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Me in the 80s

Ged in the 80s

You are about to view images which could be sensitive to the eyes, appalling hair-dos and spotty chins could be, no, in fact, are the order of the day. The author will not be held responsible for any hospital treatment required should you wish to proceed - you have been WARNED.

YOUR LAST CHANCE ..............

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Nope, no way, you're not seein'

Standing on the fire escape of Blackburn Chambers (1983) where we lived after moving from Gerard Gardens. Note the John Wayne stance as I'd just watched 'The Alamo' and me, my mate Tony and Bro Joe in the Vernon around Christmas.

'Arrr Sal' - no, it's not Kevin Webster but me and future wifey to be in New Brighton 1983.

We got around in those day, this is when I jet setted to Formby. A magazine offered to feature this pic but i'd never heard of Tossers International so declined, and yes, those are Green Flash.

3-2-1- Me, kitten and dusty bin, and that dirt's on the picture, not my wall.

On the lower roof of Blackburn Chambers with my marathon medals. My mars bar, cream egg and chocolate frog medals were in the house

Up on the roof again. (later covered by Robson & Jerome).

Guernsey. Same belly and same jeans as Formby pic above, in fact I sleep in them both.

The Vernon Girls. This time with Sammy, Ann and my mate Kingy.

At Everton with the Charity Shield and ECWC.

New Years Eve. In Milo's and then Rudi's.


The City Architects van.

Man at C&A. Well, Las Americas, Tenerife.

DO NOT even think about saying it. Yes, i'm on the right

This is when Mr Kendall signed me. Unfortunately soon after, I fell down the stairs breaking my shoelace and got six stiches in my shirt rendering my career over. (Right) Little Inchy with little me. There's those jeans again.


With the 1st Div trophy at Everton.

San Antonio, Ibiza.

With Colin Harvey at my boss's party.

With 'Lucky', our cat. Lucky cos we found it 
(or unlucky, whichever it may be)


Forcing a life of torture on our poor Mel. 
(well, we were going great guns back then)

A right motley crew of us in the Rose & Crown. (Right) A penguin meeting with workmates at the George's Hotel.

She finally makes a man of me and our Mel even comes on honeymoon with us.


In the posers bar otherwise known as Plummers, with my St. John's precinct leather on.

In the office in Dale St, you can tell it's staged - i'm working.

To be added-to with your ideas.....

Frankie Goes to Hollywood drummer Peter Gill who reputedly modelled his hair do and tash on mine.

Kevin Webster taking some time out between shoots. Notice, he doesn't own a cat called lucky but looks a bit like a fella that does.

Ged at a wedding circa 1984.

S P O T  M E

Neil Pointon who used to play for Everton. Well he used to turn up anyway.

Having a 'piggin' ball - ''TOMMY''

Mickey Pearce -   Only fools & horses work - yes, thanks my mate Chris

Me and our Katy, Melissa and Melanie in Portugal last year. This was also in the 80s (the weather that is - it was a cool day)