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NEW photographs of Gerard Gardens from 1953 courtesy of Jonny Littlewood


The Wellington Column on Commutation Row, overlooking William Brown Street,London Road and Lime Street and standing alongside the Steble Fountain is a well known landmark in Liverpool, I was fortunate enough to be one of very few people to get a chance to go up there and that is exactly what I did just recently. The photographs on the link below are a chance for us all to take a look at the city from this rare vantage point.


St Georges Hall & the World's first air conditioning system

I was privileged and honoured recently, to be given a private tour, along with about 15 Liverpool University Engineering students by Dr Neil S Sturrock JP BEng PhD CEng FCIBSE MSLL MILP MEI and Chairman of the Heritage Group of the Chartered Institution of Building Services and a retired Senior Lecturer in Building Engineering studies at LJMU. Add to this he is the authority on Dr David Boswell Reid, inventor and implementer of the World's First Air Conditioning system which the St Georges Hall is undoubtedly built around.

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1970 (with hair)
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Do you believe in ghosts? Forget spurious claims on certain staged t.v. programmes or far fetched books. In the 1990s a car advert was made but upon closer inspection by the director, something very spooky was seen and heard as the car emerged from behind some bushes and as such it didn't pass the watchdog criteria for screening. view it now  - but be sure to have your sound up, it's very eerie.

It's not often I manage to wangle an afternoon out on my own, so was I glad when faced with some DIY at home to get out and come across this pair of topless strippers in a fine and heaving city centre establishment.

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