scotland, the Midlands and Wirral as in the case most recently on Saturday 27th March at the Midland Pub on Ranelagh Street. 

And so the names get faces. JMLE, actually christened Mark believe it or not is on the left here with Old Swan 'expert' Mart who has his own site dedicated to the Swan. Scouse Smurf is a Bootle dude which almost sounsds like a doodlebug (for older members). On the next pic, Johnny Blue chats with Sam.P whose specialist subject is the Everton area having grown up there and he currently helps his old 'Shrewsbury House' club members with their history on the area. 

Keith Rose is the man in the know if you want to know about cinemas. Joe Neary has taken one of the all time colour classic photos of Liverpool, the old guinness clock curve of St. Georges Place, sadly demolished for St. Johns precinct. Daz, he's the map man.

Paul Whitehead is in discussion with Philip Mayer, Author of   'A tram ride to Dingle' and yet another specialist in Cinemas. Gnasher (a roadie for 'Touch' in the 1980s) turned up minus Dennis the menace and Kevin, an ex pat scouser who travelled all the way up from the Midlands with a dodgy knee - showing true grit and dedication look on. 

Joe is telling PhilG how many pints his bought him without reply as Smurf is asking Mart to 'explain that again' but this time without slurring. 

My Liverpool Liverpools other Forum has also had a couple of City Centre meets, usually in The Lion on Tithebarn Street, here are a few photos from the October 2012 meet.....

Neil Holmes author of 'Liverpool Blitzed' and 'Merseyside Blitzed'  (left) with me right, taking in the conversation.

Kevin and the beautiful Lottie, (Kevin's the tall one ).

Brian Daley dosn't mess about if you miss him out when you buy a round, fortunately Gnasher was there to referee !

Bob Ed (right) tells me how the wind blew his toupee off as he was walking up Moorefields.


After submitting you to viewing some of the ugliest mugs at the Yo and My Liverpool meet up's, above, My eldest daughter Mel stepped out into the Aintree sunshine with 7 of her mates after a champagne breakfast. Afterwards it was an evening meal before hitting Mathew Street and Concert Square. 

Look who I bumped into in the Slaughter House on Saturday afternoon (June 26th).   Some great lads from my childhood in the tennies. Brian and Mikey Daley from our block, Thurlow House and Dave Hughes from across the way on Gerard Crescent. Yozzer (Steven) was also there but was too deep in conversation.  

A shout out to all you Amateur League Players !

In keeping with our aim to show you previously unpublished photographs..

What follows is a selection of photographs going back 30 years....

Did you play in an amateur league on Merseyside ? if so check out these photographs kindly provided by Billy Flanagan from his personal collection.  

You can click on any image to view it full size in 'Lightbox' (tm)

Aintree Villa 1983

Bibby FC 1982

Bowden Albion FC 1964

C.E.Wilcox F.C. 1963

C.E.Wilcox FC in 1964

C.E.Wilcox FC Winning the Junior Cup in 1973 Beating Hygena North
2-0 at Yorkshire Imperial Ground Kirkby

C.E.Wilcox FC LBH Sunday Junior Cup Winners 1973

Dart FC who played in the CMS League.

Dengo United 1983

Dingle Rail FC 1981

Eden Vale FC 1983

Fairfield Old Boys 1983

Ford ASP 1977

Ford ASP FC Winners of the Sunday Senior Cup 1976

Ford ASP Winners of the LBH Sunday Senior Cup 1976

Goodlass Wall FC 1982

Huyton & District Rep Team 1981

ICI Widnes FC 1983

KME from Kirkby Newton League 1983

LBH Under 18 Rep Squard 1981 on this day Beating CMS League 5-0.

Leather Bottle FC 1983

Lister FC 1983

Liverpool Business Houses Committee with Brian Labone
( Everton FC ) at the Grafton Rooms in 1980

Liverpool Business Houses League Committee with John Bailey ( Everton FC )1984

Liverpool County FA Council Members in the early 70s

Liverpool County FA Under 18s Winning the FA Youth Cup Early 80s

Lpool Business House League Committee 1979

Oakfield FC 1983

An all action shot here Paul McKay Spillers French Keeper Saving a Penalty

Punch Bowl FC 1983

Referees taking part at the 1990 Knowsley Youth Tournament.

Reliable FC 1980

Roby FC 1982

Shillingworth FC 1983
Speke Secondary Modern School Cricket Team in 1958  
Teachers in the picture Mr Kneale and Mr Daniels

Speke Secondary Modern School Football Team  1958
Teachers in the Picture Mr Kneale Head Master Mr McCombe also in the picture
Front Row  2nd from left Albert Kinsey who played for Manchester United Now lives in Australia

Tritan FC 1982

Tyrer Athletic FC 1983

United Welding F.C.

Vision Hire FC 1982

WH Smith FC 1966

Whiteside FC 1984

With thanks to Billy Flanagan for sharing these photographs

All photographs © Billy Flanagan 'Inacityliving'